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Hey everybody, Mike Linville
here from Black Dog Education where we teach small business owners how to build, maintain,
and market their own fully search engine optimized website I’m glad you’re here. Now in today’s
video we’re going to answer the age-old question in web development once you build it then
what,right so you just spent the last 6 to 8 weeks working on design navigation the messaging
on your website you’ve been testing e-mail subject line and form conversions maybe you’ve
gone through a couple of rounds of testing brought some other people in and you’re ready
to launch it, it’s a boy you’re ready to kick it out so you launch the website now what?
Does traffic and money just start falling from the sky right now if you believe the
80s film “Field of Dreams” and they said, if you build it they will come, doesn’t work
like that online right? There’s over 250 million website online right now and you know everybody
of those 250 million people are basically looking for the exact same thing they want
traffic, they want eyeballs and clicks on their website because you know if it’s a commercial
website clicks equal dollars more clicks you get the more money you are going to make.
So people are fighting and clawing for this but before you freak out though and go there
is no chance what am I going to do I’m one of 250 million people, it’s worthless, it’s
hopeless. It’s not hopeless, first thing you have to remember is not everybody of those
250 million websites are active are currently online. I’m mean you’ve seen these websites
that have been around for four or five years and they haven’t been touched. The second
thing it if you are US-based a lot of our clients are you got to realize only 13% of
the Internet population is based in North America like there’s a whole another Internet
revolution is happening halfway around the globe that we’re hearing bits and pieces of
the 13% not a lot and then the third thing is and this is the most important part over
the last year or so, maybe even two, search engines have really kind of taken the globalization
of the web and have really been focusing trying to bring it back locally because what a search
engine wants to do is they want to be able to give somebody searching a valuable result
they are going to use and drive up their clicks and that’s why they use Bing, or why you use
Google and that’s how they make their money, so they want to get better at doing that the
better results for them are local search results so if you take a look at all of that together
for a small business owner that’s great news right because more often than not what that
means is that means the competition you’ve got offline using your traditional marketing
methods are pretty much the same people that, competition should have online using online
marketing methods like man I’ve been dealing with these guys forever here’s the good news
if you’re a small business owner this is fantastic news and the reason is most small businesses
suck at marketing their online. That’s right you heard it here first, most small businesses
don’t do a very good or doing incorrectly marketing for not doing it all right is a
whole lot of people out there right now that because of the economy, they’re maybe struggling
little bit they’re just not marketing so if you are a small business owner now is a great
time to take advantage of that opportunity and really try to grow your business try to
grow your brand now when we go back, now let’s take a look at the question, now the question
was once I launched my site then what do I do? Well you want traffic, traffic equals
clicks and clicks equal dollars. So how do you get traffic? You have to market now there
are literally thousands of marketing strategies that you can use to try and drive traffic
some are just real quick Facebook things you can do some are more long-term SEO strategies
all these things are really there to do is to drive traffic and realistically you want
to do a mix of them. You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket you want to do
some short-term you want to do some long-term time, we don’t have time in this video although
I do like my long videos we don’t have time to cover that in this video so what we are
going to do is we’re going to talk about three concepts that I want you to start thinking
about and you can start to implement them today. Number one market research you have
to know who your perfect customer, here is the key this is what most people don’t get.
You’re perfect customer may not necessarily be the people you are serving right now. It
doesn’t have to be your perfect customer is going to be somebody who loves what you do,
they don’t require a lot of customer service, and they are going to pay their bills on time.
If that’s not what you have right now figure out where those people are, where do they
hang out? What do they do? What kind of social sites are they on? More importantly what are
their hot buttons? What topics are they really interested in you want to figure those things
out and talk about those, talk about those and integrate how your product solves those
problems. Create what we call a buyer persona and a buyer persona is a graphical representation
of who that target is going to be and then whenever you are putting together any kind
of marketing, look at that buyer persona and see okay is this really going to ring true
with them. I mean if you’re targeting 25 year old men, but you’re using a campaign for going
after 45-year-old woman that’s going to fall on deaf ears. They’re not going to respond
to the same types of things, so know you’re market. Number two create campaigns any marketing
real marketing is done in terms of campaigns right not just one piece in its multiple pieces
whenever you send out these one-off e-mail blasts and you try to generate some revenue
or someone that I call those a WASD what that means is a wild a– shot in the dark right
because you can never reproduce it and I don’t know any better way to burn a list faster
than by trying to pump a bunch of stuff to generate revenue and so think about marketing
in terms of campaign and don’t do it all the same it doesn’t have to be all e-mail, it
doesn’t have to all be social, mix it up a little bit people spend different times in
different places go out and try to get them in different places the more that you can
see your name the more they are going to understand your brand and what it is you can do for them
the third thing is value, let’s talk a little about value. What value can you bring to your
prospect before the sale right a lot of people think about if you pay me first then you know
you’ll get all these things one of the newer things in Internet marketing is because it’s
easy to get information out there and be able to publish it, we want to try and put our
expertise out there first, how can we help somebody. How can we educate them about products
or services how can we get them to see different options that are available and really the
key, how can we get them closer and closer to making a buying decision. Remember people
search online for 2 reason, they search online either to be entertained with silly little
cat videos or they search online because they want to be able to solve a problem. Now if
you can be that guy or gal that helps them solve their problem nine times out of 10 you’re
going to get that business it may not be right now but they’re going to
remember that you helped them with no strings attached at some point I promise you’re going
to get that business okay so let’s recap you launched your website and working on it for
6 to 8 weeks, who knows how the process went, but it’s done. Next thing you need to do is
drive traffic and you do that through marketing. So again this is Mike Linville from Black
Dog Education with those 3 concepts that should make your life a little bit easier I want
to thank you for stopping by and we’ll talk to you soon.}

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