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so you run a small business! And you need
a website right? Look no further! We are here to build a website that drives
customers to your business. Introducing Convergial. A sales boosting website
solution for local businesses in the United States. The following example says
it all. This is John. He runs a small but cozy pizza place. First, we built a
website for John’s business that looks great on any device including
smartphones. Why? Because searching and browsing the
Internet is done primarily on mobile devices nowadays. So, you need a website
that offers a great experience on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices to
engage more potential customers. Then we also optimized John’s website for local
searches. Ee submitted John’s website to all major search engines and helped him
list his business on local maps. Now if anyone searches for pizza in John’s city,
his site will appear in the top results like this. Finally, we set up John’s
website with multiple social media networks people can now order pizza,
share pictures, and review John’s Pizzeria from social media. So, people naturally
spread awareness about John’s small business and make it more popular than
ever. We also provided John with website features like online chat tool that let
him communicate with his customers. All these factors are reflected by search
engines improving reputation of John’s Pizzeria even more. So there you have it!
Engage potential customers, be found locally and make sales. It’s all possible
with an incredibly effective website and we can build that awesome website for
you. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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