Small Business Websites: The Juicy Results Website Packages

What is a Juicy Results website package? When it comes to your website, we wanted to
create easy to understand and easy to buy packages that will actually generate results
for the small business. Once we understand your needs, we pair you
with a fixed cost website package that will get you online and ready to build traffic. We found that too many business owners were
paying thousands of dollars just to get a website that had no planning or tools for
actually generating business. The problem is that most business owners don’t
know what they need, they just know they want to invest in a solution that will deliver
results. This isn’t like those do it yourself or templates
solutions you see advertised on TV. You receive access to our experts throughout
the process and the focus is on defining a marketing plan that will actually perform. Our websites packages include everything you
need to get results from day one. They are clear and easy to buy as a small
business owner. What is in a website package? All packages include a three month marketing
plan, a wordpress CMS and Juicy design among other things.They’re search engine-optimized,
customized to support your marketing strategy and they will turn visitors into customers. You can also add keyword research and social
media integration if that’s right for your business. Every package includes the three month marketing
plan, traffic measuring software and a sharpened, results-oriented website that looks amazing. Above that, we have additional items like
lead forms, contact management solutions and lead warming systems depending on which package
you choose. Why should a small business choose Juicy Results? A small business owner wants three things
from their website design company: a great looking website, a return on investment and
outstanding customer service. We’ve designed the Juicy process from the
ground up to deliver great looking websites that generate results. Our people understand small business and we
lead you through the process. If you’re tired of a website that just doesn’t
get you new business, then you’ve found the right solution. We call ourselves the Internet marketing agency
for the Fortune five million, because we love innovative, scrappy small businesses. And we love to see them grow. Look through our website package solutions
and contact us about how you can begin really marketing your business online. At Juicy Results, we’re going to squeeze more
out of your website. Visit our website today to learn more about
our Juicy Results website packages.

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