#SmallThanks for National Small Business Week

This week it’s National Small Business Week, and out here guys small businesses are the
backbone of our economy. So today I am really excited to
tell you about Bellissimo. If you order a breakfast burrito with turkey bacon
like your world is going to be rocked. So here we are in front of Orbit Skate Shop. They have a really cool program where
kids can bring in their report card and if they have good enough grades,
they can get a free skateboard deck. Sensei Roy empowers people through physical
activity which also helps them inside and outside. These sisters are really special individuals
for making a positive influence in the community by just who they are as people. The passion you can see it when you’re
working every day and how excited you are about the product you’re developing. The support from you guys has been fantastic. So in celebration of National Small Business Week
I challenge you guys to give small thanks by reviewing your favorite local businesses on Google. Is that good? Are we done?

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64 thoughts on “#SmallThanks for National Small Business Week

  1. always try and support small business first. hungry for a breakfast burrito now (sans bacon) 😀

  2. We should make a national big business week because they give more jobs, help our economy more, and countless other things not saying small businesses don’t do anything just noting the hypocrisy

  3. Hola Google me podrían ayudar a encontrar un trabajo donde pueda hacer limpieza de casas gracias

  4. Hola mi nombre es lorena escribo estas líneas para expresar la oportunidad aquí estoy empezando un pequeño negocio ya saque mi licencia ahora solo espero encontrar exelemte clientes estoy en area de TAMPA. Primero dios será faltan algunas cositas para volar como todo ser humano GRACIAS Google por este espacio

  5. Check out my small buisness on facebook at Madel Bye Ashleigh. I make handmade jewelry , i am 14 and i think you will be surprised by my work. I can take orders as well. By the way my facebook is Madel Bye because facebook didnt believe made by was a real name

  6. This deal isn’t valid for small businesses that work in a service area instead of a fixed, physical location? That’s some bullshit. I was really excited and happy you guys were “supporting” small businesses, now I hate you even more 🖕🏻

  7. The irony of Google supporting small businesses when they are bending over for the corrupted aspirations of fortune 500 organizations threatening to pull ads off their platform because of the undeniable influence of REAL journalism and news on YouTube

  8. You should check out the company nFusz. The have a whole new way to sell product with interactive video

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