“Smart web Hosting Business Setup Guide” [2019]

Hey guys welcome back bhagyashri here from
DomainRacer.com and in today I am going to show you how to set up your reseller hosting
business or how to set up your web hosting business in this video I am going to explain
you whmcs installation configuration management support department setup domain registration
domain pricing and product configuration many people want to start business and make
money online I think reseller hosting business is a quick start to setup your own web hosting
business first we need to visit DomainRacer YouTube channel and then go to playlist and
here we have provided You a playlist regarding reseller hosting guide so to setup your own
web hosting business you need to watch this playlist reseller hosting tutorial 2018 business
guide which includes setting up your whmcs and setup your own server so here you can
see the first 7 videos are how to setup your whm server and then set up your whmcs this
tutorial series help to setup your web hosting business from start to end after setting up
reseller hosting business you need to promote and make brand of your business there are
two main things to focus on first being promoting and marketing our new startup business and
attract lot of customers 2nd being choosing the right reseller hosting plan that can be
easily used by anyone and set up their new hosting business without any technical knowledge
I hope this video solve all your problems regarding how to setup your whmcs and how
to setup your server and queries regarding setup your reseller hosting business
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