Soap business inspired by NM favorites

A LOCAL WOMAN IS MAKING SOAPS OUT OF HER HOME, USING ONLY PLANT BASED OILS AND BUTTERS… BUT AS NEWS 13 )S STEPHANIE CHAVEZ EXPLAINS – HER BUSINESS INCLUDES A NEW MEXICO TWIST. .;37 nat pop this is the lye, sodium hyddroxide and water solution.I )m mixing this with that. ;43 THIS MIGHT LOOK LIKE A SCENE FROM BREAKING BAD… BUT DON )T BE ALARMED… 48 that )s how soap is made. 51. TRISH O )RILEY IS WORKING ON WHIPPING UP HER LATEST SOAP BATTER… 4;44 at this point the soap is still raw 4;46 TRISH HAS BEEN MAKING SOAP SINCE 2015… NOW SHE SELLS THEM ONLINE, AND AT LOCAL BUSINESSES AROUND ALBUQUERQUE… BUT SHE SAYS HER IN-HOME SOAP CRAFTING BUSIENSS.. TAYORI — STARTED AS A HOBBY… 20;29 very quickly you end up making more soap than your friends and family can cope with. 20;34 THE OVERABUNDANCE OF SOAP… IS WHAT INSPIRED HER TO TURN HER PASSION INTO A CAREER. 12;38 .nats 12;40 SOAPS IN THE SHAPE OF CUPCAKES… PIE SLICES..AND ROSES… BUT HER FAVORITES ARE THOSE INSPIRED BY LOCAL BUSINESSES. LIKE HER PINON COFFEE COLLECTION… MADE USING NEW MEXICO )S VERY OWN PINON COFFEE… .21;38 it smells like coffee doesn )t it? 21;39 OR HER BEER SOAPS… INSPIRED BY LOCAL NEW MEXICO BREWERIES… 3;26 I actually made this soap, and it )s from cactus brewing companies beer. 3;31. USING NEW MEXICO CRAFT BEERS! 27;50 this is quarter celtics soap i used quarter celtics beer 27;53 SHE DOES IT ALL BY HERSELF… 10;11 mixing nats 10;13. EVEN THE CLEAN UP 28;20 Oh yes, lets not talk about the dishes (laughing ( 28;23 SHE SAYS NOT EVERY SOAP IS (PERFECT… BUT IT ALLOWS HER TO RELEASE A CREATIVE SIDE SHE NEVER KNEW SHE HAD. 27;26 i can )t cook, i can )t sing, i cant draw I don )t have any other creative streak in me and suddenly I discovered soap making and it )s like (gasp ( i can create things. 26;36 STEPHANIE CHAVEZ KRQE NEWS 13. SHE WILL BE SELLING HER BEER SOAPS AT THE UPCOMING NEW MEXICO BREWFEST ON OCTOBER 12TH. FOR MORE INFORMATION á HEAD TO ALWAYS-ON-KRQE-DOT-COM. CHECK OUT THIS PHOTO FROM ONE OF OUR VIEWERS

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