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19 thoughts on “Social Media for Photographers – How to Market your Photography Business – Photography Marketing

  1. New subscriber and loving your content. This was really helpful! I just have one question. There are quite a few like and comment bots on Instagram. Usually you can tell them apart by how generic their comments are, but most of the time they are the only comments I get. Should I even bother replying to them or just leave them be?

  2. Hi Joe! I really love all your videos, my little work as a photographer has improved a lot since I started to follow you and I think there is a lot, a lot, and a lot of wisdom on each of your videos, I would love to see maybe a series of a revisited version of some of your best early videos but this time with your new gear.
    BTW… Thanks for your videos, "Your best shot is your next shot" means a lot to me in my daily basis.

  3. This is a fantastic tutorial! I absolutely love how it skips the gimmicks and goes straight to the essence of what needs to be done. Thank you!!!

  4. Your maximum points got matched with my view, but I am really very shy to post photos too frequently (atleast twice a week). I'm not sure but it feels like I'm moreover doing show-off, though I have enough photos clicked and is stored in my library.

  5. Joe, that was one of the best YouTube videos I have ever seen. I love that you promote social discipline and respect! Do you have any plans on writing a book covering all of this? Thanks for the video! Chris

  6. Your videos came to me right on time. I appreciate all the tips and advice and will start engaging more.

  7. Look man, I feel trapped. I can’t post consistently to my social media because I just don’t have enough photos to post. I got 2 paid gigs over the last 2 years and I’ve taken the photos of all my friends several times at this point. Sadly I get no referrals, I can’t get more photos to even post online to ‘market’ myself. Sure I have room to grow but I can’t even practice to get better at this point since there’s literally no one to do photo shoots with. I tried to do TFP shoots but every model has flaked and I don’t know what to do. Maybe my work is shit, but from what I can tell it’s at least halfway decent. I apologize if I came across as quite negative, it’s just that I feel so hopeless and helpless when it comes to actually doing photography. Nothing I do makes it better. I don’t want to quit but I also don’t know how to go forward

  8. Great video ) Thx a lot for it and Hello. I just started my photography journey and I have few month to try it professionally) Sounds stupid probably, but Ilike it too much, will not forgive myself if I do not try. I learn a lot photography and decided to use Facebook as my starting social media platform. The question is: how much % do you rate own web site in total social media photographers life? Do not know if asked correctly, but assume we have 100%, YouTube 40%, Facebook 40%, site 20%. It is just an example) How do you think it really is for your business? Thx a lot for any reply.

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