Social Media Marketing for 2019 (Small Business Tips)

Social media marketing can sometimes
feel like a black hole that sucks all your time. But don’t worry, I got you
because here today, right here right now I am giving you tips on how to improve
your social media marketing for 2019. *intro music* if you’re new here I’m Jade and this is
my channel Misskoko where I help people improve their online presence, and today
we are going into social media marketing. If that sounds like something you’re
interested in click the subscribe button because I’m bringing out content just
like this every week okay so social media marketing includes
all those posts that you create for Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Instagram
Pinterest Flickr that’s a lot of them that you’re
creating content for, which brings me to my first tip for improving in her social
media marketing in 2019 and that’s top automate that! There are quite a few
options out there for automating your social media that still give you the
voice of a human. RecurPost post it’s free it recycles evergreen content and
gives you detailed analytics so you can see what posts your audience like best.
They also have an app which makes it easy to add content on the run. The free
plan allows you to manage up to three accounts as you can see here. So if that’s
what you currently have this would be a great option for you. Another commonly
mentioned automation tool is Agorapulse. It also makes it easy to repost
evergreen content, with one click you can find out how successful at your posted
content is and listen to your audience it covers a range of apps, and their
prices start at $39 a month with three profiles. The last one I’m going to
mention is Meet Edgar. It is the original automation tool for social media and it
has marketed itself as the perfect reposter with its “smart content composer”
which you can see on the third point here. It comes up with alternative text
for your posts with one click. There are a few more options out there so do your
research find out what processes you’re doing repetitively
and find an automation system that works for you.
Automation is kind of my thing and I get really excited when I find a tool that
helps me be more efficient with my social media strategy. Which is a nice
segue into my second tip which is to have a social media strategy. Now I don’t
mean your style guide or the vibe your content is going to have, no. When
developing a social media strategy I want you to think about these questions:
tell me why am I going to follow you on social media? What problem are you giving
me a solution for? The last thing you just posted how is it bringing me value,
did I learn something? Did it make me chuckle? Or did it make me
think oh shit really? And where and how are you going
to bring me to your sales pitch. Hot tip here, people go to social media to hang
out not to be continuously sold on products or services which is why I want
you to think about where your sales pictch is in your social media
strategy. My last tip for improving your social media in 2019 is to be social
have some fun with it! It has been proven that we react better to content when
there’s a bit of emotion in it. So here are some things I want you to do right
now that will remind you to be social in your social media. So go get a pen and
paper I can wait… off you go! Ready? Ok brilliant write these
down. Audit your current posts and add one emotion word to ten of them, and well
I don’t need to tell you what emotion words are do I? Post two authentic posts
about yourself this week, because I think most people can relate to the struggle
of getting the family out the door, on time, on a Monday morning. I want you to
set a goal to reply to every @ you on social media, because you never know
where those conversations may take you. And lastly make a video, I’m sure you’ve
all heard by now that video is trending so why not take advantage of that and up
your engagement and get noticed! So let’s recap, what are the three things that
will help you improve your social media for 2019? Automate processes do some
research and find out what processes you do repetitively and find a tool that
meets your needs. I personally think Meet Edgar is great for small businesses but
don’t take my word for it I’ve got a link in the description to Meet Edgar so you
can go check it out for yourself! Have a social media strategy, remember
people use social media to be social they don’t want to be blasted all day
with hard sells from the businesses that they follow. So come up with a strategy
that focuses on providing value and being friends with your audience. And
perhaps take your sells to a different platform like emails. And lastly be
social yourself, remind people that there is a person behind your business and
that you too can get the Monday blues have Sunday fun days and every single
year gets so excited for museum selfie day. Because I really do, I love it, it’s
totally a fun day. So yeah, be social and little
little bit of you shine through. Well that’s it for this video but I hope you
have subscribed because I’ll be doing a couple more videos like this where I
cover email marketing and video marketing tips for 2019. So I hope to see
you there remember to always be curious and DFTBA

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One thought on “Social Media Marketing for 2019 (Small Business Tips)

  1. Awesome and super informative video! I had never heard of Recurpost! I'm checking it and Meet Edgar out. Thank you for those tips Jade!

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