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– In 2018 and beyond, if
it isn’t already for you, social media marketing’s
gonna be absolutely essential for every kind of business
type you can think of. In this video, I’m gonna talk about why, so check it out. Hi, I’m J.B. with Marketing 360, and we help small businesses grow with our marketing and
design, talent and technology, through our number one marketing platform, Marketing 360. We call marketing and design MAD, and we love MAD. Hopefully, these videos will help you fall in love with MAD, too. Make sure to follow us to learn
tips, tricks, and strategies to grow your business and fuel your brand. At Marketing 360, we work
with thousands of businesses across all kinds of industries, and social media marketing, we’re seeing, is becoming more and more
important every single day. In fact, in our opinion,
in 2018 and beyond, it’s gonna be absolutely vital
for every single business to have a strong social presence if they wanna be competitive today. So some verticals, like e-commerce, social media picked up a while back. It’s been effective, it’s still effective, and it’s gonna be more effective. But for other verticals,
like, let’s say plumbers, it hasn’t been as effective until now, and we can see now, into the future, that even for a plumber, social media marketing is
gonna be absolutely essential. So let’s talk about some examples of that and some different reasoning why we have this thought process
and really break this down. Number one, I kind of talked
about how the plumbers are seeing more effectiveness now. Why do I think that? I think that because I’m seeing that. We have customers that are plumbers. In fact, we have one customer that’s been with us for two years, spent a lot of money on Google Ads when he first started with
us, had great, great results. But the market is shifting, right? So those results are starting
to fall down a little bit now, so he’s looking for ways to
increase the results back up. He’s really invested in
social media marketing. You would think an Instagram
account for a plumber, does that even make sense? Well, it actually does, and
that’s what we’re seeing because as he’s posting
content on social media, on Instagram, coupons, different information
about his businesses, it’s building brand awareness. Here’s the thing, guys. Millennials, Generation
Zs, Generations Alphas, which are the real little kids, they’re not using Google. These people are using Instagram
and Facebook and Snapchat and all these other tools,
like YouTube, all day. What this younger audience is gonna do, if they’re already on Instagram, they’re not gonna go out of
Instagram to search on Google. Why would they do that? They’re gonna stay in Instagram, they’re gonna search hashtag city plumber, Fort Collins plumber, Denver
plumber, whatever it might be, and they’re gonna see who’s there. If you’re not there, you don’t exist. Even if you’re ranking at the
top of the page on Google, they’re not looking there. So if you wanna be
successful into the future, you have to be where your consumers are. And the younger audience
is all on social media, so it’s vital to build a
presence on social media, to be posting content to
social media, and to be there, that when they look, they find you, and you’re gonna get the business. So this plumber is ahead of the curve, and they’re seeing great
results, and you should be, too. The second point I’d like to make is that marketing has come full circle. Before Search, what did people do? They basically asked for referrals. “Hey, where do you go for a plumber?” “Hey, who do you get your hair cut with?” “Hey, what accountant do you use?” We used to ask our
friends, ask our family, and they would give us
this feedback, right? Because before the Internet,
that was the easiest way to get those results. But then when Google came out
and Search became so easy, the referral system
kinda went away, right? We would just go search on Google. That’s why it was so
valuable to market there. Well, we’ve come full circle now. We’re back to the referral business where people are again saying to their friends and family and followers, “Hey, who do you guys use for this?” “Who do you guys use for that?” And if you don’t have a social presence, you’re not in the mix now, right? Because this communication is occurring like it did in the old days, but now it’s through social media. They’re direct messaging each other. They’re sharing this
content on social media. So if you have a social presence,
if people are seeing you, you’re gonna be top of mind. So when somebody asks for a plumber, and they’ve seen you around,
maybe they didn’t even use you, they’re gonna think of you. They’re gonna share that
post that they saw recently. They’re gonna think of your
name and direct message you, say, “Hey, check these guys out.” So it’s very important to start building the social presence now because this is where
the market is shifting, and if you’re not there, you’re not gonna get this
referral business anymore. Third point I’d like to
make is about social proof. Social proof is more and
more important today. Even if somebody did find you on Google, more and more, they’re doing a
spot check on your reputation and your social presence
before they call you or fill out a form. What they’re gonna do is they’re
gonna go check on social, check on Facebook, check on Instagram. If you don’t have any followers, if you don’t have a presence there, you’re considered uncool. So if you wanna be cool
and be a hip business in a younger generation in
a younger demographics mind, you’re gonna have to have social proof, which means you have a
good amount of followers, you’re posting content frequently, you’re engaging with you
community, you’re active. You’re a new business, you’re
modern, you’re cutting edge, so why wouldn’t I go with you? This is the thought process
that people go through during the buying cycle, so make sure you have that in place or you’re gonna be missing out on sales. So here’s the deal. What do you look like on social? Do you have more followers
than your competitor, or do they have more than you? Are you posting content frequently? Do you have great designs? Does your content add
value to your followers? Are they learning from you? Are you cutting edge? Are you doing videos? Video is key today. What things are you doing to build your brand
presence on social media, because this is where
the consumers live now. The main TV channels at night used to be ESPN and ABC and NBC, and people would sit down on their couch and they’d watch those TV channels. That still exists, except
for they’re on their couch, they’re looking at Instagram,
they’re looking at YouTube, they’re looking at Facebook,
and if you’re not there, you’re not a part of the
conversation in their mind when they’re thinking about
who to do business with. So what are you doing? If you need help, give us a call. We’d love to help. Marketing 360. If you have this dialed in, great job. Leave a comment in this video. Share some of your tips. If you liked the video, Like
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like this in the future. And for weekly text
message marketing tips, text marketing to 39970. Thanks, guys. (soft instrumental music)

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