Social Media Plus Web 2.0 Business Summit

allotment of others who are fantastic event
today social media plus the very new in different then for many reasons but the main reason is that
the really wanted to go back to the focus real business people are making real decisions
regarding marketing social media for their companies to what we did was we designed it uh… for
specific tracks because see i a l c_t_a_ retract human resources track sales marketing trend an executive business
owners we specifically tailored workforces personalized
so that people running their businesses in the day come and learn about common use social media to build brands to increase right to really be challenged customers as what we decided to attend the session media
plus conference he wants to lotto inside networking capabilities
as well as attached to it lets you uh… since it’s at the same old
same school it’s been a wonderful entirely everyone disappear is enthusiastic other energetic they’re wanting to make real
connections filled real relationships of really take place the best parts social media online ticket offline and start to learn how
to build this connections they are really even over really did students take what they’re learning
today back two their company and i had a implemented unfairly worthwhile socially campaign social media is here of people are utilized here to talk to each
other to learn about business uh… you know it’s really changing is the
way with a remarkable advertise our products everybody advertising agency business for
about twenty five years focusing primarily on the traditional media
different view of the world obviously uh… still doing the email but um… as you know
that’s moving way into the whole social side a lot of digital online and one of trucks
they focused on on the cutting edge of ah… providing information
to our clients and here at the system because conference from the colleagues to all my contribution to the program which is
so sorry for sales the return of the customer relationship i’m here because a lot of our
clients are struggling with the hot house you increases
in media against the full landscape of their telemarketing advertising strategy and i thought
i’d come said be able to land a little more insight for them when i go back to still working with
them and so i can be a little more associate that also bring back negative inflation
myself zeroing out of my family better resentment i thought the tracks accelerated you can’t
and to switch tackling beyond um… conflicts house speaker newt kenyans speak for you honestly
and i said before a decision upholds because he spent a nikon in industry and finance since
i was in school hiking to stop birthday because that was that we promote it soon as social media specialist position and i
just wanna gained more knowledge about social media and now that it’s it’s taking off its
out there and x one and they’re more and i think this conference that just being on the
knowledge that i can gain prize for the federalist conference over seven hundred fifty people
turned out to learn about social media and how it’s affecting their business now they
can grow their businesses lifeless media feedback is from exhibitors attendees and speakers integrated
where are very proud that we uh… participants gather life is short amount of time pollen thank everyone for coming out with social media press conference uh… overheated walk away with all of the things he does confirming your business social media plus was a huge success visits social media plus dot com or for more
optimism that your

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