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your friend referred you to this link to introduce
you to a big idea something you’ve never heard before an
idea we believe that can change the world before jumping to the big idea let me
ask you this have you ever liked a product or refered a friend to a
company if you’re like the rest of us then of course you have you see right now there’s a $500 billion
dollar market shift happening that is forever changing the way people
purchase and shop and guess what you not only part of it you’re driving
it every time you like share post blog promote text a
product you’re involved and basically providing free advertising this giant economic trend is called
social shopping here’s the problem you’re being
left out of the economic benefit of the shift that you’re actually creating so here’s what’s happening and how you
can benefit social shopping is creating that shift by moving
customers away from traditional retail to New emerging brands and new online
shopping experiences social shopping companies are growing
faster then most Internet giants they’re adding millions of customers a year and are quickly becoming billion dollar
businesses nearly overnight so here’s the big idea we saw a unique chance to do
something disruptive by combining this speed of social
shopping with the power of the 167 billion dollar worldwide direct sales industry were
pioneering an entirely new industry called social retail now of
course consumers only shop and promote brands
they genuinely love so enter Modere a new stylish safe and
smart lifestyle brand that possesses some the world’s best products in every
major growth category of everyday essentials everything from skin an anti-aging to weight management home
care sports nutrition and more Modere provides customers with a
convenient one-stop shop for everyday essentials and the products
they’re unique stylish healthy and say they have proven
performance and they’re backed by technology this saves you time and money we enable
our customers to be smart modern-day shoppers let’s talk about how you
can personally benefit this massive market shift we are
currently creating an enormous community have social
markers people who are paid to drive customers to our social shopping website Modere dot com to make it easy to provide
you simple tools in a special discount code to share with your friends
saving them money when they try Modere products our unique technology
tracks and pays you a substantial percentage of every sale providing you an immediate part time
income it’s really that simple now here’s the
most innovative piece of the big idea we
create brand awareness for you we advertise we mark it on your
behalf and here’s where it really gets exciting
100 percent of all the retail customers that we
generate are also tiedi back to you the Qualified Social
Marketer so think about that when was the last
time you heard a retail company that will pay you to do you do everyday
socially market their lifestyle brand and will pay you for all the work that we do
as well becoming a social marketer is simple you pay a $29.95 registration fee and
then order your favorite Modere Products from there you immediately begin
generating income doing what you already naturally do talk
to people about products you love many people like you are already
generating either part-time or full time income many of them with no prior experience in business timing is
everything this shift is happening now the
possibilities are endless this is the new model this is social
retail welcome to Modere Modere Social Retail social shopping Modere

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3 thoughts on “Social Retail Shopping | Modere Social Shopping

  1. This is really exciting. It is going to happen here in Australia in September. We are all counting down to the Red Carpet Launch on 22 August!

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