Someone else verified my business on Google

When you first sign up
for Google My Business, you may find that
someone else has already claimed your business. Let’s talk about what
to do if this happens. First, try signing into
Google using other Google accounts you might have. Many people have
multiple Google accounts, like a personal account
and a business account. It’s possible that you used
a different account to claim your business on Google. If that doesn’t
work, you’ll need to request ownership
rights to your business. In this video, we’ll walk
you through the options for requesting access to
the business’s information from its current owner. The current owner
can then decide how to act on your request. There are two ways to
request admin rights. The easiest way is to contact
the owner directly and ask them to add you as a manager
of the business or location. They can also transfer
ownership to you. If you can’t contact the current
owner directly, don’t worry. You can request
access to the business directly through
Google My Business. Let’s look at how to do that. First, go to and sign in. You’ll need a Google
account, so go ahead and create one if you
don’t have one yet. Once you’re signed in, you’ll
see a map and a search box at the top left
corner of the screen. Enter the name or
address of your business and select it from
the drop down menu. When you choose your
business, you’ll see a notification
letting you know that someone else,
the current owner, has already verified
the business. Go ahead and click
Request admin rights. Next, we’ll ask you some
questions about your business for verification purposes. Once you answer these
questions, we’ll send an email to the
current owner asking them to get in touch with you. They’ll either grant
you management access to the business, or reach out
to you directly to coordinate. Please be patient. The current owner may not
see your message immediately. If you’ve gone
through this process and haven’t heard from the
current owner after two weeks, you can request help from the
Google My Business support team at this link. For more information
about Google My Business, visit our help center at Make sure to subscribe
to our YouTube channel. While you’re there, you
can get all the latest Google My Business videos,
and if you have any questions, you can post them in
the comments section. Thanks so much for watching.

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