Start A Online Business – How to create a website with iPage

the next five minutes you’re gonna learn
how to build your very own website and start selling online but before we get started why don’t you pull out your checklist if you don’t have one of our checklists you
can get one below for free it basically helps you to avoid that top five common
mistakes the average person makes when starting out online get your checklist out let’s get started Intro Music Welcome to iPage iPage is a web hosting provider basically were your website will live online they’ve been in business since nineteen
ninety eight and they are very unique in that they have this
anytime money-back guarantee the arrow is pointing over here to sign up
now let’s do that okay step one we’re going to select the
domain and in our checklist we’ve already done that remember if you don’t have a checklist you can get it from the link below this
video right now and then enduring cheeking hosting dot com excellent step two enter your billing
information this is where they want our money right here it says cheeky hosting dot
com will be live on my page in just a few minutes let’s enter in our information all right after entering in all our credit card
information in our billing address in everything we’re prompted with this next set of features
and options there’s the purchase information which
is essentially tells you that uh… this is what it’s going to cost for the first three months it’ll be you’ll be
billed one nine e nine a month and then the remaining twenty one months two dollars and ninety five cents a month you might be saying hey i didn’t want
to go for two years that’s fine as drop-down menu here just click in this area and you can go for twelve months and you’ll be billed forty seven thirty
seven same thing applies so a bit more expensive you get a better value if you
go for the two years needless to say that’s totally up to you know your activation is completely free there’s no set up fee . domain
registration is free most providers most… web hosting provider charge about
ten dollars here anywhere from seven ninety nine to twelve or more it’s highly way robbery they charger really
anything more in the future g twenty bucks or more what you want to to notice that domain privacy is not
free i clicked on the protector identity see
how this right here something i suggest uh… basically this particular person
kevin monroe did not choose that and by unclicking this box your
information will be made available online for anyone who does a whois lookup and basically this is what they would
see if you choose for ten dollars a year to go private they’ll get something
similar to this basically information is protected from
unwanted exposure this help thwart identity identity
theft … stalkers fraud spam in telemarketing i recommend it next website essentials prevent identity
theft in secure your data so really not going to apply much to us I
choose no on this I un-check that for twelve ninety five
a year next we have get a jump start on your
website well that’s why you paid for this program we’re gonna do this for you step by step videos showing you everything uh… directory listings for one dollar
a month this submit submit your information to some providers in directories you can choose that were not i’m not
really either pro or con against that however making your website look great
on mobile phones we do not want to check for two ninety
nine a month will skip that i’ll show you how to get that basically
for free another savings there so your saving twenty dollars right here by not having to get a jump start on the
website and uh… by not adding this ’cause
that’s another three dollars times twelve so i you definitely
of made out here automate your site backups for twelve ninty
five a year I recommend that it basically protection for your site if for whatever reason there’s a
physical damage on your server there’ll be a back up so that way we can restore
your site and you start making money again and once again drive traffic to your site uh… this is optional for nine ninety five i hear they’re
gonna submit your information to the top search engines i will be providing some links in our for you to do this for
yourself if you’d rather skip that have someone do it for you it’s nine ninety five year hit this button down here for checkout all the fono i wanted to mention to you
that your total is right here by clicking any of these buttons or any
more services you’ll notice that you told us go up that’s going to do for this video please check your email box freeloading
credentials to the server in it if you will go under the hood
engager website started see in the next decade

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