Start an Online Business and Reinvent Yourself After the Age of Fifty

Do you have that sick feeling in the pit of
your stomach knowing that something’s changing you could be out of a job and
you have no idea what you’re going to do for the next 20 or 30 years? Start an
online business and you can reinvent yourself. For over 20 years we’ve been
executive recruiters and for over 20 years we’ve seen people being downsized
with no idea what to do next. People who are out in the market with much too much
experience and are too expensive and continue to get passed over by the
younger more tech-savvy candidates. This happens all the time. We talk to people
who have real fear of the future. They’ve created expensive lifestyles. They’ve got
kids in university. Their spouse expects two sunshine vacations a year. They wake
up at night in a cold sweat. That’s exactly where we were. Our industry was
being disrupted by technology. We knew we needed to create a plan B. So one day we
were watching a Tony Robbins video just looking for a little inspiration and a
video of a guy eating a salad popped up, a guy named Dan in the UK and we were
intrigued by it and for some reason we watched this video and we’re really glad
we did. Dan talked about his ability to start an online business with absolutely
no previous experience. He had the freedom to work from home or from
anywhere in the world, all he needed was his laptop and access to the Internet. We
thought oh my goodness we’re onto something. Dan offered us a series of
videos at no charge. These videos opened our eyes to a whole new world of
possibilities. We’re now in a place where we can send you these same videos. All
you have to do is click on the button somewhere on this video and it will take
you to our website where we’ll ask you for your name and email and we’ll send
the video series directly to your inbox. We no longer fear the future. We have
built a business that is scalable and is growing as a result of the internet
instead of shrinking from it. We have been able to reinvent ourselves.
We can work when and where we want and we’re working in a business that works
when we sleep. We can do the things that we’ve always wanted to do that are on
our bucket list. But just a cautionary note this
opportunity is not for everybody. It does take time and it takes commitment and a
willingness to get way outside your comfort zone. If you’re up for the
challenge check out these videos and we look
forward to seeing you on the inside. Bye for now.
Bye for now.

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