Starting a Business : Writing a Business Plan

A business plan is a road map, that is really
created by the company to guide it and help with know where to go. My name is Clayton
Christopher, founder of Sweet Leaf Tea Company and CEO. We write a business plan every year
and it is really there to lay out a series of strategic initiatives and what you want
to accomplish for your business for the coming year. There is also business plans that are
written to raise capital and those usually look pretty different than a business plan
that you use to run your company. A business plan to run your company, you want to have
all of your objectives laid out for each one of your departments. What you plan on doing
with marketing, what you plan on doing with sales, what you plan on doing in operations,
and those are all put in place so that yourself and everyone that works at your company knows
exactly what they need to be working toward on a weekly, a monthly and a quarterly basis,
to achieve the goals that you put in place for the year. So, if you are raising money
for your company, trying to raise money off of the business plan, you definitely need
to explain a lot more about the business, and what you reason for being is. The size
of the market, to find an opportunity of the company, basically what sort of growth you
feel like the company can do and then substantiate that. Why do you felt like your company can
grow at that rate? You really have to say, why is that realistic. And then, at the same
time you are selling your business, almost like you are selling your product. You want
to dress it up as much as possible if you are doing it to raise money. But, even if
you are just running your business it is a really a very important piece of it. When
I first wrote a business plan, my very first year when we first started, I went and get
a ‘how to write a business plan’ book for dummies from a bookstore. There is not a whole
lot of science behind it, but it is really there to help guide you and help keep everyone
focused. And, business plans changed. I don’t think just because of whatever is said is
in stone when you first write that business plan. Strategies changes as your business
grows and as the market changes. So, you have to be flexible, you have to be willing to
try something, fail, and then try again. That is how your business becomes more and more
efficient and put you on the right path. And, that is how you write a business plan. This
is Clayton from Sweet Leaf Tea Company.

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31 thoughts on “Starting a Business : Writing a Business Plan

  1. Very good advice, for those looking for a little more information on business plans head over to 😛 Also… the Sweet Leaf Tea offices look awesome!

  2. @legcaybegins send an email I will tell you how to do business in a world which sees 50,000 businesses crashing every minute.

  3. @InvolvingPeople I see ur point.,but I disagree. If you allow establishments to stifle your growth, you are forever dooming yourself. Your case is unique, and I'm sorry for your loss, but I personally refuse to let bigger chains trod on me to save face. A the the end of the day, customers base is what wins, if you get more business eventually you will grow. To besides, competition stimulates economic growth, a monopoly is hardly ever beneficial

  4. I thought the chances of a starting business to make it past the first two years is impossible now and that every "you can do it" infomercial is just another scam to con you out of money.

  5. A good basic introduction. But you say there isn't a lot of science to it – when you get to the financial section there certainly is! People starting or running a business will absolutely need to understand finance. I've put together a series of YouTube videos to get people started – visit my channel to see them.

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  10. If you want to know HOW to write a business plan & WHAT TO INCLUDE then search elsewhere. Alternatively if you want to here Clayton promote his business which has no subject matter to help you improve YOUR plan then watch and enjoy

  11. Every successful person i the world has had a plan.  No one has ever said….Oh I'm just going to do it and succeeded.  They had a vision, they knew where they wanted to go, how they were going to get there, and most of all, who they were going to do it with.  What is your goal for 2015?

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