Starting a Clothing Line with East Coast Lifestyle | GaryVee Business Meetings

– So what’s up?
– ‘Sup, man? – Just watching your
story yesterday with Logic. – Yes, it was fun.
– Big fan of his stuff. – What are you up
to with all this jazz? – East Coast Lifestyle
is a clothing line I started in Canada. We’re in 90 malls
across the country. We’re in three in the U.S. We’re trying to break
into the country right now. So just off the top I wanted to
start with some of the custom gear that
I created for yourself. – Yes, I see it.
– So I know– – I’m gonna wear that ASAP. – [Alex] You know I had
to do that on the back. – I love it, man.
I love it. – We had to create some
of this custom merch for ya. – Is that a medium? – [Alex] I got
every size for you. – [Gary] Beautiful. – [Alex] Small, medium,
large, extra large. – [Gary] Good, good. – [Alex] Pass them
out, give them away. – [Gary] Good, I’m a
medium. Alright, good. – [Alex] Give them to the fam.
– [Gary] Yes, I will. – [Alex] And then I got
some hats for you as well. – [Gary] I love it, man. – [Alex] With
the Gary on the side. – I love it, man.
Thank you very much. – [Alex] There’s only a
few of these in the world. – Rare, rare. I’m gonna sell this on eBay. (laughs) I love it, man. And this is some of
the stuff you guys do? – Yeah, so we do all sorts. I was talking to Alex earlier.
– Yep. – So we do all
different designs and merch, embroidery, screen print, hats. – When did you start it?
– Three years ago. – Good for you. – Following all
of your podcasts, all of your DailyVee
since three years ago. Watched all of it at university. Read Jab, Jab, Jab Right
Hook so big fan of your work. – Thank you, man. – So it’s cool to be here today.
– Thank you, man. Awesome. – I guess we have some
questions we want to start with. – Yeah, let’s do it. – I just really wanted to
talk to you about the clothing company and your thoughts on how we can get
into the U.S. market. – You know,
I think that getting into a market is stunningly easy. So I actually genuinely believe
you take the advice I’m about to give you, it will work. I’m surprised how many
people overthink it. I think you need to map every
single buying decision maker in America and I think
you need to email them. Hit them up on social media and
then surprise and delight them. – [Alex] I like that. – Like it’s
literally that basic. – [Alex] Yeah. – Like you actually
know the 5,000 stores, distribution centers
you want to be in. – [Alex] Yeah.
– Like, right? In theory you know.
– [Alex] Yeah. – Like you want to be
in Urban Outfitters, I don’t know. You want to be in
this little SoHo shop, I don’t know. That’s your business,
I don’t know it. – [Alex] Yeah. – But if I had a wine I’d
sure know which stores, right? – [Alex] Yeah. – So great, you decide there’s
41 boutiques in SoHo you want to be part of. You guys sit on fucking
Google, find the person’s name, send them a t-shirt
and a note in the mail. They get millions of that,
they throw in the garbage the same way I do. Right? You email them, you follow
them on Twitter and Instagram. You talk to them on
Twitter and Instagram. You tag them in some of your
photos on Instagram so it shows up in their notifications.
– [Alex] Yeah. – You one-on-one virtually sell the 1537 people that make the decision if this
t-shirt goes on a rack. – [Alex] Yeah.
– Literally, that’s it, bro. – [Alex] Yeah. So,
in terms of giving them value, do you believe that if we have
to supply them with threads and the clothing and then
to tell them like this is for you on the house, keep it. – I think they probably, right,
the cooler they are the more shit they get sent
for free all day, right? – Yeah, definitely. – I get stuff sent and I get
stuff sent all the time and we’re trying very hard not to
not see it or not respond but it’s impossible. You know, I used to get
sent 10,000 wines a second. – [Alex] Yeah. – So I don’t think sending it, I think it’s expensive
and not guaranteed. What I would start with is
the virtual stuff first. – [Alex] Okay.
– If you get a nibble. – [Alex] Yeah, go at it.
– Uh-huh. You know, I mean look, so you
follow Karen and she has a rad shop in St. Louis and she says something about something. Going to Canada.
– [Alex] Yeah. – That’s exactly when you
guys jump in and be like, “Yo, we’re from Canada.
Want to show you around.” People aren’t putting in the
work from the salesmanship. What you want and what I want
and what everybody wants in theory is okay we’re
gonna do this for GaryVee. He’s gonna wear it on DailyVee. We’re gonna be in it. And they’re gonna come to us. The problem is
that’s too insane. Everybody wants the leverage of
everything coming to them when they haven’t earned it yet. You’ve been grinding and getting
somewhere three years in and you still aren’t shit.
– Yeah. – How cool is that?
That’s cool and it sucks. – Yeah.
– I love it. I love that like people,
right as you know in the last hundred days,
last four months, it’s really starting to
pop for me, right? – [Alex] Yeah. – And everybody’s like, “Yo,
how come this is happening?” I’m like, “20 fucking
years of fucking hustle, dick.” – [Alex] Yeah.
– That’s why it’s happening. – [Alex] Hard work.
– You know what I mean? You never know when
it’s gonna be that moment. So look, this is smart. You got here. This is fucking free
and great exposure. There’s cool people
that watch, great. Good shit could happen but you
always think that this thing is gonna be the thing. I always thought like okay, this
appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s gonna be the thing, right? Or this podcast with
Rogan’s gonna be the thing. Or this person
following me on social media is gonna be the thing. None of it’s the thing. It’s just another block. – [Alex] Yeah,
another stepping stool. – Another stepping stool and
the quicker you think about like bricks instead of like
a prefabed building, the quicker you win. You know who the
3,000 decision makers, you know the 400 stores,
you know the 1700 humans. One-on-one them digitally.
– Yeah. – [Gary] And it
takes a lot of time. You’re gonna spend nine hours
one day just doing this ’cause now you’re inspired to do it, and four people
are gonna hit you back. – [Alex] So what do you think of
on the Canadian stereotype of us coming to the U.S.?
– No, I think that’s bullshit. I think that’s
little brother syndrome. – Okay. – Drake doesn’t
have that problem. – True. – The end.
– True. So that’s the straight up truth.
– I know it’s the truth. That’s excuses, that’s creating
air cover to justify why it hasn’t happened yet. You guys sitting around having a
beer and being like fucking you know,
that’s what Americans do. They don’t take us serious. That’s just fucking dwelling. You know what I mean?
– Yeah. – When I was a kid and
school was a big thing, I didn’t sit around and say well
nobody’s gonna take me serious ’cause I didn’t go to Harvard. I was like, I’m
just gonna do it. And then one day everybody’s gonna look back
and be like,yeah. – [Alex] Yeah. – So you understand?
– [Alex] 100%. – Keep going.
– [Alex] What was I gonna say? Like when you were growing
you parent’s wine business– – Yeah. – [Alex] When you took the step
back and said I’m gonna put this on social media and e-commerce.
– Yes. – And e-marketing.
– Yes. – How did they react
when you made that switch from the business. – My dad already had, so you got
to remember people don’t get it. People are confused right
now how big of a deal it was. People thought the
internet was a fad. It would be more
similar and this is 1996. How old were you in 1996?
– [Alex] Five. – Right, so this is a
long fucking time ago. How old were you in ’96?
– [Other Tyler] Three. – Right, so I need you guys
to wrap your head around it. Now it makes sense. When I said we’re gonna build
an e-commerce site instead of opening another store that would
literally be like you saying right now, I’m gonna start a
virtual reality clothing brand. We’re not gonna make this.
– [Alex] Yeah. – You’re gonna make pretend. People didn’t understand. So first of all there was a lot
of like people didn’t what the fuck I was talking about. ‘Cause it was so foreign.
– [Alex] Yeah. – Got it? Number two, I was already in the
business since I was 14 and I’d already proven to my
dad that I was good. You know, a lot of
people like to rag on me like your dad had something. My dad had something but people
forget I was making $2,000 a weekend as a 13-year-old
child selling baseball cards. So I’d already
proven that I was… I was already a whiz kid. As a matter of fact, I always
didn’t want to go into my dad’s business ’cause I didn’t
want the fucking trolls to say, “Oh you have this.”
– [Alex] Mhmmm. – Because I knew I was right.
I had it already. – [Alex] Yeah. – So, you know, I think
that there was already buy-in. – [Alex] Yeah.
– Why? Do you have partners or
family members involved? – [Alex] No.
– Okay. – [Alex] 100% ownership.
– You’re just curious? – [Alex] Yeah.
We’ve had two different people try to buy the company so far. – Good for you. – [Alex] Just kind of–
– Try to building, yep. – next level and we’re globally
trademarked and corporated so the brand’s protected
on the global scale but we just haven’t had– – What’s been the biggest
breakthrough micro-moment? – We’ve had people like
Ed Sheeran wear the gear live on stage at the Air Canada center. – Did you like shit?
– Yep, definitely. (Gary laughs) When he wore it that was our
biggest overall sale night. So we got
verified on Twitter simply from him wearing the shirt.
– Of course. – It got very noticed
across the country. We went viral.
– Of course. – And the hashtag
#eastcoastlifestyle went viral through Twitter and then the
next day we sold 185 of the same t-shirts that he wore that day.
– How much in sales? – 105 t-shirts–
– How much are t-shirts? – 185 t-shirts times $30.
– Got it, I got it. Amazing. – Big number and we just saw
that that was a huge engagement and then he sent us a
message after and said, “I hope that helped you guys.” So we were blown away by– – Did he do it random
or you were able to hit him up and get him to– – I know one of
his best friends, she put it on–
– That was it. That’s it.
– his table. – That’s amazing.
– He ended up wearing it. So that was out biggest
breakthrough in an area where we’re really not
strong, Toronto. So east coast brand, we’re big
Atlantic Canada and big on the west coast people
that miss home. – Vancouver. – The crab people
leave to go work in the oil industry to get jobs. And then we just kind of have
low impact in the middle but we’re really trying to
grow down in New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Florida,
in strong east coast states. – Got it. – So do you believe that there’s
pride in the east coast of the U.S. in terms of
east coast lifestyle? – Of course.
– Yeah? – 100%. – Goes back to
the hip hop roots. – 100%.
– Yeah. – It’s a complete no-brainer. – So we have
East Coast Lifestyle, West Coast Lifestyle and we sell
both of those brands online and also in stores
across the country, in Canada. But really we just started to
do a deal with Zumiez in Canada. So we’re trying to prove that
we have strong sales there and they’ll put it
in the U.S. after that. So we’re really
trying to grow with them. It’s tough for a young business
to get into the U.S. market. It’s a big market. – Dude, I don’t think it’s that
tough and I know it’s tough. Let me explain. All you need is one
person that you emailed or one person you
talked to on Twitter, Instagram who owns the third
hottest shop in SoHo, in Beverly Hills, in
you know whatever alpha whatever that fucking place is
in fucking Atlanta. I can’t remember now. The rich little area
where everybody goes. Fucking Peachtree,
I don’t fucking remember. Whatever, all you need, dude,
it’s always these one moments. – [Alex] Yeah. – But you have to
put yourself in a position to get those moments.
– [Alex] Yeah. – Like you just basically have
to sit and be in sales mode on your fucking phone 24/7/365. I honestly don’t know,
why are we here? – So I DM’d you on Instagram.
– I really don’t know. – He was doing live. I found that live was a
great way to get in touch with celebrities like yourself. So I reached out to yourself
and then you said hit up Tyler. And then I talked to
Tyler and networked with him. This is probably like three
month ago conversation but I just worked my ass off
until I got here ’cause I really wanted to meet you. Take some time and just talk to
you about what I’ve done so far. – Good, do that 4,000 times.
– [Alex] I will. – I’m being dead serious, man. – [Alex] Got the hustle,– – You’ve got to know that
missing 11 times and hitting the one time of the
12 times that you spent 12 hours on is ROI positive. That’s what these
fuckers don’t get. – [Alex] Yeah. – Great you DM’d and emailed and tweeted 17
shop owners that are trendy and none of them replied. That’s good.
– [Alex] Yeah. – That’s good.
– [Alex] Yeah. – Everybody thinks
it’s a wasted day. That’s a good day
’cause you got your answer. It was no.
– [Alex] Yeah. – Noes are just as good
as yeses ’cause you know. – [Alex] Mhmmm. I’m not ready yet or we need
to do something differently. – Yeah or you didn’t
ask the right way. You changed it. You two I assume, three more. How many people you got?
– [Alex] 25. – Fuck! Dude, you need to
go on the offense. – [Alex] Yep. – It’s not gonna come to you
and it’s not gonna be a miracle. It’s grinding it. You had serendipitously
the relationship with Ed, you need to create
the other 10,000. – [Alex] Yeah. – Lay in bed and fucking work. You know how lucky we all are that you can lay
in bed and do this. It used to, people like you and
I used to have to get on planes and spend the whole day to
get one meeting in Iowa. Now you just DM them.
– [Alex] It’s true. – How the fuck were you
gonna get to me 20 years ago? You weren’t.
– [Alex] I wouldn’t’ve, yeah. – So like, come on.
This is awesome. This is exciting. I’m gonna start a brand called
Middle America if you don’t do this and show you
exactly how to do it. – I got to keep working. – But, you know what I mean.
– Yeah. – Honestly, bro, it’s
like and don’t bullshit me. This is very important to me
’cause I really want you to win. Seem like a good kid. Don’t lie, what I’m
about to ask you. Tell me what
happens between 9 P.M. and 6 in the
morning in your life, go. Tell me the truth. – I swear to God,
I’m on my phone. – Until?
– 9 P.M. ’til 3 in the morning every night through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook–
– Love it. – and growing my following.
– Good. Don’t build a following,
biz dev for distribution. Got it?
– Yeah. So go for the– – The business thing,
you’re doing too much brand and not enough selling.
– Okay. More jabs. – Not more jabs. Actually more right
hooks in a weird way. One more time,
you’re trying to build hey, if we have 4 million Instagram
followers when somebody looks it’ll be undeniable and
they’ll put us in the store. I’m saying don’t worry about
that ’cause that’s gonna take forever anyway.
– [Alex] Mhmmm. – Karen Smith,–
– [Alex] Engagement. – the buyer at
fucking Prep House, Streetwear, The Spot. Got it?
– [Alex] Yes. – You see where I’m going?
– [Alex] Go for the engagement. – No, go for the decision
maker that thinks you’re cute. That liked your hustle. I have no fucking idea why
I told you to talk to Tyler because what you did to me, I’m
having happen 9,000 times a day. I don’t even, I don’t remember.
– [Alex] Yeah. – I don’t know if
I liked your t-shirt. I don’t know if I even clicked. I don’t know if I decided to
randomly just do it ’cause I like doing this
once in a while and giving back to you guys. I don’t know why–
– [Alex] Yeah. – but it happened.
– [Alex] Thankful to be here. – But you need to understand
that that can happen a lot. This is not an anomaly. And more importantly, this is
cool and this will be great for brand and some people
are gonna buy some shit. But I didn’t just give you a
purchase order and that’s what you need. – [Alex] I like that. – Map the 1500 stores in
America that you need to be in. From Nordstrom’s which will be
fucking impossible and corporate to some fucking dude that
when you did your homework, oh shit, Chris who owns the raddest shop in Minnesota that does this kind of gear,
his mom’s from Toronto. – [Alex] For real.
– Boom. – Keep hustlin’, keep trying– – But you need to think, I’d
rather you get one Beverly Hills shop to buy 15 shirts and try
you out through DM versus you getting 41 more
followers on Instagram. – Yeah. – It’s the reallocation
of your 9 P.M. to 3 A.M. – So go for more the buyers
and the people that have the checkbooks and they’re trying to
get the stores the new clothing opposed to my online following. – Correct.
– Gotcha. – You need more of that.
– Yeah. – Because that’s real and
tangible and need to happen in parallel to brand building. Too many people in the
t-shirt swag game are only about branding.
– That’s true. – And not about sales.
Everybody’s got a brand. Literally every kid watching
right now all she has to do is say okay, I’m calling
mine Fuzzy Peach, create a rad logo
and slap it on shit. You’re commoditized.
– Mhmmm. – You know. Everybody can say
well mine story, fuck your story.
Everybody’s got a story. You need sales,
distribution and awareness. People are spending too much
time on awareness and not enough on sales and
distribution of their product. – Yeah. – Got it?
– Got it. – Shit will come to you. A moment will happen. Somebody’s watching
right now that will just, this is probably gonna
get you more distribution than anything you’ve done. People are going to
go in the comments. We’re gonna tag your
little handle right now. You’ll get some DMs
from people saying hey, I own a shop.
I’ll take some t-shirts. But you need to force that.
– [Alex] Yeah. And what about stores, we’re really trying
to grow in Australia. They have a strong
east coast vibe. How would we grow in areas
you’ve never been to and you live in Canada and you’re
trying to grow over there. Is it the same
get at the buyers, get at the buyers or is it go on the ground and
hustle store to store? – Buyers.
– [Alex] Buyers. – You can’t go on the ground. What are you gonna buy a $4,000 fucking
Australian flight ticket? You don’t have that. You’re gonna build an
empire from your bed. – [Alex] Yeah. – Ready? I own your business. Australia, spend two
days with my team. If the video, Austin, no,
today you’re not videoing. Today you’re fucking on Google. Google top fucking
clothing stores in Australia. Rad clothing
stores in Australia. Go to Instagram and
hashtag Australian Clothing, Australian Store. Like, fucking work.
– [Alex] Yeah. – On spec, get a list. Okay here are 39 shops we want
to be part of on the east coast. – [Alex] Yeah. – Okay, now we go
to their website. Scroll down. Contact, about me. About me, Carl Tintenton
started this because his dad loved the
east coast thing. Google Carl Tintenton. Carl loves
Australian Rules Football. Like fucking work.
– [Alex] Yeah. – Then email and say, “Yo Carl. Sorry your team
lost last night.” You know? Duh-duh-duh-duh-duh,
then you DM him. Then you leave a comment
on one of his Instagram. So you email him,
email his website, leave a comment on a
post he made on Instagram and at him on Twitter. You guys following? The work.
Got it? So that’s what you do. Three of those 39 people say, “Yo, send me a shirt.” One of those three that you send
a shirt to puts in their store. One really smoke show
model walks in there, wears it and away you go.
– [Alex] Done. – Do you understand?
– [Alex] Yeah. Definitely. – So that’s what
you do in Australia. What are you gonna on spec
spend $4,000 to go to Australia. You can’t do that right now.
– [Alex] Yeah. – So it doesn’t even
matter which option. You can’t do the second one. – So right now we’re getting
knocked off around the world with a lot of brands
that using the same circle. We have this trademarked,
circle logo and they’re changing New York Lifestyle,
Florida Lifestyle, California Lifestyle but we
have it all protected so we do eventually shut them down but
they’re getting one week to one month sales online or
through channels that we don’t have visible in Canada and
then our followers are saying hey you have knockoff here.
Hey you have a knockoff there. – I think that you
should find a lawyer who you give 1%
of the company to, whose bored in her or
his job who’s, got it? – Give ’em some value.
– Give ’em 1% equity. They’ve had
entrepreneurial tendencies. They wished they started
their own business but they’re a lawyer. Now they have a mortgage and you give them
a little bit of that action and they fucking cease
and desist their asses off. – All day.
Okay, that’s a good idea. I like that. – Of course, it’s a good idea.
That’s why you came here. – Oh yeah.
(Gary laughs) So what are the,
is there any kind of future app that you see coming
in that I should be– – You’ve heard me on this. If you’ve been following me. I don’t know what’s coming,
I just react when it comes. is a place
I would look at if I were you. – [Alex] Okay. – Because if you
get them at 13, you become
the 13-year-old brand. See where I’m going?
– [Alex] Yeah. – So, I’d give
that some thought. – [Alex] Would you
value the Generation Zed? – Yeah. – [Alex] Higher than
then Generation Y? – Nope.
– [Alex] Millennials. – I love when people break down
generations like Millenials, Gen X, Gen Z, I love ’em all. They’re people. You know, 13-year-olds don’t
have as much money but they’re gonna be 22
and they’re the ones that can make 22,
like you know? So they all have
different values. – [Alex] Do you find that the
Generation Zed are more engaged on social media
than other people? – Of course. – [Alex] They’re
the most engaged. – They don’t even
know the real world. – [Alex] (laughs) That’s true. I have a younger sisters, so. – So you know.
– [Alex] Yeah. – You know better than I do.
How old are they? – 18 and 21. – They live in their phone.
– Snapchat. – You would, you
live in your phone. – Definitely.
– I live in my phone. What is this stuff? You know what I mean? There is nothing else.
– Yeah. – So how do you give value to
the young generation if they’re not able to buy your
products or buy your brand. Is it your time? – Stickers.
– Stickers? – I think it’s cool.
– Yeah. – I’m a big fan of that.
– Yep. – You know? Little ones
to put on their iPhones. Just you play.
You ask them. – Giveaways.
– You ask them. – Yeah. – You know, meet-ups,
who the fuck? Like shit, stuff. – Yeah.
– You know? I’d give ’em stuff. Like I’d produce the
lowest cost thing you can. – Yeah. – You got a star
that’s got followers and they’re just
as important, right? – So I don’t have
personally or for the brand yet but you’d advise to
get on – I would. I don’t know if
is gonna be here three or four years from now. They have work to do but
the tendencies that they’ve created are things that
will be mapped in the future. – [Alex] Okay. – So like SocialCam taught
me more about Snapchat and Instagram than anything else.
– [Alex] Wow. – You don’t even
know what SocialCam is. It was hot for 48 seconds.
– [Alex] Wow.

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