Starting An Online Business? Invest In This First

– So here is the bitter pill
that you have to swallow when it comes to creating
an online business. You have to invest. Now of course it’s not
necessarily investing in things though inevitably you probably will. And it’s not necessarily
investing in software though inevitably you probably will. But the most important thing that you to need to
invest in is education. To be honest much of that
education can be gained online and much of it is free, so therefore the investment
comes in the time that you need to put
in to educate yourself. Those areas of education include not only the technological side but also in the digital marketing and the methods that
people employ these days to attract customers. And whilst I’ve been in or used to being in a sales environment, and by the way I’ve never
considered myself a salesman though I recognize that I have sold, even that environment, the sales environment
is constantly changing and marketing is constantly changing. For obvious reasons,
customers continually get more and more savvy and continually
get more and more peed off with the methods that people employ. So probably the key lesson
that you inevitably learn is that you can sell without selling, that you can market without marketing in that it’s quite often
the subliminal messages that work better than anything else. But also I think the
thing that I’ve learned is that it’s all about providing value above everything else. If you look at even big corporates now, they are constantly trying, I say trying in inverted commas to create the impression that they’re providing value. Everybody’s aware that you
can’t get anything good for free but they’re also aware that they want a lot more for
their dollar, for their pound and I think that’s where the
whole value thing comes in. I think the biggest mistake
people quite often make when looking at online businesses is that because it’s online, it’s easier which actually in fairness
that its probably the case but that the same rules don’t
apply because it’s online but actually they do. The same rules for attracting a customer are exactly the same as
a retail establishment, the same rules that people need, this constant prodding,
this constant reminder of your product before they
actually buy it still apply and that applies on the High
Street as well as online. So in my opinion, all these rules are very similar and you have to learn them all. All of that comes at a price, either monetarily or in your time. But the great thing is I
think once you’ve created or the great thing about
an online business, especially when the focus is
on creating a passive income, the passive income again to remind you is something where you create something, let’s say it’s online, if it’s in the real
world, the physical world, then you’ve bought a house, for example, that you wish to rent out, once you’ve made that investment, and established your product, so let’s say it’s a house
that you want to rent that you’ve done it up nicely so that it’s ready to rent, once you’ve done that, it becomes passive income and you just need to
carefully play around with it every now and again. If it’s a rented property, then of course, every
year you’re gonna have to give it a lick of paint. If it’s something online, then every few months or even every few weeks you might just need to check if it’s okay, so if it’s working. We talk about funnels these days in sales, especially in online businesses and you just wanna keep making sure that those funnels work and a funnel, by the way, is if let’s you’ve figured or you’ve found something online that you’re interested in and the method that the company wants you to employ to find out
more about that product is by clicking on a link, clicking on a link that
sends you to a landing page, a landing page is effectively a website as a single page. Once you get onto that landing page, you read further information before you then click another link which asks you to give
them your email address with which they can send
you more information and so that is a funnel. There is a business out
there that I’ve come across that I will probably investigate further called ClickFunnels. This chap that’s created it has become rather well known
over the last few years especially in his writing of a rather handy book, Russell
Brunson I think his name is. And his “Digital Secrets” book or “Digital Marketing Secrets” book is an incredible piece of writing that for anybody starting
their own online business, they should read this because it kind of gives you all the tips, it gives you all the know-how about how you might go about doing this and quite often he gives
that book out for free. He gives it out for free because again, this is
a method of marketing. You buy his book, you
then have opportunities to click on links or to read more information that will ask you to click on links and ask you for your email address and then they’ll send
out further information that will have some kind of product that you might want to buy in the future. So these are all tools and methods that you need to employ now if you want to attract an audience, if you want to attract
customers to your product. Like I say, you, I, we’re
all a lot more savvy to the methods and we
don’t like being sold to but at the same time, we do respect or we do have an interest in things that are of value, that are gonna be useful to us, so we do want to hear
about these products, we do want to be told about them even if it’s subliminally because inevitably there are some things that you might want to buy that might make your life easier. I question a lot of those when it comes to technology, I have to say but there are thing that
could make your life a little bit more interesting, a little bit more colorful. So you do want to know about them. So in order to know about them, quite often now it is just simply a case of having these things
remarketed at you online. So all of these methods are very simple, they’re very simple to do but you have to learn how to do them, you need to understand
how the technology works. So the biggest investment you can make when it comes to creating
an online business, is definitely in your education and actually once you’ve
got that education, you probably don’t need
to spend anymore money. I mean, there will be things that you want to attach to your business. There’s a website that now is much easier to be able to create yourself. You’ve only gotta look at things like Wix, a very simple website design service and various others that really charge you a negligible amount in order to set up your own business. You don’t need to go to
a web designer these days to have them do it for you for a few grand. You can do it yourself. It’s probably the easiest time now to create a business and the easiest way to
create a business these days is to create something online because there’s less setup costs but going back to that investment, it really is about
investing in your education. That is number one key. So for me, as a lowly recruiter for many, many years, I had to invest in my education to understand how to set
up an online business and I did that via The Six Figure Mentors, an organization I’ve promoted previously and they continually
educate me and amaze me and aside from the education, they are a personal development business. They help you gain confidence, they help you develop the skills, not only your online
skills but life skills. They also provide an amazing community as I’ve mentioned before in other videos of like-minded folks doing
exactly the same thing or willing to help each other. Anyway, that aside, I’ll
drop a link for that in my description below. Evolution of Dave signing off with another ramble (chuckling). Anyway, I hope you enjoyed
it, speak soon, bye bye.

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7 thoughts on “Starting An Online Business? Invest In This First

  1. Is this a subliminal advert for selling bug/fly-spray? *Just kidding*. More interesting food for thought here and a nice nudge towards setting up my own business. Keep up the vids and hope all is well (or certainly better!).

  2. Thank you for this video!! Really useful. I would be very interested if you do more videos giving us tips about how to run an online business.

  3. Russell Brunson has put out some great stuff. Obviously it's all geared toward getting more customers for clickfunnels, but he doesn't do it in a sleazy way. There are cheaper ways to test funnels out, but clickfunnels does make it pretty much foolproof.

  4. Dave, so is your main business online, or is this a secondary stream of income. It always looks like you're heading out of a business centre when you start some of these videos. Looks like a great location.

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