Starting an Online Business – Must Do #11 of Starting a Business Online

Hi! In this video we’re gonna talk about
the “11th and Final Must Do’s” of your Online Business. And that is, “Watch The
Numbers Very Carefully.” It’s extremely important once you have the
business in place, once you have your automation process in place, you have your funnels, you’re
driving your traffic, you’re converting, your making your money that you watch extremely
close with what your numbers are. What numbers am I talking about? I’ll just
give you some specific once that you need to look at here. From at Traffic Perspective,
you need to focus very more so on “How much is it costing me per person that’s joining
my database?” From the Conversion Perspective, you wanna figure out “What percentage of
people that come to my opt-in page leave me their details?” And you focus on improving
that percentage. And from a Monetization Perspective, how you measure it, is one the tools which
I recommend is E.P. C., which is Earnings Per Click. So, if you send an email, the one you need
to work-out is well, based on that email, this is the amount of revenue I made, now
let me divide it by the amount of clicks that I received on the email to make that revenue. When you can work that out, you now know exactly
how well that product worked with that email that you sent. Now, there are many many more numbers you
need to keep an eye on but many times people forget that. They get stuck in the business.
Working in the business rather than working on it. If you want to take the business at the next
level, you wanna be monitoring it very very closely each of the numbers all of the time.
So, you’re the person moving the levers. Ok. So, that’s absolutely essential if you
wanna make the most out of the previous Ten Must Do’s you have put in place. Watch the
numbers very carefully. Ok. So, that’s it! We’ve come to the end
of the “11 Must Do’s of your Online Business”. I hope you enjoyed it. If you want to get
a convenient access to all eleven videos and the templates where I laid this out conveniently
for you in a PDF, all you need to do is go to the link below. Click on the link. And
I will get that over to you immediately!

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