Starting & Running a Karaoke Business : Picking a Name & Logo for a Karaoke Business

Hi, my name is Richard Buccola of Starlite
Karaoke here in New York City and on behalf of Expert Village, today we’re going to show
you how to start and run a successful karaoke business. Changing the world through music
one bar at a time. That’s the slogan I came up with, but before that I had to pick a name.
The name we came up with which is Starlite Karaoke and Starlight was already taken by
a guy in Britain or England so I just changed it around cause I really like the name Starlight
and I came up with Starlite and after that we shortly came up with this logo. This is
my logo and a lot of people in this neighborhood or the story of queens can really identify
with this cause I have this logo everywhere I can possibly put it. Also in the back I
have This is the name that I purchased 7 years ago, which I still
own and have the website for. Things that I do like this are some of the small things
that you’re going to need to do in your business. Once you have these things established, now
you can go out and get your business rolling. You can start telling people, I’m Starlite
Karaoke, when I get back I’m going to show you more in detail how the internet helped
me with advertising.

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