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Bloggers, social media marketers & small business
owners: How long does it take you to create branded images for your website and social
media? Probably a long time right? Especially if design doesn’t come naturally
to you. But the good news is that today we are going
to be talking about a tool that will do all the design heavy lifting, so stay tuned for
today’s product showcase. What’s good Sumo-lings, I’m Chrystie with
AppSumo & today we are talking about Stencil which is a tool that helps you create the
most amazing images ever. Stencil streamlines the process of creating
visual content for your brand. You have access to millions of photos & icons
that are built-in to hundreds of templates that are ready to use. The editor makes it so simple for anyone to
create beautiful images without having any experience in design. Let me show you how easy it is to create an
image with Stencil. In fact, you can do it under 2 minutes. The first thing I’ll do is select an image
for my background. I have the option of uploading one of my own
or I can choose from over 2 million stock photos available in the Stencil library. Next, I’ll add my text and change the size
& the font. I can also change the color of the text by
using the color wheel, or using the color picker to select a color already found in
the image, or one of my saved colors in the palette. I can then choose from the hundreds of icons
available in the library and add that to my image. Add a watermark. And voila, I’ve created a social media worthy
image in no time. Now from here I can automatically share it
to my Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram accounts all from within Stencil. If you didn’t want to create your own image
from scratch, you can choose one of Stencil’s 750 templates that have been created in house
by a designer. Stencil also has a large selection of pre-written
quotes. Which means you can select a background and
add a famous quote easily in order to share on social media. I don’t know about you but ya girl loves
her some quotes on Instagram. So if you are ready to start making brand
images in minutes for your business then you’ll definitely want to check out Stencil!

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3 thoughts on “Stencil Review on AppSumo

  1. I wonder how this compares to Design Wizard. Got that LTD last year and it's been great.

  2. Looks like a really great app for quick designs and easy to use. I'm think I have an appsumo addiction.

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