Strategic Relationship Marketing (B409) Online Info Session

ADAM LAWRENCE: And off we go. So, hello and welcome again to
our Centre for Business online information sessions. I’m Adam Lawrence. I’m a recruitment specialist
here at the college and thrilled that you can join us today. We will also be
joined by Anne Iarocci who is the program coordinator
for the Strategic Relationship Marketing program. So, before we get into the
presentation I wanna get some housekeeping out of the way. You will not need to use your
camera or your microphone during the presentation so don’t
be concerned about that. In fact, I removed the option for
you to use them or turn those on. As long as you can see and hear
the presentation you are good to go. Also, please refrain from using
the little icon at the bottom of the screen that looks like a
little person waving their hand. This is for your ability to ask
a question or to indicate you have a question. Instead of using this we will be
using the chat function during the presentation. So if you have any questions you
can indicate that through chat and you can easily access that. It is the menu on the bottom
right hand side of your screen. You simply click the sideways
arrow there and it will open up the options and then you
just click on the chat bubble. There is a team here that is
monitoring the chat as we go through the presentation
and will happily answer any questions that they can along
the way but we will also have a short question and answer period
following the presentation. Now as I mentioned before, Anne
Iarocci is here with us today to present on the program but we
also have representatives from George Brown College
International Office as well as from the Centre for Business
to answer any questions again through chat. So actually while we’re on here
let’s look at the chat function and I am going to start off
by saying hello to everyone. And then I’m gonna ask where is
everybody calling in from today. So I am going to write Toronto,
‘cause that’s where I am. Hi International Centre representatives. So everybody wants to click
on that icon the bubble you’re welcome to join us
in the little hello. Hello Tanja. We’ll give that just a minute. Centre for Business. Hi Caroline from Toronto. From Mumbai. Amazing. Well that’s wonderful. You guys are welcome
to continue to do that. But we’re gonna start on
into the presentation. All right. So a little bit about the
college as a whole. We are a large college
with more than 30,000 students in almost 170 different programs. The majority of our programs
here at the college offer some sort of field placement
component allowing you the opportunity to get into
industry while still in class. And certainly when those ind–
when those students rather, finish and move into industry,
more than 90 per cent of the employers that they work with are
extremely satisfied with our graduates. George Brown does pride itself
on having a very active student community as well. There’s a number of student
initiatives and services to help you succeed at the college
from program orientations to athletics, student-friendly spaces,
soft-skill development programs and much, much more. George Brown College is the only
one of the GTA colleges that is located in the heart
of downtown Toronto. We have three main campuses
and three satellite campuses that support our students. Now the program we’re discussing
today is located at our St. James campus. It is the largest of our
campuses made up of approximately eight buildings
and located on King Street East which is a main
downtown thoroughfare. It’s very easy for you to
get to us by public transit; certainly in walking
distance to shopping, food and many attractions. The Strategic Relationship
Marketing program is part of our Centre for Business which has
post graduate programs across the four separate
schools that make it up, including the School for
Marketing which is where the program we’re talking
about today is from. So let’s get into the
information about the program, I’m now going to pass the reigns
over to Anne to take us through the Strategic Relationship
Marketing program. Anne, over to you. ANNE IAROCCI: Okay. Hi everybody. I’m Anne. So, Anne Iarocci
is my full name. So, I’m fortunate to have
the opportunity to lead this fantastic program. I get to work with a lot of
great faculty and administration and students here
at George Brown. In addition, I also actually
teach within the program. I’m currently in teaching the two
courses that you see on the slide: Marketing Management
and Marketing Research. So as the program coordinator
I get a ton of questions from prospective students and after
getting so many of them, I’ve started to see, you know, what
are the most common questions. So that’s kind of what I will
spend the most time talking about for the next few
minutes is, you know, the frequently asked
questions that we get about the program and hopefully that
will address your questions but if not, we will have a Q&A at the
end to pick up any questions I don’t cover off. Okay. So before I get
into the questions, let’s just kind of talk about
what this program is about. What is Strategic
Relationship Marketing? So it combines marketing acumen
with analytics to turn insights into leading strategic
marketing communication. If you’ve heard terms before
like CRM or customer experience, database marketing, those are
the kinds of things that we go deep into in this
particular program. Okay. So just some
logistics first off. First of all, how long
is the program? It’s a one-year program,
so 12 months. We have two semesters and
between those semesters there’s a work experience term. Okay? So, 12 months and you’re
done with the certificate. We have intake in
September, in January. So there’s two different times
when you could start the program and for each of those intakes
we take about 60 students. Some students ask me, you
know, can I do this part time? Not really. This is a full time program
so there’s not, you know, there’s not a part time option
for doing this program at this time. Okay. So let’s get into those
frequently asked questions. The first question, you know,
do I qualify for this program? Can I get in with, you
know, my qualifications? Well, what we require is one of
these three things that you see at the top of the slide. We require either a
college advanced degree. So at least a three-year college
degree or a bachelor degree or if you don’t have those,
relevant work experience so work experience in the marketing
field and we’d ask for a resume and references. Okay? So you’ve gotta have one
of those three things. And we do accept applications
from both domestic and international students. A lot of students also ask me,
you know, do I need to have a marketing degree or
marketing experience? No. It’s not required to have
marketing experience ’cause we do start at a very
foundational level. We start kind of assuming people
don’t have marketing experience so we start from there. That being said, if you do have
marketing experience at school or in a job that will definitely
be an asset because you will really hit the ground running. Okay. Another frequently asked
question that we get is well, what courses will I be
taking during those 12 months? Okay. So I know there’s a lot on this
slide but here’s exactly the courses that you would be
taking in your first semester. So first four months you’d be
taking these seven courses. Basically, within these courses
we’re laying the foundation for marketing and database marketing
in particular and kind of bringing you up to speed on
some soft skills for business. So that’s first semester. Okay. Then you go off on a
work experience term. So roughly four months
for work experience. I’ll talk about that in a
few seconds, okay? And then you’d come back for
another six courses where we go a little bit more in-depth and specific
on certain areas of marketing. So about this work
experience term. I, I get the question usually well,
what kind of work experience opportunities will be
available to me? Okay. So here’s a sample of companies
that have recruited for that work experience term
out of George Brown. This is just a small sample. There’s many more companies. So, you know, we get companies
across many different sectors: financial services, not-for-profit,
technology, creative industries and they recruit for a
number of different jobs. Okay? So they do recruit
at the school. It is the student’s
responsibility to secure the position but we do offer a
great deal of support for you. Okay? So, specifically, here’s how
George Brown supports you in, you know, getting
work term experience. In semester one, you’ll be
taking a work prep course, work preparation course that
guides you in terms of how to successfully write a resume,
a CV, how to do an interview, etcetera. We also have a career centre
that offers hands-on help in landing a job and they will also
post jobs from employers that are interested in
hiring our students. The other great thing about
the career centre is you can continue to access their
resources once you’re alumni so even after you’re gone
they’ll continue to help you. Okay? And the Centre for Business also
runs two career fairs a year and helps with things like speed
mentoring sessions with local employers to
enable you to network. Okay? So, like I said, it is your
responsibility to secure a job but we, we support
you in doing that. Okay. Another question we very often
get is will I get a job like, after the 12 months? Will I be able to secure
a permanent position? Okay. So I’m sure that’s on a lot of
your minds and we understand your concerns
about job prospects. We can assure you that
there’s definitely a demand for graduates from this program. In the college system we
constantly monitor the job market to ensure that our
programs respond to the needs of the industries we serve. So in that sense, regardless
of which program you choose, there’s a sector in Toronto’s
vibrant economy that needs qualified employees in the field. But no matter how
promising the job market is, everyone’s different, every
individual is different so whether you are successful
in landing a job within strategic relationship
marketing is largely, if not entirely dependent on
how much passion you have for it and how good you are in it. So if any school– I know
you might be looking at other schools so if any school tells
you you’re guaranteed a good job after graduation, don’t
believe that because employers, no matter how badly
they wanna hire you, they only hire qualified people;
people that are good at doing what’s required. So, in other words, if you have
a strong desire for success in this field and work hard to do
well in this program then there are definitely good employment
opportunities for you after you graduate. But we also don’t want to mislead
you with false assurances that within this program or any
program at the college you’re automatically gonna land
a job once you graduate. Okay. So those are my
frequently asked questions. At this point I may have,
you know, covered off for you what you wanted to
know or I may not have. If I haven’t, I’m gonna open
it up for questions right now. The other option if you don’t
want to ask the question right now, you can also email me. There’s my email address as you
see on the slide so you can also email me if you have a question. So anyways let me now
open it up for questions. So just– if you have a question,
just type it into the chat there and I’ll respond. Okay. Question from Tanya. Is there lots of group work? Okay. Good question. Yes, there is, there is
quite a bit of group work. You’re actually– one nice
thing about this program, you’re actually gonna be traveling
with the same group of people during the entire time you’re here. So you’ll be– you’re gonna
really get to– get to know a lot of people and network with
them for the solid 12 months and you’re definitely gonna get to
know them well because we do have a fair amount
of group work here. Okay? There’s quite a few projects
in various classes where you do work with the
group of, you know, on average about four people,
sometimes on real client issues or just, you know, cases. So there is a fair
amount of group work. There’s definitely some
individual work but you will spend a good amount of time
working with groups which is a valuable skill
for the job market. It’s gonna be like that when you
start working so we try to mimic that. Okay. I’m seeing another
question here from Caroline. How many days a week should
we expect to be in class? So, you’ll be in class
four days a week, okay? There’s one day off and then the
other four days you’ll be here. The days that you’re here
it’s not a solid 9-to-5 day. The days you’re here you’ll
probably be in class on average like six hours those days, okay? And four days a week. Okay. Katrina. I am wondering when the schedule
for the semester one will be available? Okay. So I think you’re asking about
the schedule in terms of dates and times for classes. I’m actually not sure about
the exact date that’s posted. Just one second. I’m gonna see I can– Joshua might
be able to answer that for us. One sec. Just getting an answer. Okay. Here’s the answer. Class schedule will be available
by late November when you register for Winter ’19. Okay? So if you’re starting class in
January– let’s say you start class January, you’re gonna
get your schedule November 2019. Okay. You’re welcome. Okay. So, I’m having a
question from Martasa. What is the daily
timing of the course? Okay. Every day’s a
little bit different. You’ll see that when
you get the schedule. The earliest the classes will
start will be eight o’clock in the morning. Okay? So you’ll have some eight
o’clock classes and the latest will be 6:00 p.m. But like I said, every day
is a little bit different so potentially between
8:00 and 6:00 p.m. Okay. Shawn is asking a question. So work term is in summer if
you start program in September? No. If you start the– if you
start the program in September, your work term’s in January. January till May. If you start– sorry,
January till April, sorry. If you– January till April
if you start in September. Okay? Okay. I’m seeing another
question from Martasa. Which study materials will be
provided and in what format? Okay. So, like I said, every course is
gonna be different in terms of the materials that you need. Some courses will require
you to purchase a textbook, some will not. Some courses will require you
to purchase a case, some not. So it’s gonna vary by the course
but there will be– there will be certain needs for you to like,
purchase textbooks for certain courses. Okay? Okay, coming back to
Shawn with another question. Does this program differ much
from Sport and Event Marketing? Yes. This program is very different
from Sport and Event Marketing. So as, as the name indicates,
Sport and Event Marketing are really focused on understanding
the sports industry and, you know, doing marketing– yeah,
doing event marketing and we don’t really– that’s
not at all the focus. We might touch very lightly on
that, if at all, in our program but we don’t go into any depth
on sports and event marketing. Sport and Event Marketing, they
also don’t go as deep into the analytical side of marketing;
they don’t go deep at all into the CRM side of marketing,
that database. They don’t go into that. So, the programs are
actually quite different. And Shawn, I can see that you’re
considering both programs and if you wanna take it off-line
with me to discuss like, you know, both programs I’m
happy to do that with you if you need some help
making that decision. Okay. Coming back to Martasa. Do I need a personal laptop or
will college provide the same or is there option to hire
one from college itself? Okay. So the college does have a computer
lab that you’re welcome to use. We don’t rent you a laptop. You might be able to
get one for like a short, you know, for a few hours but
you don’t get to rent one for the whole semester. So you– if you do want a laptop,
you– you’re best to bring one– your own. Okay? We don’t give you one. Okay. Laptop– so, sorry. I can see somebody
else answered that. Okay? So it’s not required. We have a computer lab. It’d make your life a little bit
easier though (laughing) to have a laptop. Any– good questions, guys. Any other questions? Anything else? Okay. Last chance. Okay. Another question. What type of jobs do we see
graduates get after completing the program? So, like I said, it’s actually
a wide range of jobs that students get. Naturally most of the jobs end up
being in the field of marketing, naturally but the jobs that
students have gotten most recently and most often are
things like marketing analyst, database marketing analyst,
some people go into social media marketing, a few people will go into
the creative side of marketing. But because this certificate is
very heavy in the analytics side, most students seek jobs in, you
know, as marketing analysts. Do we need to know language
skills like SQL or similar for data mining and
modelling course? No. So we’re going to assume when
you start here that you don’t have those skills. So, like I said, we’re gonna
start you at ground zero. So you will be okay
not having anything. That being said, if you already
bring those skills it’ll be an asset. Like I said, you’ll get to kind
of hit the ground running if you have those but it’s
not a requirement. Good questions, guys. Anything else? We have a few more minutes
if you are thinking of anything else to ask. Okay. Good? Okay. So, to be– oh, okay,
one more question here. Which computer apps
will we be using? Okay. So, the computer apps that are
currently– that we currently use in this program are: Excel,
advanced Excel, Access, Environics, you’ll use
a– it’s– it may be changing but we’ll be using an on-line
survey tool like Survey Monkey. It may be changing to Qualtrics. SAS and I think that, yeah, I
think that covers them off. Okay? Okay. But one other– sorry,
one other caveat to that. Now, we’re constantly updating
our program ‘cause this is a field that’s dramatically
changing so when you arrive here, it’s possible there may be
additional apps that I haven’t mentioned yet ‘cause like I said,
we’re constantly updating and bringing in new things. That could change. Okay. One last question. Oh, last one. Okay. Good. Okay, guys. So, you will be receiving a
survey– a link to a survey. There is it. You can actually click right
on that link in your chat box. We would really appreciate if
you could fill out that survey. It’s really quick. So if you could fill out
that survey first of all. The other ask we have is you’re
gonna be receiving an email from us about the program. There’s some great videos
about the School of Marketing, about George Brown as a whole so I
recommend you watch those videos. You can get a bit
more information. And like I said, anything
that you haven’t asked, please feel free to email me. I’ll get back to
you within 24 hours. Oh– Before we let each other go,
I do see two more questions though. Is most of the work on-line? Caroline, not quite. I don’t know what you
mean by that question. If you’re asking are the lectures
are gonna be on-line, no. The lectures will be in
a classroom environment. That being said, we do have an
on-line learning platform where we post– for every class, the
teacher will post stuff on there like, often teachers will post the
lecture slides or articles or some, you know,
professors might have group, you know, group interaction there,
but the actual lectures will be in a class environment. Okay. Caroline is asking– following up
by that she means course kits. Some courses. There will be course
kits posted on-line. Other classes, no, it’ll be
a textbook that you can actually go buy
in the bookstore. Though there’s often a chance
for you to buy that on-line. Okay. Shawn Murphy has
another question. Do you have an on-site
info session coming up? Yes. We have an on-line info session
about the School of Marketing. I’m not sure. Joshua is gonna respond
on the date for that. So just one second. An answer is coming. Okay. The next campus info session
is November 7 but again, that info session’s not
just about this program. It’s gonna talk about the
School of Marketing as a whole. So other programs
will be covered off. Okay? Any other questions? Okay. Okay. So, we are done. Just one sec. We are done the
info session formally. I’m just gonna stay on-line for
a few more minutes if any– oh, you’re welcome. If any of you think of
something else you wanna ask, you’re welcome to ask me now
right now but for those of you that have things to do, you’re
welcome to hang up now and I’ll address any other questions that
come in, in the next few minutes. Thanks everybody. Really appreciate you attending
and hope to see you in January or September. Take care. [no audio]

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