Strip Club Fried Rice in LA: Chef’s Night Out with Night + Market

being in Thailand is a thirteen-year-old it’s sort of like an home alone you know you go wild you do whatever you want you know hanging out in the red-light district you know going to bars having pictures of you know whatever stupid mixed drink that that’s what I know you know I don’t know culinary school I went to titty bars as a thirteen-year-old and ate the food that they had out front eating and drinking in that way was really what informed like what we do now and I’m are good I’m Christian memory and I’m the chef and owner here at night market song and Silverlake here in Los Angeles I always wanted a place that was like the neighborhood diner or like a neighborhood bar I think of night market like equally is a place to go drink than a place that has good food you know food at night markets I don’t know it spans a lot of different kind of traditions or a lot of different threads and Thai cooking you know it’s true like a lot of it is street food but you’re also gonna have a lot of I don’t know what you want to call like home cooking sort of stuff you know we now have mall food we have like strip club fried rice because we find it a lot in the red-light district first dish we got is some time taught right so that means fried papaya salad people have called it like our version the bloomin onion but the truth is it’s not our version really at all it’s a dish that I first had in a little town called the Continental it’s a little town sort of northwest of Bangkok and I have a lot of family there yeah I think I yeah yeah looking power oh we lay him out of line it’s crazy just might my grandma and my dad popping in out of the blue not that it’s not heard of but you know it’s like they have no idea what we’re up to right now and you know they just popped in because they want to show their friend who’s here from the East Coast you know what we’re up to we’re talking about like what they get a hat and he’s like oh you should show them the rule you know like the blood soup and stuff and I’m like yeah if he’s down you know but nine out of ten people are gonna be like I don’t want this you know so now we’re gonna do Lou it was so Lou is a dish of raw blood it’s definitely not for everybody even in Thailand it’s usually in terms of my family you know the older sort of more derelict drunk uncles and that’s the demographic for this sort of food I don’t know of any other restaurant in the states that makes this I mean you can die from eating the raw version you know but we do it anyways my dad opened talisay Thai restaurant on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood in 1982 and he brought my grandma over to be the original chef I think part of me you know like deep inside I always felt like I would be involved in the family business in some way but you know you always want to get as far away as possible to like what you grow up with I think and I really wanted to be a photographer so in 2000 I moved to New York and went to NYU for film school senior year at NYU I saw a poster in one of the hallways for the films of Richard Kern man this guy is you know he was one of my heroes growing up so I went I thought I gotta ask him if I can work for him so my first job for Richard was I would edit these old porno tapes that he had first job out of college you know like 21 year old guy shooting naked chicks like that was the best job I could ever ask for and I ended up working for him for like four years so that’s kind of where I’m coming from [Music] so we’ve been so slammed here recently I don’t know I was just thinking it would be a nice time to go out with a couple friends as we decided to go to some of our favorite spots around town Sara’s my fiance we run the restaurant together I always tell people it’s a mom-and-pop operation you know she’s a mom I’m a pop kamila is is a good friend of ours kamila writes for Eddie Wong’s new show fresh off the boat Adam Kerlin is one of my best and oldest friends he’s like a documentary filmmaker and he’s just an all-around playboy he claims that he’s settling down right now but I don’t buy it let’s go [Music] first stop we’re going to borrow ma the best number one restaurant in LA as far as I’m concerned it’s a my buddy Josef Centeno and this is his grandma’s tex-mex [Music] thanks for having us mr. Varma it is the food that Joseph grew up with in San Antonio it’s tex-mex but it’s filtered through a guy who’s cooked for every like every big chef there is but you know he’s cooking queso he’s cooking puffy tacos he’s making food that you want to have a 2:00 a.m. you know drunk you should pick a couple things and just let him send out a couple things my name is Josef Centeno this is my restaurant there’s not a lot of tex-mex out here and it’s just really my take on the food that I grew up with which I guess is unique to me in that sense a little bit of the queso and Teresa thank you so this is your first time here yeah I only tried queso for the first time this summer in Austin and I was like this is why people love America here’s the buggy move all right you gotta take this right here Pebble Creek right let’s take some of this and you got to make you know your own thing you know what I mean so here we have braised beef belly it’s a really marbled beef belly that we slow roast in chilies we add a little olive oil queso fresco and chopped onion a little bit of radish a little bit of pomegranate and some tomatillo and we have the beef belly super good really we arranged a little little miss cow situation we would love to do a mess called flame you know what is that the lamb belly or the lengua beef belly belly holy moly I’m already destroyed we need a reason to party holy my life sweetie shot number two I love you guys I’ll see you in Hell well after this we’ll definitely all be there that’s a beautiful bling right there I’m done I’m in pain shouting or miss ball oh wait when we’re taught Bucky I’m gonna first to go alright now ready to go now you do yours baby what do you think of a case oh the case on was legit man that mess call flight yeah gather it destroyed me next stop elleny get some oysters get some wine girl a little fun too next we went to L&E oyster bar another one of my favorites you know I can’t think of like a better room in LA you know it’s like one of the top just rooms in general not even restaurants just one of the top places to be creme you Dustin and the guys who own it you know or super good friends and colleagues of ours thanks for having us man this is the best that looks dangerous we go clockwise from 11 6 cumbia eyes from Baja we have 6 Shikoku here from Washington 6 Mutual’s here from Massachusetts and 6 tomahawks from New York Melanie always has the best and freshest oysters in LA and you think about something like oysters and it’s it’s similar to sushi you know if you think about a sushi restaurant like all these guys are pretty much getting their fish from the same market but why is one sushi place better than another you know it’s like it’s it’s a bunch of different things it’s a selection of oysters how they store the oysters making sure they’re shucked perfectly you know they’re pristine just having the classic sort of accoutrement you know like having the mignonette having the cocktail sauce and the horseradish hits the spot and I like that you know I like places that do quote unquote simple things but done well that’s the sort of place I want to go to one when I’m out on the town I guess is working for Sarah in the bathroom puking probably she she’d getting rid of to jettison her alright we’ve had our oysters we’ve had our rows a I’m at half-mast let’s go get some lap dances [Music] where’s my princess Isis sparkling water for you so she was sort of hurting at that point you know that amount of tequila you know with the miss Gao with the beer that we had beforehand and then you know like the bottle or so Prosecco that we polished off before we left I mean that could do anybody and that could do the best of us in what a cheetah’s come on let’s go my little baby now we’re off to cheetahs I’m gonna make it rain and like El Nino mamma seatbelt me if we had a short if we had to stop for yeah we’re good two dudes five chicks four dozen oysters two bowls of queso five pounds of me I’m blitzed [Music] all right yes like that Sara’s hanging you know Sara’s gonna hang out for a little bit I mean it was the mascot there Chris is a recommendation of us each having a mess call flight of our own all right let’s just go see what’s doing in here and the world’s famous cheetahs you know I can’t think of a better place to spend a Thursday night I’m happily on fianc you know I’m about to get married next year you know and it’s not even about going and sort of creeping out or perfect on these girls but yes Sara loves it too you know like we go in together we have a good time unfortunately you know she was out of commission at that point but I knew that she wouldn’t hold it against me if I went in and hung out with the gals you know and they’re all her friends anyways – so it’s all good man I love titty bars you know I mean I don’t want to make it seem like I’m going in every week cuz honestly all I do is I come into work you know I do my thing maybe I have a drink after work and then I go home and then I do it all the next day you know going to the red-light district when I was younger with all my friends it was never about sleazing out you know it’s never about like going because we were little horn dogs or whatever you know like we would go and just hang out with prostitutes just drink with them and just I don’t know just like have fun and you know party with them and I don’t know there was there were like older sisters or something there cool chicks in general and they’re doing you know they’re doing what they do best you know just like I try to do what I do my best um yeah I love it you know I feel like night market could be a titty bar just we don’t have strippers but we have everything else that goes with it you know let’s go guys are you guys hungry at all or what yeah are you a rhetorical question are you offering something I’m offering pies strip club fried rice buffet sir really is it on is it on your own naked body it’s on someone’s naked body holder holder alright let’s some night there [Music] I remember feeling I’m the young again there is everybody holy it’s a party happening here it’s come from there nah man after a couple hours of running around even in my favorite spots I thought I’d be either passed out in a pool of vomit or just you know like I don’t know but I somehow got the urge and I called up last minute I texted a bunch of people not even food people you know some restaurant people but just all sorts of Darrel X I wasn’t so much hungry myself but when I see a room full of people ready to party I’m thinking how can I not feed them they’re in my house [Applause] all right I’m gonna go cook I think there’s 5060 guys up in here last night and there’s no way I was gonna do that by myself so I had to enlist my good friend Noah he cooks at Bloods O’s I put on him on the wings he’s not as well-versed he’s not as skilled in the kitchen as Noah he’s more about you know he’s the heart guy I figured let me give him something kind of low-impact so I told him in the fry up some chicken wings and he was able to handle that who’s hungry [Applause] we need some of that Maggi sauce man someone hit a thing welcome everybody and we’re glad to have you all here you know we’re glad to be in the neighborhood and we make a fried rice we fry up some chicken wings and we make up these little wiener blossoms everybody grab a plate I set up a little buffet because all these knuckleheads here you know it’s not about to be a sit-down meal so we set up our own little stripper buffet and we had everybody just help themselves [Music] overall I think it was a success because people had smiles on their faces people were drunk people were partying having that strip club fried rice kept a couple people from vomiting on my floor I think anytime I come back to the restaurant in the morning and there’s no vomit to clean up that’s sort of a success like it’s really good yeah it’s good man yeah I can’t complain I can’t complain yeah awesome place [Music] you

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