Student Testimonial: Kory Li Class of 2020

I’m from Chicago, Illinois, but I just moved
from San Francisco, California. I chose Rice really for two reasons. Number one, I wanted a school with stellar
academics, which Rice does in spades. Number two, I love the small class size. You know everyone in your class and everyone
in the class before you. I feel, at Rice, what gave me a sense of belonging
is the clubs. I am the current president of Wine Club, as
well as a member of the Energy Association. I think through these student clubs, we’re
able to take our MBA experience and make it our own and really direct the direction of
Rice Business. I like Houston for its people. Everyone here wants to be here, and everyone
is so tight-knit. From the Rodeo to the brewery scenes, everyone
is so supportive of each other, it’s absolutely amazing, you cannot find this anywhere else. I would say come and visit. You can only know so much from rankings, you
can only get so much from U.S. News. I think you have to come in and sit in on
a class, listen to the questions and listen to your peers – or your potential peers – talk,
because that is going to be your network and that is going to be the environment you’re
going to be living in for two years.

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