Study Is My Business

I’m sitting alone in my office thinking about
my next case. The good news is I know the client well; the bad news is that client is
me so I am not making a profit. Darn, I’m not very good at this. Finals are coming up
and I need a place to study. I take a short walk to give myself some time to think. Ellis
library isn’t a bad idea, with quiet zones on 4 floors I can study without being bothered.
Ellis library also has group study rooms that I can reserve online. For that matter so does
the student center. Now if only I had a friend to study with. Besides Ellis, there are several
other libraries that have areas for students to read and study. It’s a cold dark night,
and Francis Quadrangle is as empty as my notebooks. Man! I should really get around to studying.
It’s nice up here. I can look out and see endless study space possibilities, like the
public library, restaurants with wifi, a café, or another café, or another another café. The student center is not bad. Down here there is a nice quiet area to read, comfy chairs;
I can do some real studying down here. Excuse me! Yes?! I have a test in the morning would you please
not narrorate? Oh yea! Sure! Thank you! Well after a nice long walk I might be ready
to put up my feet and… I SAID BE QUIET! Study.

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