Study Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship at DeVry University

name is Abel Moreno, and I earned my bachelor’s
degree in business administration with
a specialization in a small business management
and an entrepreneurship from the College of
Business and Management. CHRIS ROE: It’s for those
students who really want to start their own business. It also helps those students
that want to be interpreneurs, those individuals that want to
help their current companies grow, come up with new
ideas, new projects to make their
companies successful. FELICE DAVIS: Really the
most important thing to me when I first started with
this concentration was taking the computer courses. I could not wait to take Excel
and the business database classes just so I knew how
to do those things to teach other people how
to do those things. ABEL MORENO: I took math. I took accounting,
finance, marketing. FELICE DAVIS: Budgeting and
forecasting was really great. I use that every
year, twice a year. I’m responsible for putting
together my operating budget, and everything that goes
into that for my division. ABEL MORENO: Every time I
took a class, a customer it was the main focus. FELICE DAVIS: Whether it’s the
e-commerce class, the marketing class, the budgeting
class, you’re really getting a full picture. CHRIS ROE: They have an
idea, and our curriculum helps them generate that idea. And when it’s all
said and done, they have a business plan
ready to implement, ready to send to
financial institutions to get financial backing. ABEL MORENO: The
professors are really experienced with what they
teach here at DeVry University. CHRIS ROE: They
know what it takes, and they share that
with our students. I think it makes our
program here really unique for our students. FELICE DAVIS: Every single
person, when you walk through, from the security person to
somebody in the Dean’s office, they’re going to really
help you through your day. ABEL MORENO: These days,
things are moving fast. A high school degree
doesn’t cut it anymore. You have to have some
college experience. And with a degree,
which I noticed, you were able to
get more interviews, more people are
interested in you, and you have more
options available. FELICE DAVIS: I have been
promoted to managing director of our corporate art division. I have a staff of nine people,
and I see really great things happening.

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