Stunning Custom Made to Order Metal Bottle Opener Business Cards | My Metal Business Card

Hey everybody, Craig here from! Today I am holding in my hand a 1.5mm thick stainless steel bottle opener that we’ve produced for the Anchorage Museum. Now, this bottle opener, like all of our products, was made to order. The design is the standard business card dimensions with the bottle opener function in the center, here. This is so sturdy that you can’t bend this material. I mean, this is really thick stainless steel. But, it will fit in a wallet, just like any type of business card. The elements on the surface here: you’ve got black and silver. The black is screen printed on the surface and the silver was etched with a laser. Now, seeing as, again, everything is made to order, all of this can be customized. And if you’d like to see additional metal bottle openers, visit our website! It’s We look forward to seeing you there!

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