Systemise your Business with Google Sites & G Suite | Customer Testimonial – Shop My Town

– I’m Melody Jarvis and
I founded Shop My Town as a way to promote and grow
local shopping in small towns. And our vision is actually to save small towns for
the future of our children. So, it’s very exciting and a big vision. And we’ve been going for 18 months and the last sort of 10 months we’ve been using itGenius. So, before we had used Google Sites, we’re starting to develop our systems as we have a vision to scale and it’s going to be
a big people business. We need to have really
good standards in place for everyone to operate by. And Google Sites enabled
us to build something that people can use remotely, they
can use in our office here, and we put video within that. We use a really simple
system of how to do it task and it’s enabled our business whether we’re having a meeting or whether we’re training
a new salesperson they all learning exactly the some thing and they’re able to follow
a system and a way of how we operate at Shop My Town. I haven’t seen anything
else really on the market. I spent quite a bit of time looking. I haven’t seen anything else
that’s as easy to implement. And as easy to use on an ongoing way. Having itGenius set it
up at the beginning, is what made the difference for us. I don’t think we would have
used Google Sites without them. It’s been a wonderful relationship. They’re customer service and the way they’ve
looked after is ongoing. The training videos,
everything that they present, it’s a total package. So, I just dive in and start. This is a technology that
underpins your business and takes you forward. So, it’s not possible for us to have got to this kind of level of being so sure in our
systems without Google Sites. So, I would just dive in
and get started (laughs). (techno music)

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