Talking Tom and Friends – Fishy Business | Season 2 Episode 24

Hurry! We don’t want
to miss the grand opening of the hippest slushy store in town! I want to be the first in line
to try their amazing color combinations! -And I want to try their blue.
-Uh, that’s a missed opportunity. I’ve found that the real test
of a slushy artist is if they can handle
the simple elegance of blue. [“Land Of Hope And Glory” playing] Congratulations, you’re being promoted – to intern! Do I get to press the secret button
that makes the elevators get stuck? [CEO] Even better. You get to be in charge
of cleaning my beloved Goldie’s fishbowl. Wait, but that’s physical labor. Can’t you get a robot to do that? You need the caring hand of a person
to clean a fishbowl. I’m trusting you to be that caring hand. Or else! -I’m off to golf and have meetings.
-No, Uncle CEO. Good luck, Darren.
Or, as I’ll now call you… Intern! Doh. This is a waste of my talents, fish. No, no, no, no, no! Ooh! [sobbing] [Angela] Mm! This slushy is amazing! I like blue. Ah! Another day when
I don’t stray out of my comfort zone! Ew! Huh? -Oh.
-Oh. ♪ Wa-oah ♪ [Ben] So the fish literally
fell out of the sky? -Like a fish angel. But not an angelfish.
-This is so unfair! The only thing that ever fell into a cup
I was holding was a bug. [Hank] It’s not so great, Ginger. My slushy was ruined, and by the time we got back to the store
the line was around the block. How could this have happened?
Was someone testing a fish catapult? It’s a mystery.
And so far, the fish isn’t talking. There is something familiar about it. Hm. -Are you going to keep it, Hank?
-No way. My life is complicated enough without a
fish coming in and shaking everything up. I don’t even know how to take care of one.
What kind of food do fish eat? -Fish food?
-Where am I gonna get that? Sorry, buddy.
You and I are gonna have to part ways. Don’t look at me like that.
It’s what’s best for both of us. Go on, shoo! Get out of here. Aw. Hey, I got something! -Oh, just another bug!
-[buzzing] I made a “found fish” poster.
Do you think I should ask for a reward? Huh? Oh, sorry, Tom. Me and Orangeie here were waiting to see
if this show had any sharks – to give her something to look up to. Orangeie? You named the fish
that you’re getting rid of? I’ve been thinking it might not be so bad
to keep Orangeie around. And I’ve been studying up
on the proper care of these creatures. -Here you go, Orangeie.
-Someone might be looking for that fish. We should at least put these posters
on some of these telephone poles. Tom, Orangeie isn’t a guitar lesson
or a used sofa. She’s a friend. A best friend, you say? Well, it’s a little early for that, but
things are definitely looking promising! Huh. [happy music playing] [laughs] [laughing] Yes! Huh? Oh! [Hank] Guys, this fish
has changed my world. I’ve got to admit,
she really brings out the best in you. And it’s nice
that you’ll have something to do while me and Tom are busy running
a company, and being in relationships, and when I’m winning science awards,
and Tom is mayor. -I know, right? Now we’re all busy.
-[Ginger] Guys? You might want to check out
what’s happening on TV right now. Ladies and gentlemen, it is with a heavy heart that I tell you that my beloved Goldie has gone…
missing. -Oh, I feel bad for him.
-[gasp] [inaudible] Uh, Hank,
when the fish fell into your cup, were you walking past
the CEO’s building? -Hm, hard to say.
-I think we were by his building. But why do you– [gasp] Oh, no! Goldie hasn’t been seen
since my intern cleaned her bowl, which he repeatedly assures me went fine. Right, it was a textbook bowl-cleaning. I think it was… fish thieves. Fish thieves?! This keeps getting worse. What are you all talking about?
Am I missing something? -Hank, that’s not your fish.
-Huh? It’s the CEO’s fish! [big gasp] Uh-uh! His fish has an entirely different
color-based name! Right? I don’t cry,
but I’ve hired a man to cry for me so you’ll all understand
how much I miss my fish. [sobs] This pathetic man
is a reflection of my heart. So if you know anything,
please help me get my Goldie back. Cry harder! I’m really sad. [sobbing] Look at those pictures.
It’s the same fish. We have to do the right thing
and bring her back. Yeah. You’re right. We’ll have to bring her–
Orangeie, run! Run! -[Tom] Wait!
-[Angela] Hank, put that down! Uh, Hank? If we don’t give the fish back,
we’ll be forever branded as fish thieves! No! Orangeie is my friend. So I’m just
going to have to tell the CEO – N.O! Oh. They don’t want us to be friends,
but we only need each other! See? We’ll watch TV on this. We’ll build a whole life in here together. Come on! It’s on every channel. What are you doing?
Why are you swimming towards the CE– Oh. Ooh. [lock rattles] Guys? I talked to Orangeie and well… -I’m ready to bring her home.
-[Tom] Okay, good. Now, all we have to do is figure out
how to get that fish back in its office. [Tom] Angela, you’ll drive up to
the building in a seafood delivery truck. Meanwhile, Ben will “happen” to be
in the lobby for a meeting dressed as an aquarium employee.
Now, as everyone knows, when aquarium people and seafood people
see each other, everyone expects a fight. So, the distraction will draw
the receptionist away from her desk, giving me and Hank a four-minute window
to enter the CEO’s office. [Angela] Wait a minute! What if you tell
the CEO the truth about what happened? It’s not like you did anything wrong,
and he said he just wants his fish back. Oh, yeah. That might be easier. [sad music] Come on. Can we make it quick?
Because my heart is telling me to run. -Oh!
-[Tom] Hello? CEO? We have your fish! Huh? Goldie! Is it really you?! It’ll be okay, Orangeie. Promise you’ll remember me
whenever you fall out a window. [Tom] It turns out the fish fell out of
your window and landed in Hank’s drink. [laughs nervously]
You know how that goes. Oh, sweet Tom.
You don’t have to tell me anything. Because nothing you say is going to stop me from revenging on you
like I’ve never revenged before! What?! But you said on TV
you just wanted the fish back. Oh, I wanted two things.
I wanted Goldie back. And revenge! I bet they stole Goldie so they could
bring her back and be heroes. This fish may have stolen my heart,
but I would never steal this fish. You boys are going to jail. And not the nice jail I would go to
if I ever, say, punched a king. No, you’re going to regular jail. -Grr.
-Agh! Wait! -Huh?
-Orangeie’s trying to tell us something. She’s scared of Darren. She’s rattled from being stolen! Oh, Goldie. You’re with friends now. Or Darren is the one
that dropped her out of the window! [gasps] That’s a lie! I was being careful
with Goldie, just like I’m being now! No! -Orangeie!
-No! No! -No!
-Goldie! No! [Tom] Oh, no! My inheritance! I mean, my uncle! We have to save Goldie! Hand her to me and then fall to your doom. Huh? -Orangeie!
-Ah! Ah. -Ah!
-So, it’s all true! You’re the only thing worse
than a fish thief. You’re a fish dropper. You’re fired from being my intern!
You’re back to just being Darren. No, Uncle CEO! Please! -[CEO] Get out!
-Oh, fiddlesticks. Uh! And you two –
you saved my fish. And as a sign of my gratitude
I won’t call security for 30 seconds. Let’s go, Hank.
Come on. I’ll buy you a slushy. No, I don’t think I’ll be drinking
any slushies for a long time. -Too many memories.
-What’s that, Goldie? You can’t really mean that. -Wait!
-Huh? Maybe someday you can see Goldie again. -Really? Do you mean it?
-Wow, CEO. Looks like there’s some kindness
in your heart, after all. [happy tune] Huh? Wait, uh, that… seems inaccurate. -Time’s up, Tom. Security!
-Let’s go, Hank. Same as always? Blue? Nah, blue is for people
who won’t leave their comfort zone. I think I’m ready to try red.
Or yellow. Or what about orange? No, mauve. Or plaid. Aw.

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