Thank God for the Internet

[music] Silent Retreat. The Netherlands.
9 – 14 August 2018 Thank God for the Internet
(with subtitles) 13 August 2018
Satsang Excerpt [Questioner] Namaste.
[Mooji] Namaste. [Q.] Thank you Mooji.
I thought you selected me before, so I came. [Q.] I apologise.
[M.] It’s fine. Don’t apologise. [Q.] I have something to report
and then I want to ask a question. [Q.] Thank you.
[Mooji] Thank you. [Q] Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you to you and your team for making all of this available on Youtube. And thank you God for the Internet! [Mooji] Yes.
[laughter and clapping] [Q.] This is my first live retreat. About a year and half ago
I lost my husband to cancer and you saved my life. I am so grateful! Thank you Mooji. [Q.] And thank you to your team
for making this available on Youtube. [Q.] Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! I am still on the pendulum. [M.] You are still what?
[Q.] On the pendulum. [Mooji] You think you are on the pendulum. On the pendulum means what? It must mean that,
when the pendulum swings in, you feel, ‘Aah! I am here. Hallelujah!’ [laughter] When it swings out, ‘Oh my God!
[laughter] I really am not there.
When am I going to find it?’ Then it swings in, ‘Aah!’ Then it swings out. ‘Oh my God.’
[laughter] So, something watches this. For a while, if you identify with these moods
and mood swings, you think, ‘Oh my God! Sometimes I feel I am there,
next time I am not there.’ But at a certain point,
something is there watching this pendulum, and it is not on the pendulum. [Mooji] Do you know this or not?
[Q.] Yes. [Q.] There is no sangha in my town. I live in the Bible Belt of the U.S. where there are all kinds of churches, but I couldn’t find any spiritual help. So again, thank you for Youtube videos.
Thank you. I work in an academic environment, so I get contaminated every day, pretty much. [laughter] So I follow your pointing,
‘Let life be your satsang’. And of course, I also got overdoses
of Youtube videos, seriously. That is all I do in my free time,
just watch your Youtube videos. Again I am so thankful.
I would never have imagined that the most difficult time in my life would also be the greatest blessing!
Thank you. [Mooji] Yes! I was coming to this. Because you may feel,
‘I have no sangha in my village’, ‘In my town, I have no sangha there’. You are the sangha there. You have nobody to speak to about it. And as you say,
you work in a very academic field and so it feels like
there are a lot of [mimics attacks on the mind]. Nevertheless, you are going to see, even that cannot damage the Is-ness. In fact, the Is-ness even supports it,
gives it life also. It is not giving life to the Is-ness.
You need not be afraid. At some point, you are going to see
you have no enemy in the world. You have turned everything around. Everything becomes your servant, an expression of the beloved, when you have conquered the egoic identity. While we are still under the influence of this, ‘Now here I go, I am swinging’ –
it is just identity. False identity is at the root of all suffering
on this planet! And nevertheless, it is not a decision
any single being started making. It is just like all the beings
living in the ocean are wet! All the beings who come into manifestation
get conditioned. We have to taste it,
and it feels like that is the world you know. And still something is working
to elevate the consciousness, even involuntarily, even if you say,
‘No. I don’t want to.’ Can you make a decision one day,
‘Today I am not going to experience’? No, it is not up to you! Even if you go into a cardboard box,
close it up and don’t see anybody, you cannot stop experiencing.
You cannot stop perceiving. And through this valve of perceiving, your internal world moves. You cannot run away from yourself. It will keep coming. Something is compelled to learn, to look, to move beyond every definition you put down. Something will break that boundary. The more you are open to this,
and here you have tasted, whatever level you may be at,
you have tasted the same thing, this sense of unbound something-nothingness in you. At one point, maybe somebody told you
about these things and you said, ‘It is hocus-pocus! Nonsense!’ But somehow, you are experiencing the feeling. Once recognised profoundly, and by continually
baptising the mind in this seeing, all your life is graced and blessed
by that seeing. It is not that you have to go
and fix this thing here and fix this thing there. It’s just one medicine for everything. In India, you often go into shops and see, ‘One medicine for everything’.
[laughter] I think Indians like this type of thing. In the pharmacy,
there is one cure for everything, everything, even a broken heart,
everything, it doesn’t matter, [laughter] cancer, arthritis, everything, anxiety, insomnia – everything! None of it is true. Only This is true! Discovering the Truth of your Self,
not the believed truth, the actuality of What Is, and honouring it,
bears instant fruit! It doesn’t matter. God has placed you perfectly
where you are, for now. You have to turn inward. There was one sangha member I can think of. She was in the support of the sangha, all of them love each other
and everything like that. Then one time we had to leave where we were in Monte Sahaja, to go to London. In those early days,
not many people were at Monte Sahaja. But she could not come, because she could not get a visa
to come to London, so she had to stay in Portugal. And I think it was for three weeks that
she had to stay. You know who I am talking about? Then after three weeks,
she could come to London for only one night, as a stopover on the way back
to the United States. When I saw her, I was very surprised! When we talked – ‘Phu!’
She was like a ninja, ‘Phu-phu!’ [laughter] I said, This is very good! How is it so good?
It was because there was no space to socialise. She had to focus and had to find this teaching, she had to find it here [heart],
not here [head]. And everything became focused! So, sometimes you are put in the place, actually, you are always in the place. Wherever you may find yourself, right there is a door to your inmost being. Don’t think, ‘Oh, I have no sangha!’ The Self doesn’t need any friends. If it puts you in this alone on an island, and there is only you, mosquitoes and crabs,
[laughter] that is going to be the perfect environment
for you to go inside and feel, ‘Thank you that I was alone
in such a way. I had to go in.’ [Q.] My family lives far away also,
so it was always like that, ‘Oh my gosh! I’m going to have to face
all this alone.’ Even the long process
of my husband dying very slowly, but it was, I feel, the best,
the greatest blessing too. And I am so thankful, so thankful! [Q.] I have no words to thank you Mooji!
[M.] Yes. It is very good. [Q.] My person is very anxious and hyperactive. I am the planner you always mention, [Q.] but all of that is slowly fading away.
[Mooji] Very good. [Q.] And I am so thankful
for the emptiness you have given me. It has been the greatest gift in my life!
Thank you. [Mooji] What a paradox! I gave you nothing! [laughter] [Mooji] And for that you are supremely happy. [laughter] If I give you something, ‘Thank you’.
[mimics discontent] I give you nothing!
And you say, ‘It’s so fulfilling!’ [laughter] ‘Thanks for nothing, Mooji!’ [laughter] [Q.] My question is,
so many years ago I lost my dad and through the years I have felt his energy. And in the Catholic upbringing, we learn about the angels
that are with us when loved ones die. But with the loss of my husband, it has been a little bit more difficult
to feel the energy, I guess,
because I am in this idea of the Oneness. I think I am a little stuck there. Was all this energy I felt from my dad
just imagined? Or is it actually real that
beings after they leave this world are still kind of with us? Or is it really just imagined?
I just want to … [Mooji] It is all true also, because when you are more in the state
of the relationship identity, it sustains that connectedness. Because death is not the death that we think of. You are not the one in the grave. So yes, their soul is still alive in that way. And whatever attachment and love
they may have had, it is much higher, it’s in a higher way. Maybe they come to be with the people
that they love or care about. As you evolve into higher states
of consciousness … [Q.] Yes, and … [Mooji] Don’t you want to hear
what I have to say? [laughter] [Q.] I don’t fear death anymore. I don’t feel bad for everything that happened. I am very sure my husband is doing well. [Mooji] Yes. [Q.] But sometimes I get stuck in this. Maybe it is more the mind, sometimes,
when it comes back. Maybe I want to hold onto this nostalgia
for the life we had together and I don’t want to let go of that. [Q.] And that may be sometimes what makes me get stuck with moving forward. [Mooji] When it brings you back into nostalgia,
it holds a shape, and also holds his spirit a little bit
in a kind of shape. Something wants to feel that connectedness also,
which is fine. Because it is not the same way that
things play on this plane. It is not that he is stuck with you. His being is much more broad than that,
much higher. So, for you, I am more concerned
that you don’t worry. Everything is fine. He is with his Lord.
That is fine. Don’t worry. You have now been opened somehow
to a much deeper thing than perhaps many people would have understood. They may still have a strong sense
of identity and individuality, and that is fine also. They continue in the stages of evolution
in this kind of way. But you have a chance to see from the place … Can there be an evolution inside the formless? You don’t have to think so much. Just let the question bring you
to yourself and see, Can you be more what you are? Or be less what you are not? Don’t calculate. Just be open to the all-possible. And honour that which is revealed in you. Just honour that. Be grateful for this. [Mooji] Be grateful for this.
[Q.] I am very grateful. [Mooji] I say this because it protects you
against any arrogance, and keeps a sense of humility,
which keeps your being very open. [Q.] I follow your pointing also
because of my anxiety, and every day going into work
in this very intellectual environment that sort of takes my energy away,
it helps in the … Though you say that it is good to be lazy, in the way that you mean,
to not just work and think. [Mooji] When you go into this, what you call, this intellectual environment,
academic environment, you don’t worry about any of these things. They are still beings, they are living beings who are the Is-ness also,
unrecognised at the moment, maybe. You don’t worry about that. You just be clear in yourself, carry on your work. You don’t know the miracles of the Supreme. [Q.] It helps, like every morning I have to discipline myself
to try to wake up a little early and to meditate a little bit, just be with myself, so then I get the energy for the day. [M.] This is very good!
[Q.] That was tough for me. [Q.] You say that may help some people.
So I tried it and it did help. [Mooji] Yes, but you are not a survivor. You are not here to survive. You are life itself
and the most beautiful life, actually. So don’t feel, ‘Oh, I am in the midst of this. I am surrounded by academics.’ [Q.] I don’t feel that anymore.
I used to in the beginning, [Q.] like, ‘What am I doing here?’ [M.] You come up in your brightness, You aren’t demonstrating anything.
You are comfortable in your own being. [Q.] All my relationships have improved
in the academic world. [M.] It has to be so, because no matter how much
we are conditioned by our environment, a true living being attracts us. Maybe it is a mirror that reminds people, ‘Whoa! I need to take it easy.’ One time you may be sitting in a restaurant having a cappuccino or something by yourself,
taking a rest, and somebody may just come over to you
and say, ‘Thank you so much’. ‘Sorry, do I know you?’
‘No, you don’t know me. But I was feeling very anxious in my mind. I was sitting here
trying to figure out the next move. And I saw you,
and you just seemed like a picture of peace. I don’t know. I couldn’t take my eyes off you. I just felt so peaceful! I felt like, “What is all this stuff going on?”
I am just so happy! So, thank you so much.’
‘OK, bye.’ [laughter] These things happen all the time. All the time! We go into a shop and maybe the shopkeeper
is in a bit of a mood and he yells, ‘What do you want?’ You say, ‘It is OK, you can serve him first.’
You sit there. ‘OK, what do you want?’
‘Can I buy something like that?’ Gradually you see he comes
and says, [in calm voice] ‘I’m so sorry. It has been a full day.
How can I help you?’ [laughter] You watch the change come over people so often, because their being begins to absorb something,
even unintentionally, and they feel calm again and say, ‘Ah!’ On some level they may not understand
what is happening, but they are benefiting from it. [Q.] There was one person I had to interview. He was just mad and attacking me,
but by the end of our conversation he invited me to go to his farm …
[laughter] [Mooji] All the time it happens. All the time! Because you don’t hold any hostility
in your heart. At a certain point, you are not going
to be able to hold any hostility. Your life becomes like a writing on water. You cannot read it five seconds later,
‘Where is it?’ It is gone. It doesn’t linger in holding onto memories,
beautiful or not. It is so fresh! It is so wonderful! I am so happy for you! What will continue unfolding, you stay and see. Keep looking and see what happens. I don’t ask anybody, Leave your life, go and live barefoot in the mountains. You don’t have any mountains here, anyway,
[laughter] you ride around [mimics riding on bicycles].
[laughter] Just like this, as you move, it infiltrates the life in such a beautiful way. It pervades everything, but gradually, gradually
as much as you can bear, because sometimes,
something may move so powerfully and you have to take time to catch up. Your beingness has to gradually stabilise and come into harmony with that. The impact can feel so strong.
Otherwise, it is just seeping in. And as I said earlier,
Life will keep sending you little clues. It could be the contact with someone and the mind is reacting a certain way,
but some intuition tells you, ‘No, don’t go like that, go with this’. You follow it and it just [exhales]
makes beautiful things happen. And you become more sensitive, more sensitised, to reading these subtle clues from God,
I would say like that. It is a very beautiful way of moving in life! [Q.] Thank you. Can I get a hug?
[Mooji] Yes. Come, come. [Mooji] Very great! Look at that! [Mooji] Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! [Q.] Thank you, thank you, thank you.
[Mooji] Wonderful. [Mooji] I am very happy to see you.
I am very happy to see you! Copyright © 2018 Mooji Media Ltd.
All Rights Reserved. No part of this recording may be reproduced without Mooji Media Ltd.’s express consent.

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