The #1 Reason People Fail In Online Business And Affiliate Marketing

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming you back to yet another video here on the channel where today
guys I want to talk to you about the number one reason that I see people fail
an online business guys I’ve been seeing this all over the place recently you
know I’m on Facebook in my face for groups I’m scrolling through senior
people are saying and I see this reoccurring theme with some people who
really aren’t succeeding they’re pretty much failing in their online business
and I see this happen in pretty much every aspect of online business whether
that’s affiliate marketing dropshipping social media management I see this
everywhere this even carries over to real life in some situations because
guys the number one reason I see people fail with online business goes way past
just the online world just the business world
it goes touches their mindset it affects everything that in their life but
because this is gonna be a quick video guys I’m just gonna come right out and
say it the number one reason that I see people fail with online business is they
give up too soon they quit right before they succeed they quit way too early
they didn’t give up they lose motivation and then they’re done this can happen
within like the first week two weeks whether it’s a month if people don’t see
immediate success then they’ll quit they’ll give up they
say hey I tried it didn’t work out so now I’m done but guys most online
businesses aren’t built in a week aren’t bolts in a month I’m online businesses
take six months guys I understand that making money online can be very
difficult it took me months just are my first dollar online but I’ve actually
made it and I all made more because I never quit I kept consistent every
single day at work I’d do whatever I had to do in order to succeed and that’s
exactly what you guys have to do to you guys cannot give up because you really
don’t know how close you are until you reach your end goal there’s so many
people that I see my Facebook groups all over the internet whether it’s forums
reddit anywhere they have their story they say hey I tried this it didn’t work
and I’m moving on to something else and a lot of people have this thing called
shiny object syndrome where they’ll jump from one thing to the next thing just
because the last thing didn’t work out as they planned it’ll jump from doing
affiliate marketing the Shopify drop shipping to email marketing all within
the course of three months never really taking the time to learn one to master
and to actually make it successful guys you’re not gonna start a business today
and it’s gonna be extremely successful making you a hundred thousand dollars a
year next month these things take time but the reason I see so many people fail
is because they don’t put in that time they’ll work like a week a month
like I said and then give up talking about way too early if you guys want to
succeed in online business and even in life you guys have to change your
mindset there you guys have to keep working even through the rough times
guys I’ve definitely hit some rough patches where I’m extremely emotive ated
I do not want to work that day I want to do nothing but lay in my bed all day but
you just gotta get up you got to work you got to put in that hustle like grind
hey guys I’m not saying you have to grind and hustle 24/7 because I know of
course this is big thing online where people hustle and work 24/7 and they
never sleep they never spend time with their friends or family they never go
out and there’s this weird thing behind that because nobody actually does that
if anyone’s gonna be transparent I’ll be the first one to say I don’t work 24/7 I
spend time with my friends family I go out I don’t spend all my time on my
laptop just working on my online business would it be a little bit more
successful if I did of course but that’s not humanly possible for most people I
shouldn’t feel guilty for taking a few hours off even a day just to kind of
refuel revamp and then continue on with your online business because everyone
has those days where they’re super unmotivated to do nothing but the
problem is when you have those days which turn into weeks those weeks turn
into months we just get absolutely nothing done in your online business
that’s where you become really super motivated because not making any
progress and then you just say hey forget it I’m done I quit and that is
the quickest way to failure guys you will 100% guarantee that you do not
succeed if you quit that’s pretty much the video guys like I said it was a
quick one I just saw this all over the place recently as how to make a video
about it but with that being said guys try to stay as motivated as you can keep
working even do the rough times and guys do not give up you never know how close
you are to hitting your end goal to really succeed in making as much money
as you want with all that being said guys my name is Anthony Villa I’ll see
you in the next video if you guys are new here please subscribe to the channel
for brand new videos every single day and I’m out peace you

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3 thoughts on “The #1 Reason People Fail In Online Business And Affiliate Marketing

  1. Hi, Anthony Ur right we have to hang n there if it didnʻt happen yesterday itʻs not going to happen today then they give up.Wrong mindset.THANKS FOR YOUR MOTIVATION.

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