The 10 CREEPIEST WEBSITES on the Internet!

– If there was a number 11 on this list it would be my channel. That’s a good way to start. Welcome everyone to a brand new Top 10. My name is Matthew Santoro and today I’ve got quite the doozy for you. Now we all know the internet
like the back of our hands. We use Facebook, Twitter, and
we all have our own little guilty pleasure websites
like 9GAG, Buzzfeed, and those other ones that
we visit on a regular basis. However, those are extremely tame compared to some of the ones out there that I guarantee you have not heard of, or at least I hope you haven’t. So friends today I took
the plunge into the very weirdest parts of the internet that I would so no man has ever gone, but unfortunately they have. So prepare yourself because here are the 10 creepiest
websites on the internet. Number one are Plane Crash Recordings. Oh it gets weird right off the bat. Most of us have been on plane rides, and they can be a lot of fun. You get to go to a brand new location, or visit family that you
haven’t seen in a long time. But planes don’t always stay in the air and sometimes people start a website that’s dedicated to the
recordings of the black boxes. Well yes friends disturbingly
there is a website dedicated to sharing the
mp3’s and transcripts of the very moments leading
up to plane crashes. Now I didn’t choose to listen to very many because they’re disturbing, but the events leading up
to crash I can tell you pretty much always involve
some sort of navigational error or on-board problem but they all end up with, you know, an abrupt cutoff. It’s fun for the whole family. If you’re someone that likes creepy and depressing stuff oh this one’s for you. Now thankfully as new
technology and procedures are incorporated into
planes and air travel, the rate of fatal accidents have continued to fall so that’s a good thing. Seriously, what kind of person
runs a website like this. Like what kind of person
is out there saying, “Oh there was a plane crash today? “Better update the
website.” (creepy laugh) Number two is Staggering Beauty. Oh this one’s the stuff of nightmares. We now live in a world where there are all kinds of video games
and all kinds of genres. There are fun games like Super Mario. There’s other games that are a little harder like Dark Souls. And then there are other ones that are part artwork, part seizure
inducing nightmare. Well friends Staggering
Beauty is a website that contains nothing but a
black worm with white eyes. As you move your mouse around gently, the worms head follows in silence but the longer that you do
it the screen suddenly flashes with crazy
colors and blaring music. It’s one of those really bizarre websites that you can never really
stumble upon yourself. It would have to be sent
to you by some sick friend. If you do choose to visit this website I highly recommend you do so with caution, especially if you have epilepsy because, you know, you gonna end up
like, (incoherent sounds). I have to be honest though as really bizarre as this website is the animations are really quite good, which leads me to believe that
it took some time to develop. So my only question to the developer of this website is, why? There’s so many things that you coulda spent your time on, why this? Number 3 is the Bongcheon Dong Ghost. Well that’s fun to say. Thanks to the beautiful
invention of the internet, comic artists and writers
now have the opportunity to post their web comics directly online for your consumption. But that means that anyone can post online and because of that some
people decided to make a weird internet screaming Bongcheon Dong Ghost, which is a Korean web
comic about a ghost woman in pink pajamas asking where her baby is. It’s as weird as it sounds.
The idea is generally simple, with the story unfolding vertically. But the comic has a few
automatic scroll triggers. Once you hit a certain page in the comic, it starts to auto scroll
through a series of images. Kind of like a creepy flip book. The two triggers are at a point when the ghost turns its head, and later when it lunges towards
you and yes there’s sound. As creepy of an affect as it is, if you like jump scary stuff you’re going to love this website. The comic sort of gives your computer the feel that it’s haunted so I suggest you proceed with caution, especially if you’re watching it at night. You should probably wear a diaper, cause you gonna poop yourself. Number four is Rate My Poo. Speaking of poopy. Look I’m gonna be real with you guys, every single person watching
this video right now, at some point in their lives
has taken such a big poop that they took a moment to marvel at their backside masterpiece. Now of course from time to
time we all do that secretly, and we rarely talk
about it out in the open because let’s be honest,
we don’t want people to know about our feces fascination. But somebody out there had
the genius idea to say, “Hey, I wonder if there’s
someone else out there “that enjoys looking at poop.” And they created a website dedicated to, well, posting the best poops. It allows their users to rate their corn filled toilet floaters outta 10. And yes, the website even
allows their users to highlight the very best specimens for
a completely separate list of the very best pieces of booty mud. Unfortunately the website
has not yet evolved to the point where you can
click on a piece of poo and find out the amount of time, effort, and food required to, you know, create that beautiful food baby, but hey one day, (sigh) here’s hoping. Number five is Zombocom. You know, waiting in line is horrible. Ain’t nobody got time for
that; no one likes to do it. Unless you’re a frequent
visitor of Zombocom, in which case you probably
enjoy the virtual experience of waiting in a line while you
sit through a loading screen. Yeah, that’s the website. Well Zombocom is nothing
but a loading screen. Actually it’s more a parody of other websites that contain
long loading screens. Yeah, that’s it, that’s the website. It’s literally just a loading icon and what really makes the website creepy is that when you first go
to it you’re welcomed by a weird voice that says,
“Welcome to Zombocom.” Some people got way too
much time on their hands. There’s just something really unsettling and ominous about the whole thing. The carnival music that accompanies the positive sounding monotone speech, is really something to experience. I think the best way to
convey the creepiness to you, is to say that the website feels like an online equivalent of a clown. Overwhelmingly positive and yet completely devoid of anything more,
just endless smiles. If you have a lot of spare time, feel free to check this
out at your leisure cause it’s a good time killer. Also, get a life. Number six is Opentopia. You know, we live in an age now where people are
hypersensitive about the idea of the government spying on us
through surveillance cameras, but there’s a website that
allows you to do just that. Opentopia provides free live
webcams from around the world. Now unlike other cam websites
that focus on, you know, nice ladies making with the naked, this website mainly shows off what looks like security camera footage. All around the world
from Florida to Belgium, cameras can be monitoring birds, hotels, Universities and even bars. Now the cameras aren’t
live video feeds because that would be too much
strain on the website, so what they are is a series of images that can be updated by the minute. But no matter what the functionality, this website is damn creepy. I mean, why would you ever
want to watch somebody doing something potentially embarrassing? It’s just weird. Oh, (laughs) next. Number seven is Memory of. Oh god this one’s disturbing. You know, losing a child
is something unimaginable, and it’s something that most
parents wouldn’t want to share. I said most parents, because
Memory of is a website dedicated to children that
have died as a stillborn and it labels itself as an
online center for healing. The website contains condolences, photo albums, and memorial candles. It’s equal parts tragic and creepy, especially the photo album, that’s a little bit more on the creepy side. You know, the healing aspect of it, I get that, I think it’s a great thing but taking pictures of stillborn
babies is really gross. In fact it kinda makes me nauseous cause the idea of death and
the, kind of… (thud) (groans) It’s gross Number eight is Nine. This website… The full website is nine seven three dash E H T dash nama dash
nine seven three dot com, but since it contains repeated use of the number nine,
we’ll just go with that. The website is extremely simple, actually probably a little too simple. It’s just a black background
with an orange and red text, with the occasional photo as you toggle through the pages, that’s it. It contains what most experts would call, psychopath nonsense. Phrases like, “I am that I am,” and “blessed be that name,” pop up throughout the
pages in a style that can only be described as wacko. For whatever reason this
website does in fact exist, and it’s the perfect mixture
of bizarre and unsettling in a weird little concoction
of (strange noise) Of course the guy who created the website chose not to list his contact information, but if I had to guess his email, it’s probably something like
(incoherent sounds) dot com. Number nine is Creepypasta. If you’re a 90’s kid you probably recall the show Are
You Afraid of the Dark. Which consisted of a
series of horror stories told by kids around a
campfire, it was classic. Well this website lists
the weirdest creepypastas that you could possibly
imagine which is kind of like a digital version of a
campfire horror story. The website is simple and
effective at presenting modern urban legends that people would message each other about online, except it’s all gathered
in one freaky place. Now creepypasta is of course one of the many websites that are
out there that allow users to post and rate creepy stories online but because this is the website that helped bring slenderman into our lives, I’m gonna give it the
creepy seal of approval. You know, a lot of people
say that if you spend any extended amount of time on this website reading through all the stories, you’ll never be the same again
but I don’t agree with that because I made a creepypasta
video and I’m normal as ever. (stomping and panting) See, normal. And number 10, The Deep Web. Now unlike the other topics on this list, the Deep Web isn’t a
single website but instead a collection of websites that are not easily accessed and that’s a good thing. You see, the Deep Web is far creepier than anything you can normally find through a search engine like Google. The Deep Web essentially
comprises all of the websites that are not indexed by your
traditional search engines. “But Matt, what are some examples?” Well, since you ask,
one website is dedicated to an organization that
gave detailed information about experiments done on live humans. There’s another website
that’s dedicated to fan fiction focused on pedophilia. And those are the only
examples I could give you because frankly I was getting
scared by doing this research. Now I know that some of
you are going to visit all of the websites that
I mentioned in this video, which can be found in
the description below, but for those of you that are like, “Oh I’m gonna go into the Deep Web. “I wanna find what’s in
there,” (silly laugh) Don’t do it, cause you can’t
recover from some things, and you will have an aneurysm or poop your pants, one of the two. And that’s all for the weirdness baby. I just wanted to say
thank you guys so much for being patient over
the last three weeks, I spent that time not
only moving to Toronto, but creating a whole new set
for not only these Top Tens, but my 50 Amazing Facts show and I’m also developing a brand
new show for this channel. Lots of cool stuff is
coming your way guys, so thank you again so
much and if you enjoy this new format, let me know by
clicking that like button and I will see you all next week. Bye. (squeak) Hey guys, thanks again
so much for watching. If you missed my last video,
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the links I just mentioned will be in the description
below along with all of those freaky, freaky websites. So check those out at your leisure and I’ll see you next week. (squeak)

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