The 27 Best Marketing Tools to Crush It in 2019

alright so in this video we’re gonna
talk about the 27 best marketing tools to crush it for 2019 but before we do
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whatever platform you are on. so let’s talk about this. before we go into the
tools themselves the one thing I want to say about tools is that you think of
yourself as Batman. Batman’s got a tool belt he throws
his smoke bombs and all these different things but it doesn’t matter what kind
of tools you have in your tool belt if you don’t know how to use them. so I might
name 27 different tools in here but maybe you only need one maybe one you’re
equipped to use with don’t think that you need to add 27 things to your
toolbox cause one of the big mistakes I made with my career early was saying I
want to check out this tool let’s check out this tool let’s check out this tool
nowadays I get tools for free so yes there’s still that level of overwhelm
but you know it’s not like I’m going out there trying to pay for all these new
tools all the time. so find one that resonates the most with you first and
then go with it because let’s say a tool like Ahrefs there’s so many different
things within that tool like 50 other tools within the tool so then if you add
like 50 tools times 50 like you’re gonna be in a world of hurt. Focus on what you
think you can actually use and actually get the most value from and then and
then you can think about adding other tools all right so without further ado
let’s check out the first one. We’re gonna talk about the one SEO tool you
aren’t using but should. most people probably aren’t using this so what is it
Eric? It’s Google Trends and why what’s the point a big factor in Google’s
algorithm is brand mentions everyone thinks it’s links its content brand
mentions if I had to take a guess I don’t have stats on this holy Google
does I would say it accounts for probably 15 20 percent of their
algorithm what I found is when my brand mentions go through the roof so does my
traffic and I’m not talking about my traffic for my name brand mentions are
people googling your name so mine is neil patel com it’s people googling neil
patel and i get around sixty something thousand brand mentions a month in which
people are not just searching but they’re clicking through to my site and
as you get more brand mentions what you’ll find is your overall traffic
keeps going up that’s how I rank number one for online marketing or you know
page one for SEO it’s I’m building all these links a lot of
people can write amazing content but when you have the brand mentions it
tells Google hey people trust this brand they’re not creating fake news they’re
creating legitimate stuff that people want to keep reading so we should rank
it higher this tool is called Gong il so Gong dot IO is a massive advantage you
know why because when you are getting on a call of somebody you don’t know what
kind of behavior you’re you you have so if we look at the screen right here I
can see I spent forty five percent of time talking and then the other person
on the call spent fifty five percent at a time so like that’s cool Gong is the
sales intelligence tool they it starts to see patterns right it starts to see
the topics that I’m talking about so you can see here it senses that I’m talking
about pricing and you talk about moving forward we have small talk and being I
remember for that specific period of time we did have a small talk and on the
other side of things look at these interaction stats over
here so you can see I have there’s a talk ratio there’s a longest monologue
which is I guess you know the longest each person has talk there is a longest
customer story so that three minutes interactivity and patience is 0.65
seconds so you can see not only for myself but you can see people on your
team how they behave how patient are they how long do they talk in their talk
ratio if like for example if I spent seventy five percent of the top time
talking it’s probably too skewed towards me so I need to make adjustments there
right so that to me is something like if I see someone of my team doing that and
gone will show my entire team doing that it becomes incredibly powerful because
now you have a coaching thing where you can actually go to your team and say hey
look I noticed that you’re spending seventy five percent of your time
talking well I think we should dial it back a little bit maybe let’s tell them
back to 50 percent I may be down to forty percent because in the book how to
win friends and influence people the most interesting topic of anybody
anybody in the world is themselves right get people to talk about themselves but
don’t make it seem like you’re just trying to get them talking about
themselves like it seems very manufacturer don’t do that that’s just a
little tip over there Survey Monkey as marketers stop making decisions based
off of your gut get feedback analytics like Google Analytics is quantitative in
which it gives you numbers and you can analyze that data to make decisions but
there’s this whole other set of data called
qualitative data that’s where people are giving you feedback if you’re not gonna
get that feedback for an Internet company unless you ask for it so ask for
it through surveys and you can use Survey Monkey it’s really affordable
they also have a free plan and you can get tons of insights using Survey Monkey
it’s free it’s cool if you’re an SEO it’s Google search console so let’s take
a look at my screen right here so with Google search console there’s a lot of
different options it can show me issues I have with my index or crawl issues
perhaps and also looking at the search analytics section which shows me how
certain pages are doing how I’m ranking for certain keywords and it can also
show me the site map that I have are there any issues with my site map it’s
just easy right it’s very complementary to Google Analytics if you have Google
Analytics and I’m assuming most of you do that way you’re able to look across
the board how you’re doing on the analytics front and also from a search
perspective too and the cool thing is you can actually sync those two together
and you can get more benefit when you have GA and Google search console
connected together Izu to i0 OTO I believe that’s how you
spell it and what I see too is it’ll help you take all the people that let’s
say went to your product pages on your e-commerce site or your checkout page
they don’t fully buy it gets them through push notification to subscribe
to your website and then what you can do is it segments out your list you can
send those people specific offers specific ways to get them it through
push I’ll get them back and it’ll try to get them to convert or add that product
to their car or maybe even showcase another product that’s similar and the
beautiful part about this is even for the people that buy on your site by
getting in to subscribe through a push using tools like Izu to what you can do
is when you have the holiday specials like Christmas or Thanksgiving or
whatever it may be you can again get people back to your site for the sales
and the promos and then boom you’ll notice an uptick in revenue super
metrics is top of mind for me because we’re putting together some reports for
our All Hands meeting today at at the agency and basically it makes them very
powerful report and they have templates too because lazy guys like me I just
like using templates that make you look really smart and it’s it’s it’s perfect
like if you’re the client services business you can show your clients well
if you do an agent see like Neil and I you can show your
clients that so I like using super metrics it makes it easy also report on
our content efforts as well our SEO efforts a lot of different stuff you
typically wouldn’t see I’m just trying to you know dig through Google Analytics
it’s all out there and makes it easy eight refs hrs has a lot of features the
one I specifically like or favor the most out of all their features in their
toolset is a link intersect link building is getting harder and harder
take three of your competitors put them in there then put your URL in there
because it’ll have a box for your URL it’ll show you all the sites that link
to your competitors that don’t link to you if you know that someone links to
multiple of your competitors there’s a higher chance when you message them
they’re also going to link to you but if you just message them and tell them to
link to you probably not gonna get a link you have
to moreso see what context are linking to your competition and create a similar
context or a similar situation in which they’re then gonna be willing to link to
you outreach is great because it allows you to set up sequences it allows you to
automatically follow up with people through email you can just set tasks for
yourself basically what you need to do you got to find a bunch of emails out
there load them into outreach make sure you scrub the list and then outreach is
gonna help you on an automated basis send out emails and it’s gonna help you
basically throttle the emails too so you’re not sending too many emails out
per day so you’re not gonna get filtered nacho analytics so what most people
don’t know is nacho analytics actually allows you to look at your competitors
and you can see their top referring pages their top landing pages as well
and you think you’re thinking to yourself how what does this have to do
with PPC well guess what if you figure out what the top performing pages are
you can see the top traffic sources you’re gonna come up with different
ideas for your PPC campaign and that’s gonna help you grow faster profit well
that helps you maximize or not even maximum it helps you find out what your
lifetime value of your customer is I know a lot of you guys aren’t in
software but I’m a big believer that you need to know the lifetime value of your
customer because some of them keep coming back they purchase again there’s
upsells they’re down cells the reason I like knowing this number I’m not saying
you should do everything to optimize it or maximize it because I know as
marketers a lot of us aren’t necessary the best at the conversion angle but
there’s one simple trick if you know your lifetime value of your customer and
you know your profit margins you can then know how much you can spend
to acquire a customer without that metric you’re not gonna be able to grow
as fast as you want I don’t care if you’re an e-commerce you need to know
your lifetime value of your customer Amazon knows it when you go to Amazon
and you buy they know how many more times you’re gonna come back and buy and
that’s why they have things like prime shipping where you can get it in two
days it’s all about optimizing for how much money you’re gonna make in the long
run not the short run ad beat and beat allows you to look at your competitors
ads so you can see what video ads are running what display ads are running how
their ads are training over time how much are spending over time I wouldn’t
say that the spend is the big deal it’s the trend of the money if all of a
sudden they just go flat that just means they stop spending right the trends the
trend lines for the most part what these tools are fairly accurate I would say
though in terms of the dollar amount it’s not that accurate ok the good thing
about ad beat 2 is it’s gonna show you so much more competitive information and
you can make it into a slide and make it really impressive if you have clients
what I like about LinkedIn sales Navigator is well Alain moon has a lot
of data out there and now it gives you the ability to see companies that are
using certain technologies so if a site is using HubSpot for example which is a
CRM or they’re using Marketo for example I can find those people or I can find
certain titles I can find certain company sizes as well in terms of
employee size and second-degree connections people in groups and things
like that I like LinkedIn sales navigator for that
purpose buzzsumo allows you to basically pick a good
topic and pick a topic that’s trending well so if I go here to my screen I’m
logged into Buzz someone right here let’s say I want to write something
about content marketing so I type in content marketing right here ok I can
see the most popular topics what’s working well what’s been shared the most
what’s been linked to the most also at the same time I can look at the trending
topics as well it’s like a like a trending topics I can dive into a top of
to see who’s doing the best there and then also have a bunch of other options
but we’re not going to go into those because we’re just talking about content
here balance exchange it’s the most complex tool / service that I’ve seen
for e-commerce they can do cool stuff like if someone goes and add stuff to
their car on there i phone they’re not logged into your
e-commerce site they’re just a random user then they hop onto their desktop
computer they can automatically add those items back to the cart even if the
user was never signed in they can do some really cool and amazing stuff to
improve the experience again it’s not a cheap tool companies like JetBlue use it
it’s super expensive it’s typically somewhere in the six figures but it
really helps boost your conversions bloom that’s LOM it’s used loom comm I
think we’re done yeah I think it’s calm but loom is actually adding brand new
features so what they allow you to do is you can you can record screencasts on
the fly there’s like a little Chrome extension I’m looking at right now so
you can do screencast I can show your video as well so as we all know videos a
lot more personal so let’s say you are a marketer you’re trying to show someone
on your team something you can do that the new version that’s coming out let’s
say you’re you’re coming from a sales perspective as well you are able to add
call to actions at the end of the video and you can also draw on the screen as
you’re doing screencast so it becomes a lot more interactive so just think about
all the possibilities when it’s very easy for you to create a video on the
fly instead of writing out a really long email and I just know that you know when
you are able to show your face it just makes things a lot more personal and
people are able to build that connection with you so loom is something that would
definitely help you kick flat not only from Marking perspective but from a
sales perspective quick flow so this is Eric’s tool I know a lot of you guys
haven’t used it yeah I like it because you can just a be test your title tags
and figure out how to get the maximum amount of search traffic and that’s
really important because these days search just isn’t about hey how many
links are you building or what’s your on-page SEO it’s really simple Google
wants to show the best results at the top if people do a search and most
people click on the second listing instead of the first one they’re gonna
eventually shift the second one above the first listing and what cliff will
allow you to do is a be test your title tag so that way you can get the maximum
amount of search rankings without trying to improve your on-page SEO or improve
you know how many links are coming to your page or site in total wicked
reports is awesome because it allows you from a multi-touch attribution
standpoint and you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg this is good for small
businesses that are starting out you can see how people are behaving in your
campaign are they going to Facebook and then
Google and are they doing something else or you can see let’s say someone visits
your site maybe they don’t buy till six months later but you can see the true
six-month ROI of a client after a period of time or a customer I should say so
this is good for e-commerce this is good for let’s say software as well where you
can kind of track it and where you’re not just saying oh what’s the ROI after
seven days or what’s the ROI after thirty days you want to know after six
months with a true ROI is zapier you’re gonna be using a lot of different social
channels you’re gonna do a lot of content repurposing zapier can help
automate a lot of this they can connect all your marketing apps together so that
way when you send out or do a blog post it can connect with hub spa and send out
an email blasts or drip or whatever other solution you’re using or when you
get a new lead into hub spot you know you can end up using zak beer and
passing that information over into one of your other tools like Salesforce or
whatever it may be but it helps connect everything together so that way your
marketing team doesn’t have to build technology to start making all these
tools and apps work friendly with each other
scuba you know this might sound complex right for does you’re just getting
started with e-commerce but it is ERP software it’s inventory management like
what is all this stuff right so in the world of e-commerce it can get really
crazy really fast which is why maybe Neil and I don’t do e-commerce that much
because it’s like yeah but you gotta manage this inventory here you gotta
manage like all this logistics all these different tools all these different
integrations like how do you get everything to play together right so
let’s coupon undoes and I like this this word because I come from a gaming
background they call it god mode for e-commerce right you’re basically able
to plug everything together you have one kind of system that you’re able to use
and it’s not gonna cost you an arm and leg I was talking to some people
and they’re saying like you know other systems they’ll take a percentage of
your revenue couponers revenue it a revenue model is not like that so check
it out it’s SKU B a and a SKU or SKU Bona SEM Rush is a competitor to H refs
but I like it because sometimes when it comes from a to a keyword perspective
and how a site is doing sometimes I like how SEM rush is laid out more and
cross-referencing the two tools I had the luxury of being able to look at of
both of these and you can see when I type in content marketing for example
with SEM rush we can see the top results HR EPS can do this as well but they also
have some other tools in here like content template they have an SEO audit
template that we use to collect leads on our website and you can see the trends
over time for a certain keyword as well and also related keywords so I like the
way the user experience on sem rush I would say is a little better than hrs
and again I like cross-referencing the two I am tell so what this is push
notifications you guys all see them in your browsers this allows you to get
traffic back to your website there’s also a free version which I have called
subscribers if you’re a blogger that works really well but the reason I’m
mentioning am tell the segmentation is really amazing so let’s say you have
someone who goes to your checkout page but they don’t go to your thank-you page
it doesn’t matter if you’re selling info SAS products like e-commerce if someone
doesn’t go to your checkout page I mean if they don’t go to your thank-you page
you know they haven’t purchased you can set things up in AM tell where for those
users you can send them notifications to try to get them back to your site and
convert them whether it’s coupon codes or offers you can do the same thing
let’s say for offering upsells so someone buys from you they go to your
Thank You page but they don’t take the upsell you can then easily target that
just individual person and then present them with the different upsell or a down
sell through push notifications grammerly helps you check mistakes and
avoid plagiarism I actually had the grammerly one of the co-founders on the
growth everywhere podcast recently and they are doing really well I mean
they’ve raised over a hundred million dollars and this is a couple years deep
into the business so they’re doing really really well every webinar videos
really hot as Eric and I have mention over the last year or two yeah but it’s
getting hotter and hotter you’re gonna see more of in 2019 there’s so many
players in the space there’s so many competitors it’s hard to stand out the
one thing you can do to stand out is build a relationship webinars are a
great way and I know it takes too much time to create webinars so I’m telling
you to do evergreen webinars and whatever nor ever webinar allows you to
do is record a webinar once and can do play over and over again and it somewhat
seems like you can even have people man your
in real-time so part of it is gonna be fully alive we should check this out
it’s a great way to boost your conversion numbers and revenue while
building an amazing relationship with your audience I really like front
because it is basically collaborative email inboxes so if I saw Neil and if I
got an email and then I wanted to delegate it over to Neil I can actually
assign that one email even though it’s in my personal inbox I can assign it to
Neil it becomes available to Neil and then we can also chat about it and
collaborate on that email so I also think it’s really good because the CRM
we use is base it syncs with base and basis I have like a native kind of Gmail
integration so it just makes our life a lot easier makes us move a lot faster
from a marketing also from a sales perspective as well so you think about
support you think about sales you think about marketing it all moves much faster
because a lot of us kind of live in our email inboxes and front makes it a lot
easier the next tool I have for you a spy foo it’s not as popular as SEM rush
and a trust but it still has a lot of good data and it’s a lot cheaper than
SEM rush or a trust and you can get very similar results not as good but still
good enough where you know it’ll be like 90 plus percent of what you need
hold on I owe what it basically does is it allows you to basically find the most
qualified leads let’s say you’re getting maybe 10,000 visitors a month to your
site well you can find maybe the most five qualified instead of trying to
filter for everyone because a lot of the vast majority of your leads are gonna be
unqualified people that are just tire kickers you can see over here you got
cold email lists newsletters trial signups maybe these people are not the
people that you want to go for you want to go for the three stars up here the
qualified leads those are the people that you want to go for at the end of
the day so what hold does is it allows you to connect a bunch of different
connectors that you have a bunch of different tools that you’re using so you
could be using clear fit for example you could be using Salesforce you can be
using the HubSpot look I’m giving you all this technical jargon right now but
the idea is that we’re using so many so much different software nowadays that
you want to connect everything together and make this kind of one single source
of truth that way you’re able to do cool things like get your sales reps to focus
on the most high-value targets right so we’re looking to screen over here if
it’s a good fit trial it’s a good trial conversion
have your sales rep jump on it now if it is it’s a medium fit trial sign up where
it’s like like a trial conversion stick and what automate a nurture sequence but
not every lead should be treated the same
you should prioritize accordingly you prioritize your time by watching videos
like this because you know you’re going to grow you want cutting-edge sales
strategies right so here’s another cool thing it could do if we’re looking at
the screen we can see now we can basically target anybody that’s reached
out as a lead on our site maybe they came to her as a chat lead maybe they
came through HubSpot maybe they came through Salesforce and then we can layer
on some segments we can layer on some attributes so we can say ok anybody
that’s reached out as a lead and then if they’re if they have more than 50
employees ok great well we’ll use clear bit to tell us that or will use data
nice to show us if the revenues are greater than 5 million dollars so these
are all these connectors are telling you all these different things so now you
can segment them out and then you can reach out to them accordingly clear bit
your messaging a lot of people but do you really know who they are yes you can
go do a LinkedIn search and try to figure out their job title and take the
time to do that or you can just use clear bit and it connects with a lot of
the tools you are already using for example if you’re using drift for chat
clear bit will tell you once I give you the email who they are their job title
what they do and this will be like oh cool I should spend more time with this
lead because they’re a potential customer and this is the decision-maker
or hey you know what based off the data I’m getting for clear bit this person
really isn’t qualified because a lot of the leads that you’ll get from a
marketing perspective people will lie on things like budget or how much money
they have to spend or how big their company is and clear bit will help you
verify all of this and automate it away so that way you’re not wasting time on
the wrong leads all right so hopefully you enjoyed that let me know in the
comments which tool you think I miss or which one you plan to use and also
whatever platform you are on don’t forget to rate review subscribe to this
channel it helps us grow and we’ll see you tomorrow

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