The 3 Questions I Ask My Small Business Coaching Clients

okay in this video you’re going to learn
the three questions did I ask people who come to me for consultation in relation
to their small business maybe a small business owner there may be a start-up
may be an entrepreneur it may be somebody with an idea for a business
many of these people come to me not for a legal consultation but for a
consultation in addition to their business business because they know
they’ve been in business since 1986 in Ireland have quite a degree of
experience in various in various businesses including retail property
property development construction convenience stores and so on obviously
have my own solicitors practice as well the first question I ask is the same
question that you’ll be asked or prompted with when you go to Facebook
you go to facebook facebook will encourage you either on your business
page or on your personal profile to share a comment share a story share an
image for a video the question that in that box is what’s on your mind Facebook
have changed that down to the years and they have evolved to use that particular
question for quite a period of time now and you can rest assured that Facebook
have done a fair degree of research into the best question to use and the one
we’re using now and the one that I use when I meet a small business owner or
entrepreneur startup the first time is what’s on your mind this is obviously an
open question and it encourages the person to tell me exactly what’s on
their mind and gives them broad scope to do with without being shoehorned into
any particular area however there’s always the danger that people will skirt
around the issue and will avoid the real problem that’s causing them the grief
has prompted them to come to me in the first place so my second question is and
what else so if the first question what’s on your mind doesn’t really get
to the meat of other issue is the second question and what else should it gives
them the opportunity to really empty the mind and divulge themselves of the
particular issue that’s causing the problem the third question that is and
what do you want me to do so we talk about what exactly it is that the person
wants me to do what might be the best way for us to approach the problem how I
can help the person so they are the three questions that I ask all small
business owners around supra Nora’s will come to me what’s on your mind and what
else and what can I do for you what you want me to do I hope you find this
useful my name is Terry gory I’m a solicitor but I’ve been on being an
entrepreneur and small business consultant I’m coach for a good number
of years now I’ve been in business in Ireland since 1986 and I have a fairly
wide range of experience that might be useful for you to find the video useful
you might just give it a thumbs up or subscribe to my youtube channel thanks
for watching

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