The 5 Minute Business Plan

Business plan in 60 seconds, yeah right….
Actually your business plan for your business should fit on one side of A4, forget that,
we will fit it on 3 post-it notes. Get a pen and paper. Make a cup of tea. Then
think what you want your business to have done in one years time. That could be 3 things,
it could be 10. From that list, pick out the 3 things that
will either make you the most profit, or that you know you should do but also know you probably
won’t. Write them down, one on each post-it. Stick them to the wall where you can see them. Now, everytime you have that cup of tea take
a look and ask yourself what you have done to achieve those 3 things. That’s it. By having only 3 aims, by making
them simple, then you are more likely to actually do them. Give it a go, let us know how you get on.

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2 thoughts on “The 5 Minute Business Plan

  1. For businesses in London, West Sussex, Kent and Hampshire. Try out our 5 minute business plan. No gimmicks and it can all be done whilst drinking a cup of tea! Essential small business tips in 60 seconds!

  2. Ever wanted to write a really effective business plan in under 5 minutes?

    This is how.

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