The 6 Biggest Marketing Trends for 2019 (And How to Use Them!)

– Hey everyone, Eric Siu here
and I am going to give you the top six, six
marketing trends for 2019, so you can go out there
and kick some butt. So here we go.
Number six. Conversational marketing.
I’m going to give you a quick insight as to what it is exactly. If you look at intercom,
if you look at drift. These are all different
chat programs that you can install on your website. A conversational marketer
is someone that can actually engage right sequences
that engage with people that are on your website that are looking for something specific. These chatbots, just calling them that. They’re getting smarter and smarter and over time they’re
going to be able to predict exactly what people are looking for so conversational marketers
are going to become more and more important. I think this year it’s gonna get, it’s gonna take one notch up. When people talk about AI in chatbots. I think it’s going to level
up where it’s actually going to be able to predictably guess what people are looking for and
respond to them accordingly. Number five, is around audio. When you talk about
podcasting for example. When you talk about even this, this is converted to audio format too. Audio is just something
that’s very easy to consume. I’ll give you an example. When I was speaking at a
conference in Amsterdam, someone said, “I listen
to you in the shower”. How intimate is that? When you have someones focus
when you’re doing something, maybe you’re at the gym. Maybe you’re running and you’re just listening to something. It becomes an intimate thing. Actually I’ve had someone
come into the office earlier this weekend and said,
“Matt it was really weird talking to you because I
listen to you on my drive to work every single day”. So listening to someone, you’re going to build a
relationship with them at scale. The thing is, when people
are watching something else, it’s hard to focus. But when you’re doing
audio, most of your focus is on the audio. That attention is priceless. One bonus, I’ma give you around that is if you add audio to
something that you read. So if you add Amazon
Polly to your website, that’s going to help you
increase the dwell time on your site. So that’s good for SEO. Number four, you’re
watching a video right now. Video is not going anywhere. In fact, it’s getting bigger and bigger. Every marketer I know, I
literally just had lunch with somebody today and
he’s like, “Yeah, I just hired someone to follow me around”. Okay, everybody’s doing
this video thing right now. Video is big, because now
you get to visually see me and you’re building a
relationship with me, and now if you actually
see me live somewhere, it’s actually an opportunity
for you to get to know me even better. It’s intimate right? How do you build a relationship
with people at scale? You could use video, not only that, you could use it for anything right? And I think it’s just so powerful. Video has been on the upward trend. It’s getting even bigger. I think it’s gonna really
just explode in 2019 because everyone just
needs more and more video. In fact, we add video to
each and every one of our blog post to help increase the dwell time. From an SEO perspective, do that as well. It’s going to help you
increase your dwell time. Number three, live events. A lot of stuff the stuff,
what we’re seeing now, the trends are, people are
starting to take online and you go offline because we’re trying to build a relationship. We want to get even more
intimate with people. You do live events. What do you throw? A tiny conference. Which might be anywhere
from 10 to 30 people or so. Keep it small.
Like I did one in Cabo recently.
That was really good. We went deeper on relationships. You can only go so service level
with audio, video at scale. You want to use those as alley-oops. That’s a pass in basketball
where you can just slam the ball in. Or a volleyball setter. Setting the ball up and you
can spike the ball down. That’s what’s happening
when you’re doing audio, video, written content. You want to translate to live events. I recommend throwing
your live events because you know when you attend live events, you are able to take it one step further. But when you are the one
throwing the live event, it becomes infinitely more powerful. Look it doesn’t have to be
a tiny conference in Cabo. It can be a dinner at a
conference that you’re attending. You can do it that way. Number two, we talked about video, but what about live video? Instagram, Facebook,
YouTube Live, Twitch Live. We see people, influencers
out there, that are going live on all four at once and that’s powerful. Because now, what you’re
able to do when you build a good audience, you go live, you can actually drive
ads towards that audience and build an audience and
re target those people too. So you’re going to see a
lot more live going on. A lot of marketers have been
taking advantage of live. I recommend that you really consider live. Take it more seriously
because it’s going to go at a distance for you. And the number one is
collaborations with people. Whether we’re doing YouTube
collabs on this channel, we do it with other people
that have a similar size. Maybe they’re bigger than us, maybe a little smaller than us. But when you’re collaborating with people, you’re building relationships. You’re getting able to
tap into their audience. And your building more good will. Recently, started to do lives
with people on Facebook. Those have been great. The people enjoy a nice little change up. Then you’re able to build
long term relationships with the people that
you’re collaborating with. Look, whatever you’re trying to do from a business standpoint, you’re gonna need to partner
up with other people. You’re going to need to collaborate. Those are just six ways that
you can go about building these marketing trends. Don’t forget to subscribe if you like marketing tips like this
to grow in your business. Get ready for 2019. Get ready to explode your
marking and let’s do it.

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17 thoughts on “The 6 Biggest Marketing Trends for 2019 (And How to Use Them!)

  1. How did you build your team? What some qualification questions you ask everyone to check whether they are good fit for CULTURE because some people are not loyal and need to find those people early and remove them. The better solution is to prevent it from starting so what do you ask?

    And from where do you hire team for other stuff such as video filming and editing?

  2. So, we are supposed to listen to you about "conversational marketing" and other communication based tactics who are "intimate"….yet you are not even answering a single short message send to you via your own contact form on your site ?

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    1. Collaboration

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    6. Coversational Marketing

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