The 7 BEST Side Hustles You Can Start Today

What’s up everybody, I am Jaspreet
Singh, and welcome to the Minority Mindset. Our parents and grandparents
lived in the era of opportunity through working a job. In this previous
generation, if you went to school and got a job, you were pretty much guaranteed to
live a good life, with a pension waiting for you when you retire. “Back in my day,
you worked a job, got paid a nickel, and you could afford to buy a house”. Sorry to
say it, but, that era is dead. If you are a millennial, or a generation Z-er or
whatever’s after generation Z, and you follow this traditional system of go to
school, get a job, finance a big house, invest a little bit of money in your
401k, and try to pay down your student loans, you are going to have to work harder
and longer than the generation before you, for a less lavish life. I got
paid a nickel and I couldn’t afford a house, so I bought some avocado toast
instead. And now I’m eight thousand dollars deep in credit card debt. But,
that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. It means that you have to find a new
opportunity in our new era. Let me tell you the reality: so, for 90% of employees,
one stream of income will not be enough anymore.
This is what school is too scared to tell you. However, because of the internet,
it is now easier than ever to start earning the extra money on the side
without starting your own business, this way you can earn that extra cash and
take care of your family and continue to live your life. Hey! Hide my phone, I can’t
let my main job find out about my side job. So, here are the seven top side
hustles for those of you who are ready to cheat on your main job, and before we
get into it, make sure you hit that thumbs up button below, and subscribe to
the Minority Mindset YouTube channel, this way you don’t miss our new videos
every single week. Side hustle number one: freelancing. How do I make money if it’s
free, Jaspreet? There’s nothing free about freelancing, especially for the
people that will be paying you for your time. With freelancing, now, instead of
starting your own online business, you are servicing other online
businesses, and these businesses will pay you for your time. I have hired freelance
writers, designers, web developers, marketers, and even voice-over artists,
and these are people who I have never met before, and I have no control over your
schedule, but I pay good money for their services. Plus, as entrepreneurship is
becoming more and more popular, the demand for freelancers is going
through the roof, because hiring a freelancer is so much easier than hiring
an employee. Freelancing is something that doesn’t take a lot of money to
start. You can do this from home, you can set your own schedule, and you can set
your own prices, and there are a ton of websites that can help you start. And,
because you’re on contract, you can charge a lot more per hour than if you
were an employee. If you want to learn more about freelancing, I’ll link a video
where I talk more about this in the description below, but now let’s talk
about number two: social media marketing. Every single
business nowadays needs an internet presence, I mean, Minority Mindset is
completely built around the internet, but there are still thousands, and thousands
of business owners who think a post is something you tie a horse to. “I’m gonna
take my horse to the—Hey! Where’d my horse go?” So, if you understand social
media marketing, you can charge businesses thousands of dollars a month
to handle their internet presence, and if you don’t understand how to do it, there
are a lot of people selling courses that will teach you how to do social media
marketing. Hey, where’s my money? Come on, tick, tock. I don’t have all day. You know,
because Tik Tok is a social media app… Get it? Side hustle number three: blogging.
So, the word ‘blog’ is short for ‘web log’ and the word ‘vlog’ is short for a ‘video
web log’ and ‘clogging’ is my new favorite dance. Vlogging is when you make videos for YouTube, or Facebook, or really anywhere
on the Internet, so you can build an audience. What’s up, audience? How are you
doing? When you build this audience, you can get paid through advertising, kind of
like how you see commercials on TV, on YouTube, you’ll see advertisements before
you watch your videos, and you can get paid through affiliate marketing, which
is when you promote somebody else’s products to your audience, and you get
paid a percentage of revenue for every sale that you bring. And, if you have your
own products or services, well, now you just 10x’d your revenue. Think of it this
way: let’s say you have 10,000 people who watch your videos, and out of these
10,000 people just 100 of them buy a 10 dollar product. That is 1,000 dollars
worth of revenue from just one video to an audience of 10,000 people. Minority
Mindset that has its own product as well. You’ve probably seen me talk about our
financial newsletter, well here on YouTube, we provide a lot of financial
education, but if you want to make the smartest money decisions you have to
know what’s happening in the finance and business news. This is where our
financial newsletter comes in, and our newsletter is completely free because we
have sponsors from other businesses that we approve, and if you like these
businesses, you can support their business by giving them your business.
This newsletter is completely free and you can subscribe to our financial
newsletter, where we give you financial news you can finally use, by clicking the
link in the description below, or by clicking the link up here. That’s exactly
how I promote our products, and you can do the exact same thing. Side hustle
number four: e-commerce. One of the biggest drawbacks to opening your own retail
store is, well, you have to open your own retail store, you have to buy a whole
bunch of inventory and keep this in your garage, which is very very expensive, and
you have to hire a bunch of employees to manage your store and sell your products.
E-commerce is actually how I got started on the internet side of business, because
I created this sock and I had a sock business, but now, there’s an even easier
way to sell online through e-commerce through something called ‘drop shipping’.
If you’ve ever been to our Minority Mindset store, at,
you’ve probably seen that we have a bunch of apparel, from t-shirts, to
hoodies, to hats, to mugs that have Minority Mindset branded things. Well,
all of these things that we sell on our Minority Mindset store are things that I
don’t keep in my garage. These are drop-shipped products,
meaning I don’t actually own any inventory. When you come on to our store
and you make a purchase, that purchase will automatically go to our manufacturer,
and then they will create the product and ship it out to you, and if you pay
$25 for a shirt, well, that money that the manufacturer needs, who will automatically
take it from their $25, and whatever is left over is our profit. Tons of
e-commerce stores now follow this drop shipping model. Like, if you ever go to an
e-commerce store selling those Hello Kitty sweatshirts for $40, well what’s
probably happening is the store owner is getting the Hello Kitty sweatshirt
for $8.00 from China, and when you purchase that product for $40, that order
will then go to the manufacturer in China, who will take $8, give the other
$32 to the store owner, and then this manufacturer in China will take this
product and ship it out to you, the buyer of the product. The key here,
the real secret sauce to drop shipping is how you can get targeted visitors
onto your website, because that’s what’s gonna drive your sales. Side hustle
number five: be a virtual assistant. You ever see those really shady posters on
the side of the road saying: “Work from home, call this number”, and then there’s a
random phone number that’s scribbled on it with a marker? Yeah, well, this isn’t
that kind of work from home. There is a huge market for virtual assistants, where
you could be working one to eight hours a day where you work for another
business, or a professional, by managing their emails, or responding to emails, or
making phone calls, or just doing things to help organize this other person’s
life. I know this because I have a virtual assistant, and he gets paid seven
days a week, and this is somebody I’ve never met before, and his job is to check
my emails and make my life easier because I get tons of emails every
single day, and even if there isn’t that much work, he still gets paid. I’ve never
met my virtual assistant, he sets his own hours, and you don’t need a ton of skills
to do this. Side hustle number six: take advantage of online education. When I was
just starting to understand how business worked on the internet with my sock
business, I got scammed by a fake marketing company. Oh no… Oh yeah, and this
upset me so much that I went out and I created a course on how to launch a
business without getting screwed over, because
I don’t want to see other entrepreneurs get screwed over the same way I was. I
posted my class on a platform called Udemy, and before I took the class down a
few hundred people signed up, and that’s when I realized: “Wow, people really want
to learn things online from people that are actually doing something”. You have
kids from around the world that want to learn how to speak English, you have kids
in high school, that need help with math, and you have adults that want to learn
how to use Excel on their computer, and these are all things that you can teach
online. If you don’t want to start your own online tutoring company, you can go
to one of these other online tutoring companies and become a tutor here, and
teach other people the skills that you know. And side hustle number seven:
wholesale real estate. Ok, so I cheated a little bit. This one is not a side hustle
that you do on the Internet, but, it is one of my favorite side hustles, and they
can easily become a full-time hustle if you wanted it to. So, I got into real
estate through the investing side after my sophomore year in college. And then,
during my junior year in college, I went out and I got my real estate salesperson
license, and I worked for a brokerage called Keller Williams. Well, the boss in
my brokerage was actually a teacher of wholesale real estate, and she invited me
to one of these real estate seminars where she taught real estate wholesaling.
I had no idea what wholesaling real estate was, and she was like: “Because you
work for my office, Jaspreet, I’ll give you a free ticket, which is normally
valued at $350”. I didn’t have anything to lose, I was getting a free $350 ticket,
and I get to learn something about real estate, so I went, and that’s when I
learned about this thing called wholesaling real estate. So, in a very,
very general sense: wholesaling real estate is when you find a seller who is
struggling to sell their home—so this might be a seller who’s selling the
property for sale by owner—and you go to the seller and say: “Hi, I want to buy your
property”. And you enter into a contract to buy the property for let’s say ten
thousand dollars below market value. You have no intention to buy the property,
you’re just entering the contract to buy their property, and then once you have
this contract, you are gonna market the same property for sale at a higher
price, and then you’re going to sell this new buyer your contract to buy it for
the higher price. At the end of the seminar they pitched a course on how to
do this whole wholesaling real estate thing, and it was
a few thousand dollars, which was a huge investment for me back then, and I made
the purchase not really knowing what to expect, and that’s when I learned
that there are a lot of ways to do this wholesaling real estate. I did something
called rent-to-own, where before somebody actually bought the property, they lived
in the property as a tenant for 12 to 18 months, paying rent to the owner, and then
at the end of this lease term, they bought the property. I know it sounds a
little confusing, because it’s a little bit complex, but it’s a great way to
start your side hustle. To put it in context, after I paid a few thousand
dollars to understand how wholesaling real estate worked, I didn’t get a sale
for the next four months. So, I made no money for just around four months. And
then that fifth month, that was the first month that I closed a sale, and I think
I closed two of them, and I made a total of seventeen thousand five hundred
dollars in profit after my two deals. That’s when I knew I was on to something
with this whole wholesaling real estate thing, so I jumped in with both feet.
What are some other side hustles that people can do either on the internet, or
off? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thank you for watching, if
you enjoyed the video, hit that thumbs up button and share it with one friend so we
can help spread the word. Don’t miss the videos on
entrepreneurship, business, and money every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at
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and as always KEEP HUSTLING *

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