The Best Online Business You’re NOT Doing

all right guys now today we’re going to talk about the number one most profitable online business that you are not doing what could it be I’ll give you a couple hints you’ve heard of it it pays you passively and it can be automated once you set it up Plus on top of that almost every profitable online business is using it I venture to say all of them practically are and if they’re not then they’re probably obsolete or irrelevant but despite all those facts you’re still overlooking it now I’m gonna drop a lecture that I did the very first lecture I actually just created an entire course on this because I’ve been implementing it a lot lately and it’s been great without further ado I’m gonna drop the first lecture the introductory lectures the introductory lecture to this course and you can find out exactly the business model that I’m referring to that you’re not implementing but if you do can be vastly profitable for you so let’s jump in and we’ll hop right into that lecture the course on email marketing and email marketing sequences guys I want to welcome you to the course one to give you a whole overview of it here in a second I’m really excited to bring this to you now email marketing and running people through my email marketing sequence is probably one of if not the most profitable parts of my business it literally brings me in anywhere from 7 to 9 K every single month on autopilot so that’s something I’m gonna teach you here in this course is something I do literally don’t have to put any legwork in people just run through my funnel and it makes me money so that’s something that you can implement yourself after watching this course and obviously if you have any questions throughout the process or after the course feel free to get in touch with me I’m gonna give you my information so Before we jump into this people like people here email marketing is the heat they hear email marketing sequences and they think two things usually I get Brian email marketing is dead it’s 2018 where have you been or I usually get Brian you know email marketing is boring I don’t want to learn that give me something you know that I can really kind of graph that intrigues me you know like drop shipping or private labeling things that are kind of popping as businesses right now and I to that those types of people I say you are so wrong you couldn’t be more wrong email marketing can be boring if you don’t know you know what you’re doing is said and you know you don’t start to see that money come in like we’re gonna talk about here once you start to see that money come in and you realize that it’s a profitable business model and something that you can automate with ease then it’s really gonna be a lot more interesting to you I promise you that on top of that it’s not dead completely not dead whatsoever if you’re sending out all you know email marketing you know kind of techniques like people used to do that by all means email marketing in that sense is very very dead but if you know what you’re doing if you know how to optimize the landing page send people through an optimal funnel and continue to convert leads and then send them through the right phone like I’m gonna show you in this course guess what it’s very very very much alive and you can make a lot of money doing it and the best part about it is its pace it’s not passive 100 seconds you do have to kind of focus on you know over the overview and kind of making sure that it’s continuously you know kind of optimal but for the most part it is passive and it’s pretty much on autopilot I might I say I might I might spend one to two hours a month kind of checking things and making sure my ads are running now before we get into the model you don’t need to spend money on ads it’s something that I’m gonna recommend in this course and I also talked about a lot of the ways that you can go about doing that very very easily it’s nothing crazy don’t don’t obviously get a little bit freaked out when you hear ads but there are also paid or they’re also free methods to get you know people into your funnel that I’m going to go through in this course and they’re really really easy I use a lot of them myself because we can get free leads then why pay for the traffic so you can get the free leads but without further ado I’m gonna jump into the actual overall business model and that’s high it all in together so let’s talk about email marketing sequences and how they’re going to make you money because they make me money so this right here is traffic if we cover this lead right here just ignore this right here the very first thing the business model just in a nutshell they give it to you here in a second now this entire course goes into how to actually perform this so if you don’t get it right away it’s totally if I’m gonna break it down all into the next lecture on exactly what you’re gonna learn and the process that you’re gonna go through before we actually jump into my computer and I’ll show you how to actually do it very very simple but there are some key things that you’re gonna need to keep in mind and you know to optimize your landing page you know and them through the right funnel to make sure all your number is in charge check to make sure people don’t drop off on certain emails there’s a lot of different things to consider there you’re gonna want to focus on and if you don’t if you you’re if there’s sailors for or five things they need to consider and you’re missing just one well no this isn’t gonna work so make sure that you watch the course in its entirety there’s a lot of value in this course but I just want to run you through the overall business model in the first lecture and then the second lecture like I said I’m going to talk to you about you know what’s specifically gonna you’re gonna learn and in what order so the overall business models obviously you’re gonna get traffic whether that’s free or paid like I’m like I’m going to talk to you and teach you in this course can be free or paid traffic to a landing page this is your landing page now your landing page in this course is going to be an email submit landing page so you’re gonna collect emails from your landing page the traffic that you get from the internet comes to your landing page from there you’re going to collect emails and those emails are going to go into your list they’re gonna go into your email list so that you can obviously market people future stuff in the you know future offers in the future whether that’s affiliate offers source of that weather cpa offers whether that’s you know products that you’re selling or products that you create whether that’s you know anything across the board youtube videos whether that’s your blogpost whatever there’s so many different things and we’re gonna talk about that in further lectures the very first thing you’re gonna do is calm down your email list but this course focuses specifically this is future stuff this course focuses specifically on this part right here from this over to here and that is your email marketing sequence it’s an auto response sequence that i’m gonna run you through and how that makes me money so to put it just a recap you have the traffic very very basic very very simple free or paid traffic comes to your landing page they go to your email list they also come down into your auto response sequence and this right here is where they’re gonna get the the very first auto response sequence or the very first auto response email is going to be what they signed up for what they gave you the email in exchange for this is gonna be free you’re not gonna make any money on this but if you set your email autoresponder sequence off and you you know you’re tying in related things and the proper you know different you know with your email copy and email copy of an entire course on that as well you know and all sorts of stuff like that this is where you’re gonna make money on the emails that follow so just to put it simply you’re gonna make money on your email marketing sequence although this is automated everything here is automated you don’t have to do anything on top of that all your traffic can be automated too if you set it up like I’m a teacher in this course automated automated automated everything’s automated and it’s gonna literally this is the traffic pattern of the people that come through you’re through this business model you get traffic from here to your landing page your landing page the people from your landing page submit their email come down at your email marketing sequence get what they came for and then they go through your sequence where you then make money it’s really simple and I you’re not gonna make you no money off everybody every single person and every single email but as you send more and more people and more and more leads come through your email marketing sequence you are going to make more money the more leads the more money now I’m also going to talk about a little bit in this course how you can kind of figure out you how much how much a lead is worth to you so let’s say hypothetically you figure out the that’ll lead to worth four bucks to you well obviously to put it simply the more leads that you get through your email marketing sequence to your landing page the more traffic and more potential leads well the more for dollars you’ll make maybe you’ll find out that it leads worth 20 bucks to you depending on your email marketing sequence what you’re selling what you’re offering what you’re giving away is value you’re gonna make more money or you might make less money but typically speaking every lead is worth money and once you get this down pat it’s when hunter percent automated and people can just keep funneling through your list thus paying you every single month like me so that’s email marketing and the email marketing sequence here in a nutshell I hope that excites you because it still excites me even though I literally set this up on autopilot I’m telling you there’s a lot of money to be made in this if you set it up right so I hope you take advantage of this I hope you watch this course in its entirety and you take action on it with without further ado we’re gonna jump onto my computer in the next lecture I don’t show you exactly what you’ll be learning and the exact you know sequence and the exact you know order that you’re gonna be learning those things so let’s hop in my computer I’ll see you so there you have it guys if you’re not implementing email marketing sequences and driving leads to a potential landing page and converting them and sending them through your email funnel well you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities to a build brand you know be build a relationship with potential future customers and then boster that relationship in the future and see you’re missing out on a lot of revenue for you if you’re an entrepreneur or your business or your company if you’re trying to build an online business or brand so make sure that you’re implementing this obviously if you have any questions drop them in the comment section down below give it a like I genuinely appreciate it and it lets me let them on the right track and that you guys genuinely are interested in this type of content so that I can make more I’m also going to drop another lecture to this course tomorrow which is a little bit more for further on about building traffic and how you can generate different traffic methods to your landing page kind of giving you a little bit of the keys to the to the puzzle essentially without giving the overall puzzle so hope you like this video and like I said I’ll see you enough in tomorrow’s video which we’ll talk about a little bit more into the actual traffic acquisition for the email marketing sequences

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