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Hello, how are you guys today? Welcome to our six part series about starting a fashion company. Today we’re going to talk about the business
plan. Do you really need a business plan to start your fashion company? Stay tuned and find out! M Shop NYC Yes, the dreaded business plan. I say those words, designers get nervous, they shake. I feel like us creatives sometimes have an
issue with that part of putting a business together–the
business side, where we really need to make sense of what we have envisioned in our heads. I’d say it definitely helps you get to where
you’re needing to go or where you’re wanting to go in terms of
your goals. It will get you from point A to point Z. And it will definitely help you figure out
how much you need to raise in terms of capital, how you’re going to reach your market, and
how to sell your product. And if it’s about physical location, that
research, that gathering of the data to set up your business plan, to formulate your business plan is really going to save your lives. So don’t skip that step! This is really important. When I started my company, I started as a
boutique and I had a very thin business plan. I did write down my ideas, but I don’t think
I was as thorough as I should have been in terms of starting a business–the way I recommend
it now after experiencing what I did. I opened a store in the completely wrong neighborhood and today I always preach “location, location, location, location” and I didn’t preach that to myself back then. It wasn’t apart of my business plan and I ended up on the wrong street and I had to actually move my store from the first location to a second location. It ate up a ton of my capital, it just made my expenses very tough to meet. So you don’t want to do that and I feel that the business plan will help you not make so many mistakes. You’ll have an idea of the route you need
to take to get to your end goals. You will look into your industry to figure
out what is needed and required and what your customers what and how to attract your costumers. And that is so very important. I can’t stress
it more. If you are needing help with the business
plan, just give us a call or shoot us an email and we will help you out. There are tons of resources that we can direct
you to. We can even write the business plan for you. We can hold your hand as you’re wanting to
write the business plan. But again, designers, do not skip this step.
It will help you get everything that you need, all of your components, all of the processes,
all of the people, all of the talent in line so that you can achieve your goals of starting
your fashion company. Want to learn more?
Visit us at

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  1. Hi my name is kimonia fashion designer and I would love to discuss you helping me set up a business plan please and thank you

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