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♪♪ Hey, guys.
Michael Carbonaro here. Thanks for watching
the new episode of “The Carbonaro Effect.” It’s a good one, right? You guys wrote in
some questions. This is “The After Effect,”
where I answer them. So thanks for writing these in.
Let’s get to it. Okay. First question
comes in from Marianne. She says, “Doing tricks
in a pool store seemed to really inspire
cool ideas.” Thanks. “What was your favorite
trick there at the pool store?” My favorite trick —
believe it or not — the total goof trick
with the noodles. -Swimmin’ Snacks?
-Mnh-mnh. After you swim around
for a while, like, let the kids play with it for a little bit, then what you do is, you grab the center, and you just sort of
bend it, almost like a — an upturned smile like that. Mm-hmm. And then you release. [ Blows ] Ew! What?! Is that pasta?! Yeah, pasta noodles. [ Blows ] Meatballs. This is so weird. We loved the way that this girl
is just like, “I hate it.” [ Blows ] Ew! Ew! Yeah. I hate it! She took one.
She did take one at the end. We’ll go with the purple. Purple? Alright. Yeah. That’s carbonara. Good choice. That is crazy. So that was
my favorite trick there. Juan writes in, “Was that really
a baby hippopotamus? It looked more like a rat.” Well, I will not tell him
you said that. Yes, it was.
It was a baby hippopotamus. We started with
a full-size hippopotamus and shrunk it down to the baby. No, it was —
do you know what that was — was a hairless guinea pig. Wait, what? Yeah, it’s been raining a lot. Uh-huh. So, probably, the — That sound
of the rainwater on your — on your pool surface,
it attracts them. That’s insane. Yeah. I thought — I didn’t
even know those were, like, in this country. We thought we could make
some believe is a hippo, and we did. Okay. So, if you want
a baby hippopotamus, get yourself
a hairless guinea pig. How you doing? Rob writes in, “You’re so good
at your explanations. Do you have any background
in improv?” Yes, I do.
Just — I do my own live — See, I can come up with things right off the, you know, like,
top of my head. It’s so that you can
basically, you know, snorkel without
getting wet. Kana —
and this is our last question — “Do you have to
do things differently when you shoot outside
or use fire in a trick?” Do we have to do things
differently? Yes, we have to be careful.
We have to be safe. We have, like,
a fire safety person on set, and, like,
when we did this dragon bit… He’ll fit inside here, right? Want to try and get him up in there? Great. The goal was to get somebody
to believe in a fire-breathing dragon, and he says it
right out of his mouth. Oh. Hey, look. That size — It’s gonna be smaller? What’s that? The fire just came out
that dragon mouth. It went, “Whoof!” [ Snaps fingers ]
We scored with that one. I love that guy. That might
be my favorite mark of all time. Look. Just look. “Look,” what? Look! Look at the top! That thing is possessed or something. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He loved being had.
It was awesome. So, rock on, Macio.
That was really super cool. Oh, man, you got me good with that, man. Oh, my God. I love to hear what you guys
are thinking about the show. So if you want to write
some more questions, go to Twitter or Facebook
and put #AskMichaelCarbonaro, and I will check out
your questions. See you next week. ♪♪

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