The Changing Economics Of The Movie Business | NBC News Now

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8 thoughts on “The Changing Economics Of The Movie Business | NBC News Now

  1. Martin is metally ill, he holds the record for most f bombs and profanity with 300 f words in casino and 560 in wolf of walstreet, his movies are vile discusting pure filth garbage

  2. Martin makes a good point and might I add in the next few years things will only get worse. I use to joke movies will no longer have the actual actors and actresses performing, it will be all CGI. The movie Gemini man staring Will Smith is a perfect example. In it he's going up against a cloned younger version of himself, which of course is CGI. Soon enough movies will be made with only 2 things, a camera and giant green screen. No more need for props, extras and set locations. Movie theater's will have customers stop before entering and take your picture. While the movie is playing employees will walk up and down the aisles, holding small flashlights, seeing if you would like to buy a keychain pic or framed picture of yourselves.

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