The CSUMB Library Website for Business Students

Hello. As some of you may already know, my name is Stephen Fadel and I am the Business Librarian at California State University Monterey Bay. I created this short video to highlight parts of the library’s website that I think are particularly useful for CSUMB business students. So, I’ll start off with a basic question. First, how do you get to the library’s homepage? The web address is You can also get to the library from the CSUMB university homepage. This is the university’s homepage, and here is a link to the library. There is also a library link at the very bottom. Okay, back at the library’s homepage. The basic structure includes a menu bar at the top. Then, much of what is at the top is repeated in the center. I will highlight four areas: Databases, Subject Research Guides, Course Guides, and OneSearch. For databases, you can click on Databases by Subject or the link Articles & Databases—both lead to the same page. I’ll click on Articles & Databases. This is part of your tuition fees at work. The library takes some of that money to pay for subscriptions to various databases. On the right, databases are listed alphabetically. On the left, databases are organized into subject categories. You’ll see a category for Business and one for Economics. Your CSUMB login gives you off-campus access to our databases. Subject Research Guides provide research tips and highlight key resources. Relevant subject guides for business students are under two headings—one for business and one for economics. Subject and course guides look a little different from other CSUMB webpages, but you should find them easy to use. Here’s is a typical business guide. This one focuses on company research. On the left are your menu choices, and in the center is the content. This guide begins with some company research tips under the heading The basics. Then, the guide goes into information sources. With this guide the center content area also includes tabs. Under Popular information sources there’s three tabs: Your company’s website, Hoovers’ Company Profiles, and MarketLine Company Profiles. Subject and Course Guides are really good at pointing out specific resources, many of which are bundled within our databases. Each guide will also usually include a Help and Citing link. The Citing business information APA style is a pdf document that provides citation examples for business resources not usually covered in other well-known sources like Purdue Owl. For example, here is how to cite a MarketLine Company Profile. It shows what needs to be included, what gets capitalized, what is in italics, and notice you need to cite the database and not the URL web address. On the library homepage, below Subject Research Guides is Course Guides. Course Guides have a similar structure to Subject Guides, but are really tailored to the assignment and student research needs of a specific class. Finally the library has a search box called OneSearch that’s located front and center on the library’s homepage. This search box is used to find books, ebooks, and journal articles. However for the more popular types of business resources—I’m thinking of company reports, industry reports, and market information, you’ll probably get better results using the library’s subject research, course guides, or going directly to the business databases. That ends this short introduction to the library’s website for business students. If you have a question, please contact me and I would be happy to try and help you.

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