The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance | Trailer | Netflix

Thra…at its center, the Crystal of Truth.The source of all life.The Skekis have corrupted it…and now our world is at risk
from The Darkening.
What is The Darkening?Behold.I saw something…a vision.You read too many stories. No, this was real!Everything the Skekis ever told us
was a lie…
and now everyone
and everything is at risk.
Join me… so we may finally unite
as one against our true foe…the Skekis.We are eternal.A resistance is forming.Are you sure about this?No…but I have hope.Yeah! Behold the power of The Darkening. No!Hope is fragile…precious.Hope catches the light…splitting the darkness…revealing your destiny.I don’t think anything
will ever be like it was again.
No, it will be better.

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100 thoughts on “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance | Trailer | Netflix

  1. An absolute masterpiece!! And I didnt know anything about it before it was aired on netflix, so I didn't expect it at all. But a real work of art, and even through puppets it is an unbelievable well don metaphore of politics through History (and now in many places). Great job!!

  2. THE GREATEST SHOW I’VE EVER SEEN!!! Sow much hard work put in to making the show. it oustandingly complements the original. i love the characters. Hup, deet, the heretic, rian, etc. all made me laugh and cry and just fully dive into the franchise. the soundtrack is stellar. the story is phenominal. it is a masterpiece. and nothing eill every be like it. except the original. PODLING JUSTISTA!!!!!!!

  3. Grazie per questo splendido lavoro: un' opera fatta di passione e di cuore. Dai progettisti ai disegnatori, dai doppiatori agli sceneggiatori, tutti hanno contribuito a creare questo mondo: è stato stupendo poter vedere questa serie. Grazie ancora.

  4. Getting stoned And know watching the final episode; this series was series trip for me: i have been depressed like ten years know.
    It havent sleep in years. Soscial disorder or something, ypu get the point.
    So i was considering To do suicaide. It watched this, and this very vety beautiful world and it's characters broke my heart several times. Now, when I know watch this last episode and end this unforgettable journey throughout maybe the best fantacy world visuals ever made, and this riveting story, I believe good stories again and that reflects in life too.
    I've been writing couple of books in finnish and first one is called SÄRÖ and I asumme christmas in published. So I love stories i read everything and watch good movies and tv series and this is the best thing in the category ever. Sorry my bad english but my point was: This series was So good that it gave me hope of life

  5. The original in the 80's always reminded me of Star Wars, neverending story, the labyrinth and now avatar all put together…

  6. My husband and I are brazilian and we are simply enchanted by The Dark Crystal: the beauty of the settings, the story, the songs … Everything made us travel and it was great to wake up for coffee and to watch a new episode before going to work everyday. Occasionally, we relieve the stress of the day by doing the voice of chamberlain, yeeessss? I also love the character of Deet – she is so captivating that I want one for myself! For those who like art and fantasy it's a full plate. I’m glad there are people to do such a special job and I look forward to more new episodes. Please keep the puppets!

  7. Ever since I saw Team America I can never take this seriously whatsoever, even if the story's epic/tragic… I even laughed at this trailer so much already ^^'

  8. Gotta love this show, beats GOT hands down! only shitty bit, bit faggy in places, you want the Gelflin men to rise take charge but they lack balls in all areas (literally) so in some spots you end up rooting for the Skeksis, but hey i guess we live in a poofy culture now with shitty snowflakes. Just would have been great to see a powerful male somewhere other then the Skeksis. Get the balance right in the next one not all of us men are this useless.

  9. This show is so good !!! So digging the back story and this kinda has a lord of the rings vibe .. totally recommend this 👍🏻👍🏻🆙

  10. Now THIS is how you take an old masterpiece and present it to the next generation in an exciting and engaging manner, while simultaneously honoring the original….

    Take notes you Disney hacks…..

  11. Dear Netflix, could you do a comedy series with Jim Henson Company + Puppets like Spitting Image + Lord of the Rings Story, or recreate any of those movies that we love like Jurassic Park, The Terminator, Conan, etc.
    Thank you and Jim Henson Company for Dark Crystal.

  12. Hope is precious Fragile … hope catches the light splitting the darkness …. THE BIRTH OF KIRA AND JEN ( that’s not a spoiler because I haven’t seen the last episode )… I was wrong

  13. A friend brought this to me recently, and I am hooked. In only three days I have watched up to episode 6. I must say I was sceptical at first, never having been a great fan of the Muppet Show, and when I saw the name of Jim Henson I thought it would be just a spin-off from that. I couldn't have been more wrong. This is fantastically made. Plus, having never seen the original film, this is all completely new to me, and full of surprises. I truly hope there will be a second series.

  14. Am I the only one who thinks that these little puppets are disturbing?
    Sorry but I wasn't even able to finish the trailer … I bet I'll have nightmare tonight!

  15. I truly wish I could thank all those involved in bringing The a Dark Crystal back to us. The original movie and the visual novels were a classic and highly beloved generation X story that we never EVER forgot! It warms my heart so much to see it come back to life with the fuller story and some twists. They have expanded a true masterpiece.

    For this who keep mentioning Game of Thrones:
    Game of Thrones was more of a lame medieval soap opera than an epic fantasy tale. Also, The Dark Crystal is much older than Game of Thrones, even the books. Fans wasted years watching it only to learn what current filmmakers are lacking… an understanding of what draws people in until the very end and then how to leave them with their jaw dropped in awe and inspiration, leaving fans in a show hole where nothing else is capable of filling it for many years. Please do not bother comparing the two. They do not even meet in the same universe.

  16. Ok this isn't a Netflix original series this was made back in 1982. Netflix started in 1997 you better give these guys their credit cause this is an amazing movie

  17. Best show I‘ve watched in a long time! Watching this is really a unique experience… a little like what it felt like when you read old fairy tales back when you were a child. Truly awe-inspiring; and apart from nostalgia and the puppetry, I didn’t think the original had thaaaat great of a story or world…. this show is just Great!

  18. A proof that I was here(a couple of months late though). Better than most shows out there. Such fascination making you a child watching a fairy tale.

  19. This is the best thing that has happened this year.
    Its as dark and full of mistery and wonder as the original film and watching the Skeksis interact with each other is such a pure joy.
    Every character (but specially the Skeksis) feel so palpable on screen, every wrinkle in their beaks, the angles used by the camera, the voice acting… thats the thing with marionettes and puppets.
    I like how the Gelfling are presented as a basically decent people with their fair share of flaws, while the Skeksis are depicted as very cruel, sometimes quite scary and very theatrical, but at the same time very vulnerable when facing their own mortality.
    All in all the best tv event from 2019.

  20. Well I gotta say after watching the full season, this is one of the greatest shows you will watch especially in the cinematography and audio category

  21. Worst. Acting. Ever. Plastic surgery gone too far.

    In all seriousness – I got goose-bumps watching this – I cant believe I didnt hear about this and only stumbled across it!
    Whats next? Never Ending Story? Labyrinth? BRING IT ON.

  22. tbh this trailer uses a bunch of really corny "trailer" lines, but the writing for the show is actually so amazing. The character building, world building, voice acting, and soundtrack absolutely suck me into this fantasy world of Thra. It's been so long since I've watched fantasy this good. If the second season is as good as the first, I would totally be willing to claim that this series is as good as the Lord of the Rings. This show is on the path to becoming the best fantasy show of all time, hopefully they can keep it up though.

  23. In this day and age of CGI overload, it's great to see Netflix supporting traditional techniques like puppetry in the Dark Crystal: AoR and hand-drawn animation with Klaus and Green Eggs and Ham! I hope all of these productions are a hit and that Netflix will continue to distribute shows or films like these.

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