The Day I Quit My Job and Started a Business on Video

– A couple of weeks ago we crossed the official two year mark when it comes to running Experiment 27 and also the two year mark when it came to jumping into entrepreneurship
full time for me. In celebration of that, I was
digging through the old videos and actually found a vlog that I did the day that I quit my job. And I’d love to share it with you. This next video is me two
years ago, let’s flash back to 2015 and let me know if
you find this interesting. Hey it’s Alex here from Following the Rules. So I got decent news, so for a while, for the last year and a half I’ve been working for a company called Development and they have decided
to become a client of mine and now I’m a contractor, so
I’m able to have other clients, which is cool, but that also
means now I’m a full time business owner, full time entrepreneur. I have two other clients already and it’s pretty scary
honestly, but it’s cool. But anyway, the reason
I’m telling you this, is because now I have the freedom to like live anywhere basically. So, also for the last year and a half I’ve been living in New York. And I don’t think I’m
gonna do that anymore. So I have this note here for my landlord, it basically says, it says hey, it’s been nice living
here, but I’m gonna move and I think it’d be fun if I
did like some kind of challenge so this is a challenge I’m calling the Build a Business Tour,
Build a Business Tour and it’s 12 cities in the United States, I’m gonna live in a
different one every month and in each city I’m gonna
acquire five new clients. What is my business? So the company that I got
these three clients for and the one that I think is
actually working a little bit, cause when I talk to people
they actually wanna buy for once it’s lead generation
and appointment setting for both business to business companies, like two sided markets and
then also digital agencies, so people that do design and development, similar to so if you have a need for that, feel free to reach out,
otherwise enjoy the journey. I’m gonna try to make
one of these every day, except for the weekends and yeah, I hope this is fun. That challenge about going to
a different city every month and try to find five clients in each city ended up not working out, because of this cold email discovery, so I ended up just cold emailing and finding clients in
those specific cities, but I did actually live in
a different city a year. So it ended up being a fun journey anyway. If you like these older unreleased videos, I found a whole bunch of them and might actually do
another project with them, like maybe a mini
documentary or something. If there’s interest in that just let me know down
in the comments below, otherwise subscribe for
more B2B sales training and if you need marketing
support for your digital agency, check out, thanks.

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