The LegalShield Small Business Plan 10/50/100

hello from LegalShield we believe every business including yours deserves legal protection but first things first what is legal protection and why should you want it for your small business quite simply a legal protection plan gives you access to knowledgeable experienced attorneys and an established law firm for a low monthly fee having access to an attorney can help with all kinds of things you may not have even realized things ranging from hiring and firing to equipment leases from customer complaints to bad check recovery and much more an attorney can help you make the best decisions for your business and your future while ensuring you know your full legal rights and that’s always a good thing so legal protection for your small business is a smart choice now why choose Legal Shield for starters Legal Shield has been in business for 40 years and right now thousands of businesses trust Legal Shield for their legal protection plans Legal Shield has partnered with a dedicated full-service law firm in your state which means two things one you never have to figure out which attorney to use since we’ve already done the legwork and two you always get an experienced attorney from your state dedicated to helping you and your business just pick up the phone and you’ll be connected with a dedicated attorney experienced in a specific legal issue you want to talk about and when you choose Legal Shield the legal plan is tailored to your size business there are three levels 254 businesses if you have 10 or fewer employees enrolling in our small biz 10 is just $39 a month 50 or fewer employees and our small biz is just $89 a month 100 or fewer employees and our small biz 100 is only 149 dollars a month all levels give you legal consultation on unlimited matters business law expertise contract and document review debt collection assistants and more plus small biz 50 and small biz 100 members are covered with 75 hours of trial and trial prep time per year this means that if your business is named defendant or respondent in covered civil action relating to business you have the peace of mind that a prepared experienced attorney is on your side in review legal protection is good choosing legal shields is even better unexpected legal questions come up every day with LegalShield on your side your business has access to a respected law firm for covered situations so make the smart decision choose affordable reliable legal protection for your business today only with Legal Shield worry less live more

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