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Richard McDevitt: Let’s talk for a moment
about the website that you have, because I know one of the things, we just had at the
very end of March, I guess it was Business Continuity Awareness Week was the seventeenth
through the twenty-first and that’s featured on your website as well among a great many
other things. Can you talk us through a little bit of what’s
available out there? Shawn Kiley: Well sure, so the Business Continuity
Institute, which is run out of the United Kingdom sponsored a Business Continuity Awareness
Week and what they have done is among several things with posters and things of that nature
they’ve also sponsored several webinars that are online. They’re free to take. They range from IT based disaster recovery
all the way to general preparedness. They’re very, very good. All you have to do is log on to their website
and create a free account and things of that nature and they’re now recorded at first they
were just only live, now they’re recorded. We have the link on our website. Folks can go there, click on it and view them
and if they have any questions about how to get an account, logging in or if they just
have questions for us, we encourage them to call because we’d love to reach out to folks
and talk about the preparedness end of things and how those webinars apply to them. Richard McDevitt: Can you give me a sense
about a couple of those webinars might have been focused on? Shawn Kiley: Yeah, sure. One of the biggest ones was about IT disaster
recovery. It was about planning for the event that your
system just crashed and it was really on the preparedness side of things so we talked about
backing things up to various media whether it’s in our case the university servers or
a backup hard drive somewhere and some of it was a little bit higher level than most
what may be useful, used for, but a good majority of it was general preparedness tips and we
do work closely again with the IT security here on campus and they have very similar
programs and things of that nature going on on campus so it kind of mirrors a lot of those

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