The Magic Of Thinking Big With Dan Peña

Over the years, I watch all the videos, I can probably tell the QLA stories just like,
(snaps fingers) it’s like the back of my hand.
(slaps hand) And… I don’t think I’ve ever seen
someone asking you something in terms of like the depth of business that you cannot answer. From any angle. Acquisition, leadership,
building, negotiation, financing, anything that they are going through, you have probably gone
through or you have a mentee that’s gone through it.
Well, the, we have 3000, three
million pores in our body. Three million little hole, pores. I’ve been fucked in each
one of them at least twice. (laughing) You can’t,
At least twice. you can’t get fucked in
a different kind of way. But, when I spoke at Oxford
University a couple of years ago which actually started for me to expand my for-free, pro bono speaking. A kid in the front row, he
said, “I read 700 books.” As a couple of the very
popular guys on the personal development business
say they read 700 books. Yeah. And the guy, one seat away from him, said, “Mr. Pena,” or he turned to the kid and he said on mic, “wouldn’t
you rather have a guy that’s done 700 deals as
opposed to read 700 books?” And, I’ve done a lot more than 700 deals but the truth of the matter is, the industry… has not done the… the whole accumulative industry Yeah. has not done the
transactions that I’ve done. And the, of course that’s how you create these tens of billions, you know, with you on my Hall of Fame, there are you know, 53 or 54 of the kids. Those are the kids that
I can use their name. There’s another 80 or 90 that don’t want me to use their name as they, assuming I outlive them, I will put them up
there after they’re dead because everybody wants the money, Now everybody wants money.
But not everybody wants the pressure or the notoriety Yeah, sure.
of being successful. True, true.
And, but there’s, there’s some guys up there
and some gals up there that– Actually talk to us about that. Because in the castle,
you have the wall of fame, Correct.
And then you have the wall of shame, right? [Dan P.] Wall of shame on my right, Yeah.
The wall of fame and my, to my front
Right and center. Yeah.
And my left side is my wall of influences. Those are people that
have influenced my life one way or another. And people, I get a lot of shit. Why is Hitler up there? Why is Stalin up there? Why is Genghis Khan up there? Well, high performance doesn’t mean you’re a goody two shoes person. High performance means you got shit done. Okay, Hitler, arguably
the best public speaker in the last 500 years got a whole nation to kill six, seven, eight million people. Okay, he is maybe one of the
first personal development motivating speakers
(laughing) there ever was. Unfortunately, he got
people to do bad stuff. He used it for evil, yes.
Yeah, yeah. And so those are my three walls and the, and you just sit back, in the left-hand corner, and the, with a red suit on. I have the O picture. You have the O with the
glasses with the spiky hair. That’s what I looked like
when I met you, I think, back then.
Yeah. And then what I look like now. Yeah, yeah. And, but when we have a seminar, they go around and they
look at all the pictures and we had some of your
High-Ticket Closers, we had a couple at the last seminar and the… And of course the Hall of Shame normally, not normally but
mostly they get in trouble with, they wind up, when they raise money, they raise it illegally
and they wind up breaking security’s laws and so they get in trouble with the Security Change
Commission or the equivalent thereof in their various countries. Because, I mean QLA is
basically going into a bank without a mask, without a gun, and getting them to
borrow, loan you money. Lots of the money. Lots of money legally but it’s very easy to step over the line
and do something illegal. And unfortunately, a number of the kids have done that and the– Is it because of greed, that they’ve never seen so
much money in their life? Part of it. I mean when you go from,
just think of yourself living in a one-bedroom apartment. That’s true, true.
And the, You can’t live much nicer than this but–
Yes. You normally… Think that, you know, how much is enough, most of those guys and
gals don’t have the idea they wanna give anything back, okay? The good guys, like yourself and myself, want to give something back. And, but you know, not
everybody has that heart and the word nice, if you Google it, is a 13th, 14th century
derivative of an English word that meant retarded, mongoloid, half-wit. So in 500 years, the word nice has gone all the way from half-wit retard to well he’s a nice guy. And the, it’s quite amusing to me that you cannot say something nicer, using their vernacular, that he’s a nice gal or he’s a nice guy. When 500 years ago it
meant just the opposite and as has the industry. Personal development as we know it now has been around the last 50, 60 years but I mean, the financial development has been around since Moses. I mean the, but what you
teach the kids is how to make a lot more money than they’re making now, okay?
Yeah, yeah. And how they shouldn’t be restrained by their comfort zone. You call it High-Ticket Closing, okay? But most kids still are. I mean, you know. Yeah.
I mean it’s tough. It’s tough to get them
out of that comfort zone. Cuz they don’t see it, right? No.
They’re like, we were just talking about, like to me, for them it’s
getting to there first hundred thousand dollars,
two hundred thousand, even the first million, right? Where I’m fortunate
enough to expose the QLA of where thinking bigger, right, to 10, 20, 30, 50, a hundred million. But I think most kids don’t
even see that’s a possibility. No.
Like for them it’s, I’m making 30, 40 thousand, if I can double that, oh my God, that’s like a big thing, right? Even back then I was like, if I can make a few hundred
thousand I’m a happy, I was a happy guy, right? And now it’s all comfort. I think this is all comfort. And once you get used
to the new comfort zone of a hundreds of thousands and then millions and
then tens of millions, it becomes your new comfort zone. The most epic event of this century. The Oscar for High-Ticket Closers. Closers in Black. 2019. The 50 Billion Dollar Man. Dan Pena. The king of high-ticket sales. Dan Lok. Get your ticket today.

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100 thoughts on “The Magic Of Thinking Big With Dan Peña

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