The Mom & Pop’s Guide to Massive Organic Traffic Through SEO and Content Marketing

– You’re a mom and pop shop, and you know no one ever
looks at yellow pages anymore. So, they’re likely searching for your kind of business online. You want to be found through Google, but SEO’s too expensive for you. What should you do? Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to break
down the mom and pop guide to massive organic traffic through SEO and content marketing. (upbeat music) Before we get started make sure you subscribe to this channel. That way when we release
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click the alert notification. The first thing I want you to do is leverage Google My Business. Now there’s a few steps you need to take. The first step is you have to claim your Google My Business profile. That way people know it’s your business, and not someone else’s. After you claim your business, you need to have a strategy
to attract reviews. If you don’t get reviews, you’re not going to do
well on Google My Business. So ask your clients to review you on Google My Business. Have a printed handout
that reminds them to do it, and teaches them how to do it. Remember, not everyone knows how to use Google My Business and leave a review. Always answer positive
and negative reviews. It doesn’t matter if it’s
positive or a negative, you want to give your
response there as well. You want to acknowledge
the negative reviews and answer them politely, and work to make them better. In other words, if there’s something wrong with your business that you can fix, let them know and let them know
how you’re going to fix it. Don’t just be like, “Oh,
you’re wrong, you’re off.” Cause the more negative you are, and if you’re trying to
fight fire with fire, it’s not going to work well. Then, I want you to add videos. A virtual tour, a video intro, a video of your staff. 30 seconds max. Keeping it short and to the point will help you do really well. Not a lot of people leverage videos. By you leveraging videos you’re much more likely to do better. Then, you need to add photos. Photos of real location,
inside and outside. That way people can spot
it from the outside, but also they can see what it’s like. Photos of your staff,
how friendly they are. Make sure they got a smile. If they don’t have a smile and they’re all depressed and sad, who’s going to want to show up? Photos of your most popular products. Your items, your food, whatever it may be. Photos of just customers
hanging out enjoying themselves. By doing all of that, you’re going to to do to much better with Google My Business and rank higher. Cause most people who
do Google My Business, they’re not leveraging
half these features. They’re just claiming their profile, and then they’re just asking
people to leave reviews. So if you go above and beyond, and you do all those steps, you’re going to to be much better off. Now that you’ve done Google My Business, then I want to structure
your website for success. So, your home page. On your home page you need to have a basic idea of your services. Clearly state that above the fold. Then beneath that you want
two to four paragraphs about your business. What do you do, years
you’ve been in business, what sets you apart from your
competitors, areas you serve, then you want to go into
information about your business. Like the location, a map
showing where you’re located, a video explainer of your business, or a video breaking down how it’s like to be at your business. You can use the same video
in the Google My Business on your home page as well, and test to see how that works out. And importantly, on your home page you need to have information
on your opening hours. A lot of people forget that. It’s really irritating
when they don’t have it, cause people are like,
“Wait, are they open? “Are they not? I don’t really
want to go and risk it.” Once you’ve done that you
need to create location pages. Even though you’re in a city, there’s probably other surrounding cities where people are coming
to your business, right? So take all those surrounding cities. Like, I’m in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is big. There’s Hollywood, there’s Beverly Hills, there’s Century City, Pacific
Palisades, Santa Monica. I can create location based pages on all these cities on
my site that I serve, and break down, you know, how long it takes from
Santa Monica to get here, what’s the quickest
route, what is it like. Customer tailor the advice
to that area or city. After you create those local pages make sure that those pages are
cross linked to each other. So they can jump from Santa
Monica to Beverly Hills. Cause when you cross link them they’re going to end up ranking higher. The next thing I want you to do is add as many services pages as possible. So if you have 10 services, create 10 service pages on your website. If you only have two services, create two service pages. Each page should be a specific service cause it’ll allow you to rank for that which will get you more traffic. Next, create a reviews
page on your website. Make sure you’re using
proper Schema Markup, cause there’s Schema Markup for reviews. This way when people
are searching on Google they can actually see the
star rating and reviews, which helps your listing
stand out and get more clicks. Next, apply the other Schema
Markups at the same time. Cause if you’re already
going to use the review ones might as well use the local
business Schema Markup. Restaurants and lawyers will also have their own Schema Markup. It’s also a good point to use
Geo Coordination’s Markup, and if you have opening
hours you can also use that through Schema Markup as well. After you do that, create content for your
static services pages. Go in depth describing your services. What sets you apart? Why is your services amazing? People on your team, what
kind of qualifications do they have that makes you better? How many years have you been in business? The tools, the technologies
that you’re using through your services. What are the use cases? What are testimonials? All of this ends up making
your services stand out so they’re going to rank better. And last but not least, content marketing for
local sites is way easier. If you can just post once a month high quality piece of content, and in your content mention things like your location, people, land mark, events, neighborhoods, institution, this shows Google that you’re
a local, relevant business. And when you get into current events that’s happening within your community, and doing content marketing around it, cause a lot of people don’t, you’ll find that you’ll rank higher for all the local terms including your service related terms. If you need help with your local business check out my ad agency,
Neil Patel Digital. If you have any questions leave a comment below and I’ll answer it. Thank you for watching. Make sure you share this
video, like it, thank you.

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33 thoughts on “The Mom & Pop’s Guide to Massive Organic Traffic Through SEO and Content Marketing

  1. I need a step by step how-to for schema markup … I've been on that page, I have no idea how to use it. Don't tell me what it does, don't tell which to choose, tell me what to click, what to copy paste where, so that I can actually implement it.

    Too many guides assume I know what I'm doing. I don't. Walk me through it.

  2. Thanks, Neil, for sharing all your stuff. You help a lot ))) I usually customize your tips with my preferences. Some tips work, some don't ))) That's normal ))

  3. I created my Google business page, but it keeps asking me to finish my ad to finish sign up. I don't want to advertise, I just want to get the set-up complete. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?

  4. From technique to strategy, SEO change drastically. I always follow your tricks and apply for my client's website and got result for some. But that's all about, you must apply new things to see the result and customize your strategy according to it..Thanks For sharing.. :-))

  5. As always Neil is spot on with his advice
    I'm a Massive Neil Patel
    I've followed Neil for several months
    I applied everything he suggests
    km now seeing subscribers enquires and traffic
    well done Neil

  6. Woah, thanks Neil that was compact and quick paced. Easy to follow and that pocket! Great video. Lots of take aways. Thumbs up.

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  8. Neil, I follow all of your advice as it pertains to a local small business. I’m a sports medicine physician and I opened my practice a year ago.

  9. This video was AWESOME! Thank you so much!

    Question – I operate a Wedding DJ Service. We are not near major cities. We work in smaller towns – Harrisburg, Lancaster, York PA. I am also expanding into more small towns in Virginia.

    Would you suggest local web pages for that as in your LA example?

    Thanks again!

  10. Great video Neil. I don't know if you remember but a few videos ago I commented on how I thought your strategies were geared toward the larger businesses. You commented and shared with me that your company does provide services for small businesses. THIS video was spot on for business like mine. Thanks, Neil. I have a Google Business page and I think I have kept it up. It does need more work and now I can incorporate these tips. Thanks Again.

  11. Hey Neil , i am an engineering student and wanted to be a marketer and along with that i am learning AI how do you think i should pursue my dream to utilize AI in marketing and any ways to start this up. it would be great if you could suggest me a way.

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