The Most Useless Websites On The Internet

the useless web what if i was seventy years old and i’d be like yeah the web is very useless you kids we have to go to the library you know like older people always say we didn’t have this technology we always had to go to the library it’s like okay I get a grandpa but like now I can just google whatever i want but to them it seems so useless it’s like no if you want to get educated you’ve got to go to the LIBRARY! what is alien machine you got here what is this thing i cant i cant convince him grandpa you don’t want to learn a computer you’re not going to learn how to use a computer but today i have something very special for you guys one of you guys suggested that I try this website out its called “the useless” and it’s practically what every older person thinks the internet is complete useless waste of time but it’s really not it’s just this particular instance it is how’s it going guys! welcome to reaction time today we’re going to be looking at some useless websites i’ll show you an example you guys don’t know what i’m talking about i’ll show you an example take me to a useless website pleeease plee ok what is this what wha ok OH SHIT!!!! that scared the shit out of me it’s a little black little piece just way it was just swinging around it’s like what’s up hey yo oh my god that’s sca- okay yeah this is definitely I’m definitely wasting time of my life wow it really is useless but it’s fuuun!! what what am i doing maybe my grandpa’s right maybe i should actually go to the library i need to get educated holy shit take me to another usless website please! ok let’s do this another one what is this what the fuck what what why what what what is this! oh my god it goes forever jeeesus! ok no no it’s really oooooh ooooohh oooooo i need to stop screaming my mom’s getting really mad at me right now I’m really gonna stop screaming this so stupid this is so useless and I love it! what a waste of time like this is where you waste your life 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year 80 years i’m gone with this website take me to another useless website please here we go what is this sell me something weird or confusing please imagine your in-laws are helping you with a password this is what they’d say please enter your password ok let’s do ah 1234567 I’m not angry, just disappointed let’s do ah hello there may God have mercy on your email account that’s so true whoever has a password with like hello there is definitely getting hacked you need God there i love you i hope this account isn’t important. ahahah let’s do just two words. ok two words boom do you even know what a password is!? ptshhh do you know do you know hfhfutugj what a password is what if i – oh my god I can’t believe I’m actually on a site like this let’s go to another one take me to another useless website please okay what the hell whaat the hell is this *dancing* what is this come on what am I this is so much fun haahaa ahm excuse me excuse me not gonna get the inner child to meet coming out It’s not coming out please take me t- stop! that’s it nooooo! come on that’s it another use- well it is a useless website why do i except let’s go to anoth- ok ok what do i have control i don’t have any control whoa what is happening is it a computer just playing chess I mean is it a computer playing checkers i really just said chess oh my god alright this is pissing me off another useless website! boom! where am i it’s a- its a freaking mango it’s a mango guys freaking mango it’s literally a website with a freaking mango just a mango yeah its a mango mango is anything going to happen here please bees BEES! oh my god oh my god really oprah haha they just decided to put bees and then put on the oprah winfrey show pretending she’s like beeeees no last one take me to another useless website let’s see it boom! hustlin’ what holy shit oh you put your mou- guys one more website there has to be at least one website that has some use not all of them are useless let’s see please take me to a useless website let’s see what is oh my god oh my god oh my god really oh my god this is so addicting really holy shit ok here we go boom boom oh shit oh shit waaaaa my mom is really gonna make me get a job at McDonald’s if i keep doing stuff like this wow yeah buddy ok how small do they actually get though that’s the real question they get soooooo goddamn sm- ok this is kind of giving me OCD I’m getting really OCD for this some circles are bigger than others and it just really piss me off this is actually I don’t know it is useless for sure but it’s so much fu- ok i guess i think it’s gonna get so small oh wait guys there’s a picture of something what the heck what oh my god i see a picture for me look at this it’s like a koala or something oh it’s turning into pixels that is so smart guys i acually love this website that is so genius your gonna turn into a koala boom boom boom everyday i’m hustlin’ hustlin’ look at that guys ladies and gentlemen that is mr.koala bear himself thank you so much for watching this video I hope you guys enjoyed this was a very strange and unusual website that takes you to more strange and unusual website that’s the magic of this website i hope you have enjoyed this make sure to go check it out if you want to or click on another video think that circle subscribe if you’re new to the channel guys please suggest more awesome video ideas like this one I saw this on an email one of you guys emailed me this so make sure to go email me [email protected] if you have cool ideas for me to try on my channel and I’ll see you guys next time on another episode of reaction time have a great one and peace out✌🏼

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  2. I'm still watching this in 2019 and I can't not say that Tal is super cute! 4:17 that lovely smile tho! 😍😍😍

  3. It’s funny because my whole family (including my grandparents and cousins) have at least a phone or iPad

  4. Hi mr. Koala Bear! SAY HI TO ALFREDO AND SAY ITS FROM ME OR YOU WILL PAYYYYYY and i wanna see him in a video

  5. 6:50 if you paste the url of that website, than a / and than the url of any image from google, you can play koala's to the max with every image you want

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