The move towards AI and experiences in retail

Consumer aren’t just looking for great products
anymore they’re looking for great experiences. Here at our Next Generation Retail Summit
in Mexico directors of eCommerce tell us that consumers, now more than ever, are demanding
experiences in AI and stores in space. Everyones waiting for the big artificial intelligence
push that is almost upon us. That’s gonna help us marketers inparticular
craft more elaborate experiences and deliver more interesting products. There was a great session by the gentleman
from Clare’s a little earlier today talking about how he was leveraging AI in order to
be able to almost anticipate the need of the customer before it really became that zero
moment of truth and I though that was super interesting and i’m gonna have those challenges
You’re gonna see not only new types of experiences out there but a greater range and more powerful
toolset being available to business and ecommerce teams to be able to produce those. Retail experiences in AI is one thing but
what about getting your consumer back into the store. Turns out you have to do so much more than
ever before. They need the store now to be an experience
its needs to be a experiencial moment for them to want to take the time to get in their
car, drive, brave traffic, try to find a parking spot and it’s so much simpler with a app in
you living room. So how do we bridge that gap how do we make
those customers come back to our stores? That with making the shopping experience an
actual experience. To talk with people about how its impacting
they’re business and working with your peers to try and figure out hoe you’re going to
resolve it and theyre ideas around it is amazing. What kind of experiences are you providing
for your consumer? To find out more head over to

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