The new TGA Business Services site

Welcome to the new TGA Business Services site.
The site is based on personalised ‘roles’ – drafter, submitter, financial or administrator,
or any combination of these. You’ll have a personal view of the tasks you need to do. If you draft or submit applications your personal view will show you links to drafts as well as submissions. If you view and pay invoices you will see
links to your invoices, with the option to view or pay them. If you are an administrator, you can manage your organisation’s internal users and their system roles. This role is similar to the eBS Master Account holder from our old system. If you have many roles, you will see a combination of these options in your personal view. For all roles, News and details of your organisation are always displayed, and the news is personalised so only relevant information is shown. You’ll also be able to see a history of the various interactions your organisation has had with TGA Business Services. This is the first upgrade to the system – more enhancements are planned. Stay up to date by subscribing to the TGA eBS notices email list at

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